24 November 2008

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Dear Henry

I know that you know that we know that you are in bed with Wallstreet. There is no way you can hide that fact, I really need to be working on more important things but I felt that getting this out to you was crucial to the financial security of our wonderful country.

Why is Citibank more important than the auto industry?

I don't understand were we found this new 20 billion to bail out ONE bank when 3 auto companines and the whole of Detroit needs 25 billion. Now I know that you know that we know that you are in bed with Wall street but can't you be a little bit more discreet with your acts of cronyism.

Just a thought


21 November 2008

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Dear President Bush

Dear President Bush,
We have less than 60 days together

i am going to miss us

i am going to miss looking up to you

you are the best president that the State of Texas even had representing us. You are brought honor and pride to your family. You are restored true values to our government. You have upheld the laws that matter to American and you have brought us closer

thank you


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Dear Sarah P

I don't like you and you don't like mii but I have to give you this piece of advice AGAIN.

Now, not tomorrow or the day after but now
stop trading in on your two seconds of fame
Come back in 2.5 years, trust we can't forget u even if we tried
now you are overdoing

in 3 years people will pay for your story
that whole 7 million dollar book deal with be chump change in 2011


so yeah disappear and take care of your children ALL of them
plan a wedding for your daughter
pray for your son
get the other two girls safely thru high school without any more teenage pregnancies
and take care of the lil one and please HOLD HIM PROPERLY from now on

but yeah
disappear for a while
we will try and miss you


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Dear Hillary

I am wondering what kind of SoS you will be.

Hmmm SoS also stands for Save our Souls

Hillary should I get my hopes up.

what about the whole precondition thingy?


20 November 2008

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Dear Bastard

Let mii explain a couple of things to you and yes I am talking to you.
No, this has nothing to do with your mother's sexual liasions 9 month before you born,
this has everything to do with your character.

Okay actually I don't think I will list it out,
one thing

Doing nothing is actually something


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Cabinet to date

we really need republican
and no Robert Gates doesn't count
i always had a soft spot for Gates so he doesn't count

we need an entrenched politician
Hillary is Okay
Napolitano is aiight
Daschle no suprise there

i need to be suprised

you have yet to suprised mii
i know you couldn't put McCain as SoS like in West Wing Season 7 because you guyz don't agree
but give mii a republican that you agree with on something

where is Chuck Hagel in this mess
I know we still have to fill Treasury, Agriculture and a host of other positions but you are NOT allowed to put a Wall Street Bastard in Treasury
if you do i will have to call you out again and again

so yeah
i am yet to be suprised
i could have predicted the nod to Hillary, Daschle, Holder
and i know all the top three posts are gone
but Interior, Energy, Education, Commerce and UN secretary are still up for grabs so suprise mi

personally i think we should boot Gates and put Hagel but that is just mii



question do i have to call your Mr. President now???

12 November 2008

06 November 2008

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Dear Obama

Now that you have done exactly everything that Aaron Sorkin outlined in season 6 and 7 of west wing. I have to ask you for one more favor.

Don't stop
Yes you don't have Toby, Josh, CJ or Sam or Leo to help you during this transition period but stay true to the script, just like Santos incorporated Republicans into his cabinet, you need to do the same. Do not put your children in private school but look for a public school to show the nation you believe we can improve our education system. Do not meddle, i repeat do not meddle in Capitol Hill drama, let Pelosi, Clinton, McCain and Reid handle themselves, DO NOT GET involved

one last thing
find an issue that you and mccain agree on and ask him to spearhead it, in season 7 Santos hired Arnold Vinnick as his secretary of state because on foreign policy they agreed and Vinnick was a respected global figure, i know that you can not do that because you are McCain disagree on foreign policy, so find a domestic issue like Immigration and let him know that he can count on the full backing of the white house, congressional democrats and at least 50 senate votes to pass the bill

Do that
live that
and then maybe we can talk about offering you a job in our next tv show


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Dear Sarah

if you want to have a future in this beautiful party, go home to Alaska. Go to your sub zero temperatures for the next 2 years. Do you job, try and not get fired, find a brain, take some communication classes, and a boatload of history courses. In addition to the those in speech and history also take some cooking classes esp. one that teaches leader on baking humble pie and crow.

