27 February 2008

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Ohio Debate

It was tough tonight
I wish I could say that Hillary was the winner of the debate, but I can't
She sounded the most assured and knowledgeable but she didn't exude warmth.

I wish I could say that Barack was the winner of the debate, but I can't
He sounded the most relaxed and personable but he lacked knowledge.

Seriously, the debate last week was more jovial and fun.
I can't believe I am using the word fun, but in comparision to the tepid and strained performance of tonight. Yeah, I'll take jabs at the word change and NAFTA any day.

Did this help either of the candidates, not really. It might have done a bit of damaged to Hillary at her pointing out the obvious, she said and I paraphase "It seems to me that I am always getting asked the questions first, NOT THAT I MIND ANSWERING, but yeah like they said on Saturday Night Live "maybe we should give Obama a pillow and a blanket", of course I don't mind"

If you don't mind, why did you bring it up?
I am really getting tired of her whining on and on about Obama getting preferential treatment from the media. It is the media for crying out loud, they are fickle, one moment they are heralding Micheal Jackson, next thing they all want him strung from a tree.

Anywayz, I think I have had my feel of politics for this month.
So yeah I want to wake up on March 5th with a presidential nominee for the Democratic party, but then again, I never get what i want.


and Obama needs to stop pointing out this whole I gave a speech against the war, well SO DID I what does that have to do with the price of gas in Togo???

26 February 2008

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Mac and the NY Times

Dear John,
I can't believe the filth that is being spread about you. I am ashamed to call myself a resident of New York City, how can the editors of the Times allow such libecious comments to be printed. I am very proud of the way you handled the media, but i am not sure having Cindy give her two cents well you were standing in front of the microphone worked to your advantaged. Should she have said something yes, but not with you there, it is all the whole I will back my hubby up when he is sitting next to mii but diss him in the beauty shop approach.

Keep your head up.

I am wary of how you have been linking your campaign to the Iraq War. I don't want this to be ANOTHER election about the war and neither to do. Or do you???
Is there some inside info about the state of the war that you are privy to that allows you to directly link your campaign's success to it.


Keep your head up

and your hands clean

Please tell mii that your editor was away on vacation and that is why you published what you did. Please tell mii that. Or admit that some group is secretly funding your pet projects and that is why you choose to defame the honorable Sen. McCain. Or better yet call this some early April's Fool joke gone awry.

Honestly I don't know what this is.
Some say a conspiracy, but I am reluctant to get on that boat, primarily because the timing is wrong, if you really wanted to do damage to Sen. McCain's presidential bid you would have sat on this information until the summer or at least until the democrats gets their ducks in the row and stop hogging the spotlight. So to say that you were trying to aid the democratic cause would be ludricous cuz right now there is NO democratic CAUSE to AID.

Now that being said, if it is not a conspiracy, what is this? Your sources are sketchy and the are some many loopholes in your story I could go fishing with it. Was it a slow news week and you figure that dropping this know will generate buzz, or maybe it is your circulation that you are worried about. I honestly have NO clue what possessed you to publish a half-assed story like this and I am tired of wondering.

So please send mii a text message to let mii know your motives.
and please skip the stage when you tell mii that this is journalism and freedom of speech is gold and the people have a right to know hogwash. Please spare mii that part and get to the truth.


25 February 2008

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CNN/Univision Debate

I have watched this debate three times.
Yes, it has been showing at the most strategic times of the day ever since last Thursday.
As I type it serves as my background.
I think i am going to turn off the TV.

So this is in response to Atutupoyoyo

Did you catch the Texas debate?

Of course, I am now a resident of Texas and needly badly to unwind after bombing a test earlier in the day so yeah I watched it.

I only saw snippets on the news but it looked like she spent a lot of time on the offensive and he on the defensive. Was that how it panned out as a whole?

