30 May 2008

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Hey you, long time, i should have replied your note a while back but i was just to lazy to collect my thoughts and personally i was just getting fed up of the whole politcal gambit in general. But here are my thoughts i hope some of them resonate with you, not all of them are serious but i figure that you can pick out the geniune ones. I really need to go and watch Season 7 of West Wing so that I will be prepared for a convention brawl come Denver.


  1. She has a mental disorder: something about having to play the passive supportive wife during the Lewinsky scandal, this event addled her brain and created this MEN ARE THE DEVIL mentality that prompts her to believe that giving in will be the same as playing that wife role again.
  2. She is too invested in this: She has invested 12 million dollars of her OWN money into this campaign, that is 12 with 6 zeroes and being that the Clinton family isn't as rich as the Bush dynasty she has to stay in at least for her money's sake
  3. She can't exit: she is in a box (OF HER OWN MAKING), she can't get out without it look like she is bending to the will of those with DICKS. Before Texas and Ohio she could have pulled out gracefully and still managed to secure a VP position but now she has to go to the end. The agrument that she made then is still valid now so if she does pull out it would make her look like a liar
  4. She can't face Bill: even tho' it is his fault that things are ending the way they are she still can't spend the next 20 years going to his library and listening to his look NOT HIS WORDS (cuz her look will make him swallow his spit and not say a word) saying I TOLD YOU SO.
  5. She needs a legacy: right now there is nothing that makes her uniquelly unique but if she drags it out that will definitely secure her a place in history.
  6. She doesn't know how to lose: the Clintons have never know how to lose not in 92 when they were trailing Gore in the polls and not even during the Whitewater and Lewinsky scandal years, she doesn't know how to do this, being a winner (having secured her senate seat twice and those years in Arkansas have provided this entitlement of success that she can't overcome) I really don't believe she is proud i just don't think she knows how to fail, unlike Lincoln who spent years failing she has had a very successful political career.
  7. She wants to move to Michigan: and in order to do this she has to have the delegates seated at the convention, or maybe she wants to move to Florida eventually, either way the only reason these states will get play is because she is still in the game if she leaves this whole thing is over
  8. She is a selfish: she wants to be President at the detriment of the Democratic Party, all of this ruckus gives McCain time and ammuniton to solidify her base, she knows she can't win this year because of the math, i could of told her that after Penny but she wants to screw it up sooo much for Obama and plant enough resentment in her supporters minds so that McCain wins and in four years she can ride to the rescue.
  9. She is very very selfish: being selfish would mean you want the candy for yourself, being very very selfish entails that even if you can't have the candy you don't want anyone else to have it
  10. She is very very very selfish: this is a one more step of selfishness it involves knowing you can't have the candy, not wanting anybody else to have the candy and wanting everybody else to know that you were right about the candy. So yeah, she wants to be able to say I TOLD YOU SOOO to the Democratic Party come November, this is the only explanation for the venom that she put on air in West Virginia and in Kentucky. After seeing some of the clips that she had out there i wouldn't vote for Obama if Martians were evading the planet and he was the last man standing.
  11. She is a very caring person: BULLSHIT I want those who voted for me to have a voice. This isn't about the people if it were about the people she wouldn't be acting like a crass woman. It were about the peole she WOULD be following the laws and guidellines that were OUTLINED by the party that SHE is a MEMBER of. NOnsense.
  12. She is a racist: BULLSHIT: Now there was a reverand spouting some crap last weekend about how she is angry cuz Obama is a black man trying to take what rightfully belongs to her, i really think this assessment is wrong, hurtful and misleading because it paints her as a racially biased person WHICH SHE IS NOT. No one who has been on the politcal scene for the last 20 years will give this any credence, Hill and Bill have both supported minority rights and continue to do so. So yeah this isn't about race or man vs. woman this is about HILLARY CLINTON and the ISSUES that needed to be RESOLVED during her CHILDHOOD.

So yeah these are just some of the reasons why she is still in it. Puerto Rico gives her the delegate votes and that is basically it, Obama will take the other two plain states and the constant will be over. She will not have the popular vote because in order to surpass Obama she needs Michigan which can't be counted. If you count Florida she is still about 100,000 votes short.

So Solomonsdyelle, i hope this works

07 May 2008

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Can somebody tell Rush to stop talking

Why do people listen to him

and can everybody else stop telling Hillary to quit
Mercy, she just put in an extra 5 million plus of her own money into the race
so let her be

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Can I disown my sister for voting the way she did

Hmmmmm she is the cause of the Indiana mess