Disappear for the next two years and pray that when you reemerge we will have forgiven you and forgotten your stupidity, arrogance and inadequacies.


05 November 2008

04 November 2008

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I am disappointed
I was soo ready for an all nighter
I was soo ready to go and count votes in Ohio and Florida
but here we are
it is over

three weeks ago D. L Hugley
i will not say more

tonight around 9 my boy Rove gave Obama Ohio

so yeah for the last 3 hours my whole prediction campaign election night was just a waste
i am sooo disappointed

good night
now i have to go to bed
there is nothing to do

this is the end of the dilemnation process



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Dear America

Turn off your TV and come back in 2 hours.
Go to the store cuz no one else will be there.
take your kids to the park cuz the swings will be vacant
Seriously anything before 8 pm EST is a waste of your time

Polls close at 7 EST for some states and maybe if you really wanted to you could turn on the TV at 6:59 but anything before that is just speculation.

Ohio and North Carolina close at 7:30 pm
Penny and Florida close at 8 EST
New Mexico, Arizona Colorado don't close till 9:00 EST

so get comfortable

now i am going to go to the gym and try and do like i have told you to

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Dear Sarah P

Dear Sarah,

i think i am going to be calling you Miss P from now on, and you can take it to mean whatever you want the P to mean. I refrain from telling you what I think the P should stand for.

stop talking
stop telling us of what comes next
if by some magic you become VP no one would ever elect you as president
if by some magic you lose and do not become VP no one besides the a few select RRR want you to run in 2012
u are a creation of McCain
please never forget that
you were a nobody before he put u on a national stage
and fortunately for us you have failed woefully

so yeah
stop telling us your plans
we don't care
just get on a plane and go and wait IN SILENCE in Arizona

a disgusted republican

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Dear Political Pundits

Dear PPs

I know and you know that this thing has been over for a the last 3 weeks.
The American public has this illusion that their vote counts and that the Independent Undecided Voter exists. This is a creations of ours, we have been playing this game ever since FDR died. This is what we do, this is how we get paid.

So what is my advice to you on this day that will go down in history.

Breathe in
Breathe out

This is our moment to shine.
After today we will have a mediocre audience that barely pays attention to our views, but today they will listen so don't stop talking.

Look Good.
I have always said what you have to say is more important that how you look but as we all know this is going to be replayed again and again and again so please look good.

Make assumptions and predictions.
This will keep the average voter on the edge of their seat. They will be too scared to stand up to take a bathroom break and therefore they will watch every single commercial we have to air.

Be partisan
America needs to be divided today
Let us know who you voted for and why and please make the other party look stupid, tomorrow we can fake the unity thing but let us draw blood today.

one of u forever

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Dear John McCain


I know you have a hard time listening to instruction but this is the one time when being a maverick is counter productive.

I love you, we go all the way back to Naval Academy, so please stop this. Stop.
I will give you a piece of advice I need you to consider and hopefully follow.

Breathe in
Breathe out
now do that again

Stop campaigning
you and I both know there is no such thing as an undecided voter
we need that illusion to draw this out and capitalize on this event

Keep your crew away from your daughter
Your adopted daughter needs to be able to rejoice if you lose, she needs to be shielded from the derogatory comments your crew is going to make when black people hit the poles in record numbers. She needs to celebrate with you and quietly mourn if you should win. She needs this, because regardless of what people want to believe, this election is about race.

When you fulfill #2.
Watch When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail with your wife.
Do this for yourself and for her, she has had to deal with a lot being thrust into the public eye which is against her nature, so today do something for her with no ulterior motives.

