29 January 2007

Isn't it Ironic?

Okay so technically this blog is supposed to be about the elections
But today I was browsing the most reliable news source, THE WEB, and came across this thing that totally blows my mind.

I'm getting the vibe that Bush isn't really feeling Iran and that he might actually think of striking that country. Now we all know that Iran and the US and not really friends so when i came across this next article i realized that our leaders are really martians from another planet who sole intent is to destory civilization


So here it is
My analysis

We don't like Iran
Iran doesn't like us

We want to get rid of Iran's current government
Iran wants to scare us by developing a nuclear program

We want Iran to leave Iraq to us and mind their own business
Iran wants to blow up Israel

So what we then decide to do is

We sell our surplus F-14 parts to Iran so they can build fighter jets
Iran buys our parts and build their own jets

We go to fight against Iran
They shoot us, using our own fighter jets part


27 January 2007

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Big Daddy Weave

Underrated group, seriously

i am litening to their latest project and screaming WHAT

why is everyone in the christian music industry obssessed with Mercy Me and their song I Can Only Imagine?


I really hate it when only mainstream and award winners get recognition

26 January 2007

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Office Supplies

I was in Office Max a couple of days ago and the cashier was clueless about the product that she was about to ring up for mii. I was like WHAT you work here and you have no clue about the parts in this product. I didn't get the device and later that day when I took my niece to Violin practice her instructor went on and on about the virtues of Office max and how their costumer service was the best in the area. and all i wanted to do was screen and tell her that she has been in the stone age.
But I couldn't

I wondering. why didn't i get into an agrument with the lady.


25 January 2007

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I am a huge fan of this guy mostly because he is unapologetic. There are sooo many musicians especailly in the Christian circle who feel that they are obligated to explain why there sing a certain genre but he doesn't. He crosses the walls that seperate white and black and does it with a straight face. O did I mention that he is over 40 years old? He is, and when i saw him last year in Concert i thought he was a kid but he refuses to let his age or race define him

So yeah

big ups to Toby

24 January 2007

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My sister

I love my sister but on days like today I wonder if she is aware of her ability to drive sane people totally loco.

I wish I could go into details but i am beyond furious so instead let mii tell you about some mudane events.

My friend (who at this time will remain unnamed) is sleeping with another friend even tho' they can't stand each other.
What possesses people to do this totally befuddles my mind.

So here is the question, if Brad Pitt was your enenmy would u sleep with him


23 January 2007

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One of those days

It's been one of those days
a day when you wake up and can't remember what you needed to do and then 2 seconds after you are about to go to bed everything comes flashing

all the things you should have done but didn't

while driving my Uncle's Camry i realized that I needed to call my friend and ask her to give mii a ride to this event but i had totally forgotten about it.

Needless to say i skipped the event

PERSONAL ADVICE: write down what you need to accomplish the NIGHT before


22 January 2007

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Okay we have a problem.

We want something that can never exist.
What we need can never really be.
So the question is how to do we compromise?
This race is said to be history in the making, but I am bewildered because every single option represents what we want and not what we need.
I am scared that because of our recent history we will jump to the option that is a direct contradiction to our present situation.

Is this wise?
Is this right?

Only time will tell, and this is what our problem is.
Dilemma 2k8 represents the journey that we will make and the path we choose will determine our future aspirations as a nation and as a member of humanity.