07 September 2007

Spouse warning

Dear Mrs Obama,

I haven't written a letter in a long time but your recent actions have caused me return from this blissful hiatus.


In the words of the instant messaging community TMI.

You are not helping your husband by telling us that your children think that he stinks. Seriously, we love the fact that you have children who are not getting into clubs illegally or dating British guys but giving us CLASSIFIED family information is teetering on lunancy.

First of all, you are supposed to be complementing him but instead you are opposing him. I know you think you are humanizing him but you aren't. You are making this whole presidential campaign a farce, cracking jokes is okay if you are trying to endear him to the people in South Chicago but this is not a campaign in which he is the lil' kid and you are bringing jokes.


We want to take him seriously, but when his wife doesn't take him seriously and she has know him for over 5 years, what is the learning curve? Today you are giving us family secrets, tomorrow will you be in bed with Putin trading country secrets? All these questions are beginning to take precedence in our minds.

Watch yourself.

In an effort to seem like the accomplished independent women,
In an effort to convince us that you are as smart as Hillary,
In an effort to delude yourself into believing that you are an asset like Bill,
you have managed to make a fool of yourself.




I take it this is from her ESSENCE article??

Well, i've not read it before.
Whoever got that letter must feel very stupid.
Nice post.

i didn't read her answer magazine article

i don't know where it came from. they were talking about it on CNN

@ Oracle: i don't think she read it, and if she did she has this HARVARD BUG where she thinks she is smarter than the rest of the globe.

I think if Obama is to have a chance, his wife needs to completely switch her attitude. I have said for time that she doesn't come across as down to earth. She is very aloof and I hope that she does not cost him his campaign


i agree ooooo

Chei, this is a little harsh. I havent seen her "in action" yet...

She is trying to humanize him and herself, but I believe that the media has turned it and her into a lightening rod.

Anyway, nice letter. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

I was like, Nope you didnt write this, what could Mrs Obama have done....

oyinbo and their wahala

a complicated bunch

they r on their own.