Don't turn on the TV.
Keep the tube off until the polls close in Florida, so basically until around 6pm your time stay away from the news, believe mii your body will love you for it.

still in your corner

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Congressional battles

I don't like the House
It is too Democratic
the whole idea of fighting for your seat every 2 years is too exhausting and counter productive
It actually keeps the congresspeople accountable to their constituents and that subverts the way this democracy is suppose to work.
We are supposed to elect people who do whatever they want and jump into bed with any lobbyist and who lie to us all the time to increase their coffers.

So yeah the House is too fair.

the attacks against John Murthan transcend bloody and sit in the SWIFTBOAD section and the list goes on
There is nothing really interesting that I am watching on this level
In Indiana the Republican candidate finds himself down a bit but I wouldn't expect a last minute surprise there.

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My sister just voted and she calls mii excited
Now she can't sleep even tho she just got off a 10 hour shift at the hospital

It's in the air
I got out of my car and I could smell it
not just in the United States but all across the globe the world is watching
in anticipation
in expectation

the question is
this time tomorrow will they be elated or disappointed

the question is
this time tomorrow will the world have changed


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Dear Barack

Breathe in
Breathe out

now do it once again
over the course of the last couple of months you have chosen to listen to some of my advice and in other situations you have ignored it, only to reap the grim benefits for your deliquents.

I implore you to listen carefully and follow my instructions

1. Relax: there is nothing you can do anymore. It is over. Stop going over every speech and analyzing every ad. Stop it.

2. Spend some time remembering what really matters. Go to a secluded place and relax with your family for a couple of hours. Take the kids to the park or go watch Madagascar 2 with them. Exit polls are at least 8 hours away.

3. Deflat your ego: yes you have won in the historic town of Dixville Notch in New Hampshire, but the race is far from over. Early victories are good but you and I both know this comes down to Florida, Ohio, Penny, Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia and North Carolina. So don't get cocky, don't interview anybody today, and please tell Michelle to stop picking out colors.

4. Do not watch West Wing Season 7: yes your campaign has been similiar to Matt Santos but don't jinx it.

5. Do not take calls: people will start calling you. People will start making their predictions stay away from them and the TV for the next 10 hours at least

Do this
and this day will be what it will be


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Governor seats to watch

There is one prez
There are 50 governators
There are 100 senators
There are 435 congresspeople

Indiana is not going to give mii a democratic governor as much as I want one. They might give Obama their electoral votes and have a demcractic senator but my beautiful home will vote republican. After MY MAN MITCH i don't know what to expect.

Missouri do not be suprised if this traditionally midwestern state goes Blue. It gave us Senator Claire after she lost in 2004 so it give us a governator also.

Utah, North Dakoto, Vermont will remain republican as if that suprises us

Washington, North Carolina, New Hampshire, West Virginia will give us Democrats

hmmm what else am i missing

so yeah pay close attention to Missouri that is the only one that might suprise us

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Dear Hillary

Wake up.
Breathe in
Breathe out

There you go it wasn't to hard now, was it?

I know that you are torn today.
I know that you are not sure whether to smile or cry, turn on the TV or get a cup of coffee.
Today was supposed to be your day but as fate would have it, it is not.
So do this
Go to the movies

Watch Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and High School Musical Three
remember your childhood
remember your beginnings

call your girlfriends and just chill
do chick flicks today

and then around 11pm turn on the TV to watch a man do what a man has always done,
and as you watch and tears stream down your face, remember
remember who you are.

your truly

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Remember ...

Let us not forget
I remember the brief presidential run of Tommy Thompson and Dick Something Durban
Despite my council the Mayor put all his eggs in a floridian swiftboat that never left Cuba.

