31 July 2007

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The New "US"

One more day
One more day until we meet again
One more day until our paths cross again

I have learned a lot during our seperation
I have learned how to live without your watchful attentive eyes
I have learned how to be happy without your words of honey and vinegar

I missed you
I missed your mood swings that allowed me to regulate my numbness
I missed your constant stream of seemingly important information that masked my fears

Will you rule over my time and my thoughts by suggesting vain glory?
Will you captivate my mind with 5 second sound bites and disturbing images?
Will you sashay your way back into my life taking control and manipulating my decisions?

I don't need your constant incessant chatter drowning out my voice.
I don't need your disturbing images turning my dreams into nightmares.
I don't need your numbers creating walls that seperate mii from humanity.

I know that I can't live without you
I know that I can't avoid you forever
I know that I can't succeed without your input

And so,
I must find a way to live with you
I must find a way to let the past die and move on
I must find a way to learn from our past relational mistakes

This is from mii to you
From: ADisillusioned News and Politics Junkie
To: You, the News Corporations (Fox, MSNBC, CNN, CSPAN, Yahoo News, Time)

24 July 2007

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J and TV

Today was extremely hard
My boy J calls and usually we start off on personal stuff
like his upcoming wedding or my lack of a life
and after about 20 min. of that we delve into our fave topic
POLITICS and Entertainment
I more of the politic guru so he comes to me to get the background story to whatever the cable news people are feeding the public.
So he tries to talk about Nancy Grace and Lindsay Lohan and I'm like "J I don't care"
and then he tries to go the whole well at least let mii tell you want she did
and once again I say I don't care

and then I threatened him

"Look, son, if you mention anything news related, sports included i will not pick up the phone for the next seven days. SERIOUSLY"

I think he got the message

and five minutes later he was off the phone because we couldn't talk about Rachel Ray, or Nancy Grace, or Paris or Lindsay or Obama or Hillary

I really don't miss the banter
I realize this

20 July 2007

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I miss you

Please how can I go on without you
For the last five years we have been together
I watch your every move
and yours words have become my daily mantra

I cannot live without you
or so it seems

what will I do without u


10 more days and I will see you again

I miss you
Do you miss mii????

19 July 2007

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Circuit City and BestBuy

Okay so here it is
I quit shopping over 3 weeks ago and it is killing mii
It seems that everywhere I go I see deals and all i want to do is spend money
but then I remember my oath

Circuit City, Amazon, Victoria Secret, Barnes and Nobles are my places
and now all of a sudden BestBuy is trying to get in the game by offering
lower prices than Circuit City.

This isn't good because one is 4 minutes drive from my home.
I went to the library and saw this book and now I can't get it out of my head
I'm not exactly sure how to not think of not shopping


18 July 2007

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I have been trying to get away from the news
It has been 18 days since I have watched CNN
but the news follows me wherever I go
I have three Time magazines that are tempting mii
in fact begging me to read them
and now out of the blue i started to get Newsweek
Mercy I never even signed up for it

I like no NEWS tho
I like being in my life concerned more with the everyday trappings of life
and not with those bozos in Washington

17 July 2007

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I'm talking to a friend on the phone and after he related his latest date I came away with one word
My friend is Sprung oooo
I mean why else would he go and watch a movie with this girl and then spend the next 2 hours after midnight outside the theater just holding her hand and talking
I said DUDE to say you are sprung is an underestimation so i'm in the market for a new word that defines why logical people do the most romantic things.

So please help me find a word that encapsulates this whole feeling
but then again maybe the word doesn't exist

15 July 2007

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Praises and Lamentations

I DO NOT want to Lament this week
I want to finish this week on the same spiritual high that i started
Now for mii that will be a feat but i think this time it largely depends on a couple of things.
My sisters all have stuff that need to be resolved this week
Two of them have interviews and I am praying and hoping for the best
This HAS to be a good week
So yeah NO Lamentations

12 July 2007

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I'm sitting here waitng for something to happen and i realize as I wait that i have a problem

i just chill
sit and do absolutely nothing
and when things don't go my way
i get all worked u

if u don't want to do something
say so
if u don't want to go somewhere
say so

o my ride is here


09 July 2007

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Change of Name

I got disillusioned. I think the straw that broke the camel's back was Trent Lott sending a cabbage to Micheal Cherthoff during the whole immigration debate. It just rubbed mii wrong and then thinks just got worse, Obama's Punjab memo, Paris's to jail or not to jail stunt, Gore's pricey Live Earth thing. So yeah, I'm done.

