31 December 2008

30 December 2008

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Faith in Bush

The word on the street is that we (the American public) lost faith in our commander in chief after the Katrina debacle. Some of Bush's former aide's are going on the record and talking about the turning point for Bush Jr's presidency descent into mediocrity and most of them are citing the mismanagment of Katrina by the federal government.

I don't know
so what was it for you
or the war in Iraq?
or did you hold out and still have faith until the economy went south this summer?

I think i'll do a poll on this one


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Dear Caroline

Dear Caroline,

How are the kids? Jack must be a freshman in high school, I can't believe that it has been that long since his birth. Mercy, how time flies. As I sit here, scenes from the last 25 years flash in my mind. Our days at Columbia, agruing constitutional law, skipping family law seminars and talking the L to the MET to see the latest art and trying to skip as many classes as we possible, seems like it was yesterday.

Remember the day we first met Edwin at the Sotheby's Gallery off of 5th. Wow it really does all seem like it was yesterday and now you are married with three beautiful children, how is Rose doing at Harvard by the way? When I first saw the pictures of her online I was appalled but we did similiar things in our times there just weren't any digicams in cell phones.

This letter is not just a trip down memory lane but as any good friend I have to ask what is going on. What are you thinking Mrs. Schlossberg? I'm speechless, the events of the last few weeks have stunned me to the point of silence. What are you thinking Cat? Seriously I have always admired you and John ability to shun the political ego trip other family members have embarked on but this latest turn of events prompts me to question your sanity.

I know you and you know me and we both know where you heart lies so this public flogging that you have signed up for makes me wonder if you still have some of the weed we used to smoke in our cupboard.

Call me so we can figure this debacle out

Nostalgically yours

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20 more days

I am going to miss Georgie,
no more quiet walks on the beach,
bewildered looks,
grammatical errors,
deciderlike smiles
and cluelessness

I think that i what I will miss the most his cluelessnessmess about the state of affairs.

So yeah the next 20 days I will remind you some of our fave. statements from our fave. president.

starting now

January 2000 in the White House
"There's no such thing as legacies. At least, there is a legacy, but I'll never see it."
President Bush

16 December 2008

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Dear George

I know and so do you know that the next 30 plus days will be marred with various snide comments and celebration by many but I need you to do me a favor. I really need you to stay out of trouble. No more suprise visits, no more speeches, no more pardons.

Just lame duck it

a concerned historian

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Dear SNL

There is a limit and then there is a limit
Please use common sense to figure out which limit is the limit to limit your actions so that you will not have to deal with others talking about your limitations.

A concerned viewer


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Wow dear nation
it's been a while
i'm back tho