Romney could not overcome the prejudice of the ignorant despite his good lucks and money
McCain had soo many combacks that I have officially dumbed him the comback kid and today he might suprise us again.
Who is Sarah Palin 4 more ago I had never heard of her now I am sick of her because she has destroyed and splintered my party. sniffle sniffle

Al Gore: followed instructions and keep his nobel prize winning gut out of the race and
Hillary made 18 million dents in the glass ceiling for my unborn grand daughter named after mii
Obama won in Iowa, I was like WHAT. Don't you remember the speech and the night

John Edwards cheated on his wife, spent money on his hair and lost again.
Dennis K is my favorite congressman from Ohio who defied expectations for a time until he had to succumb to campaign financing issues.

No no no
we cannot forget Mike Gravel ooooooooooooooo, my fave retired senator from Alaska who schooled the other Dems every time he was on the stage, of course he did have some very weird TV ads.

Biden babyyyyyyyyyyyy: it still breaks my heart that you are not at the top of the ticket but at least you have not compromised one second your integrity and virtue and for that you are a hall of famer in my book

Mick Huckabee: whew thanks for getting out when you did because if you didn't we would be lost. Of course all that was forgotten the moment she came on the stage and caused division with her lipstick.

Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, Chuck Hagel
mercy the list goes on
I miss you guys

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Senatorial races to watch

There is one president
There are 50 Governors
There are 100 Senators
There are 435 Congresspeople

There are more up for grabs but these are the ones that look like they are going switch or at least present a close race today

Minnesota: Al Franken (yes the radio show host) is taking on incumbent Norm Coleman (R)
New Mexico:
New Hampshire: this popular swing state has former governor J. Shaheen challenging incumbent John Sununu for his seat. If she wins she will be the 17 woman in the Senate.
North Carolina: incumbent Elizabeth Dole (R) is in a tight race with Kay Hagan. It really doesn't matter who wins we still get a lady in the room but if Dole loses her sit, Democrats will increase their narrow majority.
Oregon: Smith (R) needs to keep his narrow lead over Jeff Merkeley who defeated the Obama supported Steve Norvick in the primary.
Alaska: Ted Stevens (R) who was recently convicted of corruption charges and who will turn 85 this month has decided to stay in the race despite his recent conviction which could carry jail time (yeah right)

My predictions
Democrats take at least 4 out of the 10. The minority and first time turn out voters in some of the traditionally red states will make it hard for the Republicans to hold on to all seats. If they are lucky Alaska will kick out Teddy.

Georgia is close but I think I am more likely to put my money on Colorado and the green state of Oregon. North Carolina is a female free for all but with the religion bashing campaign ads I really don't know if the Dems. can put a dent in the Republican armor here. But then with all the hate i think the Democrats should win, i mean using a person religion, calling her a heathen.

New Mexico is another one that I will be watching closely all night, the minority vote will help the Dems. esp. the Hispanic vote on issues such as Immigration but then there is a lot of ground that still needs to be covered.

Okay i can go on and on
but final word
Oregon, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Mexico and maybe North Carolina, Alaska and Virginia
so yeah 4 for sure and maybe 6 or a stretch to 7. that puts the Dems at a 56 set majority if the 2 independents caucus they have 58.
okay that's it

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Yeah babbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

After following this presidential race for almost two years we are finally here. I remember when I first started this blog and the countdown days were in the 500.

so here we go.

This isn't just about the Prez position
We have other seats at stake and I will keep you posted as the day goes by.

Don't vote.

please do not vote.

03 November 2008

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6 more hours and some change

so tomorrow every 2 hours i will post a blog
because after that this whole 18 month process comes to a screeching halt
and i might have to cry
but yeah
so tune in tomorrow
and just in case you haven't voted already

go and vote oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
i really don't care who you vote for cuz in the long run it doesn't matter but yeah do that if you can or haven't
enjoy this video

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Today and Tomorrow

the world is focused on this election
but the day before and the day after this election

a child will still die every 3 seconds as a result of hunger related issues
a 12 year old girl will sell her body to feed her siblings
a young mother will watch her child die of HIV


so yeah
let's vote
let's celebrate
let's be happy
but let us not forgot
that Presidents can only do so much