01 April 2010

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666: Taking back the number

why does the devil get a number
I'm taking it back.

Okay so maybe this is a lil' too far fetched but bear with me.
The cross thing, i just had to do it for the paranoid folks.

Here is the idea.
Start this new month on point.
6 days: for the first 6 days of the new month
6 minutes: for six minutes a day or a multiple of 6 minutes like (12, 18, 30, 60 and so on all depending on your praying skills). Each minute pray for a particular theme.
6 themes:
1 minute to praise God
Repent:  1 minute of sincere repentence
Ask: 1 minute to ask God
1 minute to intercede for someone
Silence: 1 minute in silence to listen to God.
Expectation: 1 minute to expect to claim his promises.

Now if 6 minutes is easy you can double it and pray for each theme for 2 minutes or even do 10 minutes for each theme.
The point is to start the month off right, not cowering behind superstitions symbols.