I am kinda mad that you got the gist of the thing without having to watch the whole thing but yeah I guess that pretty much sums it up. Obama never attacked her and initially she wasn't attacking him. The first 40 minutes were pretty bland, just the same ole we agree we are united BS the only major disagreement in the first half was the whole Cube and Castro and meeting with leaders from countries we do not share diplomatic ties with before or after they meet preconditions.

So yeah, pretty well mannered and boring up until Campbell, my boy John King and the Univision guy started asking some really pointed questions.

It was like katakata bust, for real one minute they were all smiles the next Hillary had to defend her campaign team on the plagarism thing and Obama artfully deflected that blow, but Hillary would not let it go and I will never forget what she said "This isn't change we can believe in, but change we can Xerox" and honestly if Obama started crying right then and there I wouldn't have been more suprised.

After that she was just all up in his face and his business and he played the diplomatic card, even when he called her out on NAFTA and criticized her handling of the 1994 Health deal gone bad he made it seem like they were agruing about the pronounciation of potatoes and tomatoes.

O there was also the three rounds they went on healthcare. I really still don't see the difference being that when it gets to committee on Capitol Hill all the minor differences will have to be given up in order to get the 10 to 15 republican votes they will need to pass it and if they lose control of the House yeah, Universal healthcare will be just a wetdream.

So yeah the second half was bloody esp. on Hillary part the only thing that redeemed her was her ending which was poignant and sweet and it felt like there was emotion behind it. She even got a standing Ovation of some sorts, (i am still trying to figure out if they were applauding her or the troops she was lauding.)

Then on Friday we find out that her sweet speech at the end was PLAGERIZED.

and now we have the handbills and mailers crisis.

To sum it all up
The Clintons are beautiful when they are winning but when they are being attacked or down a couple of points they become nasty and start to resemble Obama's cousin Dick. I really was leaning towards Hillary during that first half but the second part left a bitter taste in my mouth.

So yeah

It is still anyone's game.


19 February 2008

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Cindy McCain

Dear Cindy,

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy.
How many times did I call your name? Or should i say how many times did I write your name.

I know that you are a bit suprised to recieve a letter from me. After all, our paths seldonmly crossed in Washington and eight years ago you were not given the time to shine, but it seems like fate has intervened. I would like to cease this opportunity to congratulate your family on its recent ascension in the ranks of the party. Last fall, I believed and so did most of my colleagues that your husband's campaign would be just a ink stain on the annals of history, but we were proven wrong. The tenacity that helped him survive the years as a POW in 'Nam still exist and were highly influential in the last couple of months.

Enough, I am very sure you are wondering why I am writing, so let me cut to the chase.
The same thing I told Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama I am telling you.
Stop talking.
It seems that spouses of candidates need a chance to shine. It seems that living with a person in the limelight is not enough for y'all and you need a few beams shined your way. Sad state of affairs one might say.
When you talk too much you end up saying things that your hubby will later have to explain or rationalize or avoid on the campaign trail. I am a fan of your husband we served together on the Hill so having him embroiled in a petty squabble over words is unacceptable.

Are you still drawing a blank?

Saying things like "I'm proud of my country, I don't know about you, if you heard those words earlier. I'm very proud of my country."

In an attempt to slyly combat the words used by Michelle Obama "Let me tell you, for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country."

Is dangerous. and do you know why because unfortunately for your colorblind self Michelle is black and so if she hasn't been proud of her country all through the years of the Jim Crow South it would make sense.

When you say you have always be proud of your country, does that include

the 90's Jasper Texas dragging of a black man
the handling of the aftermath of Katrina
the voting bill for African Americans
the '60s Alabama church bombings

what about these events inspire pride in your nation

Are you sure that have ALWAYS been proud of your country?

This is me, spinning a wheel, imagine if it was some liberal group that supports Obama.
Choose your fights well, Mrs. McCain.

Choose your fights well.


14 February 2008

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Dear Billary,

I have missed you. Once upon a time you were an unstoppable duo you are now seen in seperate parts of the nation fielding questions and dodging bullets. I miss the days of laughter and joy, especially the pre-scandal days of fighting the Right and winning. I miss you. I wonder about the effect this latest battle is having on you. The Potomac region was merciless, their attack brutal and swift. One would expect more love from the region in which you spent over 8 years working hand in hand with these people.