I think
It has something to do with the fantasy of democracy being presented or maybe
It has something to do with the parade called the Supreme Court, or maybe
It has to do with the elected leaders that act like they are high on pot, i'm thinking
It has to do with greedy pimps raping my continent in the name of development

I'm convinced
It has something to do with commuting jail sentences,
Broken promises and borders,
30 second ads that cost millions,
Imaginery weapons of mass destruction,
mercy the list goes on

I started this blog to celebrate the democractic process but I can't celebrate something that is a facade and so farwell to happy letters to contenders
Farwell to advice to second tier runners
Farwell to jokes about the elite
Farwell to ironic recollections of wars
Farwell to ridiculous definitions of words to subvert actions

Farwell to democracy
and so I have to change this from Dilemma 2008 to d Lamentations

07 July 2007

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So yeah today is
the 7th day of the week
the 7th day of the month
the 7th month of the year
the 7th year of the decade
the 7th year of the century
the 7th year of the millenium

one more
I need one more for it to be PERFECTLY seven

I should manipulate the numbers to read

06 July 2007

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I think that is why we are sooo tight.
Because we spend sooo much time just chilling
2 am to 10 am in the morning. As if the moon didn't disappear or the sun didn't come up
10 pm to 5 am in the morning. As if sleep was a myth and time a legend.

I wonder
Maybe that is what we all need
Unhurried chunks of time


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Unhurried Chunks of Time

I read in this book by John Ortberg that the reason why we have sooo much problem trying to build community is becase we are trying to build a 1st century community using 21st century principles.

1st century community was like the amish church. Everyone was connected not because they emailed each other regularly or gossiped but because they met regularly. Mercy a verse in Acts said that they met everyday in each others houses.
21st century principle is the Ipod, Text messaging, Cell phone way. We are always in a hurry but in order to form relationship you need to slow down and just chill with a person. No clocks nothing. Just chill


05 July 2007

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Normal things

Five days into the whole no CNN and i am coming to one conclusion
It ISN'T soo bad
I don't have to spend countless hours purging myself of all the rage brought on my Paris news
I have absolutely no clue about what is NOT going to be passed or vetoed on capitol hill

I get to spend time just chilling and talking to people instead of watching tv
and that was a very valid excuse for a while

wish mii luck i still have like 25 more days to go


03 July 2007

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Kids say the craziest things

We are all in the car and my niece says "Mommy, where do babies come from? Do you fat people have babies because they eat tooo much?" and then she looks at her brother who is lil' bit chubby

I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry
I mean it was funny but girl is only 7 years old.
I was like wow.
Her mom did give a lil' explanation that NO babies are not as a result of overeating


02 July 2007

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I'm not happy with CNN and so I am boycotting
I've been boycotting for the last 3 days
I think I might just go a whole month with no political drama in my life
I don't know if i can survive with it but I will try.
Seriously, the whole political field is polluted and i'm fed up.
So yeah good luck to my fast from my fave. TV station
I don't know if I can do this

01 July 2007

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Okay so yeah i woke up and felt absolutely tired
I think it has to do with the whole running on the treadmill for over an hour

Don't overdo the running
I think it also has something to do with the fact that i slept on beautiful sheets.
I love my bed.
if I had to chose between my bed and my laptop
I would cry
sniffle sniffle

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Hillary crazy girl

Dear Hillary,
I can’t believe that you called out Dick. It was suave and got a couple of laughs but to take a stab at Condi in the same breathe? MERCY. I don’t know if you are trying to prove that you have balls or if you are just plumb loco. Hmmm, only time will tell.

Dreaming of you