Billary, Billary. It seems that love is lost and that hope is almost gone, but I have faith. You will raise again, maybe the deals being made in the dark will propel a new phase of your dynasty. Maybe phone calls which once tied your hands and burnt your pride will elevate you to a position of greatness once again.

Maybe, Maybe, Maybe
Should this decision be made this way
The will of the people trumped by a few hands

I wonder about the process that gives power to few
I wonder and ponder the intricacies of the party
I wonder and try and learn about it's merits
I don't know a lot

But one thing I do now is the will of the people should prevail
Arrogance must give way to Humility
You have brought us so far
You have taught us much
Now let us choose
and whatever our choice we make we will always be grateful for what you have done.


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Political Pundits

Dear Political Pundits,

I am calling you out.
Yes. I am talking to all you.

I am holding you accountable
for all the theorizing and politicking
that you engage in on a day to day basis.

One would expect you to grow tired
or at least stop talking in hypothetical terms
but nooo you choose to continue in this pursuit

I am tired of you using words as weapons
I am tired of you asking individuals to speak for a nation
I am tired of you swaying public opinion with doctored numbers

Let the process be
Let the information flow
Pure and without prejudice

Let the process be
Let the process be
Please, Let the process be.

Reaction to comments made by Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Hannity, David Schuster, Lou Dobbs and company.

08 February 2008

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So much has happened in the last week
So much

I don't know where to start
so yeah let's rewind

Let's go back a week

so yeah I am going to predate the entries so it happens in forward and not in reverse

05 February 2008

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Super Tuesday Baby!!!!

Finally it is here
Finally it is here

I am sooo excited
So yeah
Any predictions.

I really don't have any except that Hillary and Obama are going to be in this for a while. It is not going to be resolved any time soon. So yeah, cheers to the next phase of the battle.

I really want McCain to cream Romney tho'

04 February 2008

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Maria Shriver and Oprah

What do these two women have in common.

One is a talk show host.
The other is the first lady of California

One is a billionaire
The other is married to a millionaire

One is a married
The other is single

One is white
The other is black

One is from the prestige
The other creates prestige

02 February 2008

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72 hours to Super Tuesday

Okay so as it stands now Hillary still has the lead and Barack is still trailing in the major states. I am all for endorsements but you have to know how to capitalize on them. It defeats the purpose if you have to pay to get the message it. It should be on the day with the slowest news cycle. It should be played over and over and over again. FREE OF CHARGE.

So a word of advice to the Kennedy's don't pay for what you can get free.

This is America after all

In other news

Where is Bill Clinton???

01 February 2008

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I remember this Saturday night, Barack had just lost to Hillary, not really lost cuz he did get more delegates but I was watching this speech and I had goosebumps
and now bam there is a music video

and i still get goosebumps

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Could it be

No blood
There was no blood drawn.
This is wierd, we didn't have pretty boy in advance to serve as a distraction or intermediary we just had the two of you and the only thing you could disagree on was the WAR. Are you serious. I am supremely disappointed.

We are down to hours and one would think that you would each throw in a few underhanded jabs.

Could it be that you have both settled on the fact that you might be the Dream Team of 08 and decided to cut your losses.

Could it be that you are both affraid of not being on the ticket that you decided to play nice

Could it be that your main speech writers and campaign leaders are having a clandestine affair

Could it be that you both decided to take the high road because the you got tired of having to explain what you meant last week

Could it be that the thought of running against an Independent-voter suppported candidate like McCain is mind boggling.

Could it be that you, Hillary gave your husband a lashing and now decided to take the lead in your own campaign

Could it be that you, Obama, finally decided that living what you teach could actually garner you some votes.

Or could it simply be that you have run out of hurtful things to say to each other

I am wondering oooo

I am wondering