30 August 2007

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How have the mighty fallen

Gonzales is leaving

I am not sure how i am supposed to take this.

He has fallen to the disease that keeps on infecting everyone

it seems like working for this current administration either gets you fired, smears your reputation or worse put you on trial

i can't wait until Jan. 2009
i am wondering who will still be left standing then
who will have the opportunity to wear the pin
"I survived the G.W. plague"

sniffle sniffle
i miss Gonzales already

19 August 2007

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Sumo in Trouble

Japan is in an uproar because their of Sumo
I don't understand this
so maybe you can help mii

There is this Mongolian Sumo champ that has taken the sport by storm
Everyone loves him and he has become an over nite celebrity
Last week he told his trainers that he had injured himself in a recent match and couldn't practice and then later on that day there are photos taken of him playing soccer with a local league.

SO yeah everyone is mad and I can't understand why
could it be that they are angry because
a --- He lied
b --- He was playing soccer
c --- He is better at soccer than he is at Sumo
d --- He sucks at soccer and now they have it on tape that he isn't invincible.

I don't know why but they are furious

13 August 2007

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Rove baby

Ah why now
Why are you leaving us.
When I wrote you a couple of months back I didn't expect you to take my advice and actually jump ship.
I wish you did it before this second wave of questioning began.
I wish you did it before the loud mouth democrats starting calling for your head.
I wish you did it before Libby was found guilty.
I wish you did it before Libby sentence was commuted by the president.
Now you quit and it looks like you are scared. It looks like the noise of the opposition drove you to hide away. It looks like you are retreating from this battle. I know, I know that you are towing some line about how you are still a fan of the Prez. but you and I both know that that isn't really true.

I'm going to miss you.

I really am.
I'm going to miss wondering what you are cooking up in your tiny office.
I'm going to miss contemplating if the latest political gauffe was as a result of you being absent.
I'm going to miss not seeing you in public but hearing your ideas being presented.
I'm going to miss having a worthy adversary in an office full of pencil pushers.
I'm going to miss having your words miscontrued to create a bigger debacle than the one you were trying to disfuse.
I'm going to miss having the Democrats scream bloody murder and blame you for the cost of tea in China.

I really am going to miss you.


12 August 2007

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Tommy T

Dear Tommy T,

Here is the truth.
I won't really miss you
You really did not make that much of an impact
It is very laudable that you cut your losses this early
I appreciate the fact that you realized your limitations are a candidate
I appreciate the fact that you have not really changed the playing field
I appreciate the fact that you have left us still wondering about your capabilities
I appreciate the fact that you did not spend your short lived campaign slugging dirt
I appreciate the fact that you did not spend your short lived campaign spouting nonsense in an effort to garner attention
I appreciate the fact that you have left the race with a quiet dignity thereby allowing bone heads to follow

But most of all
I appreciate the fact that you were sooo uninspiring that your presence was never felt and therefore can never be missed

Good luck


10 August 2007

Bay, Pigs, Chocolate and Irony

It was around 7 last night when I realized that I hadn't watched the news all week and so I decided to get a seriously heaping of my fave I-LOVE-2-HATE TV Station, CNN. Okay so about 20 min. it this story came up.

Cuban officials are angry at the Department of Homeland Security and USCIS for not granting more visas to Cubans. America sometime in the past decided that granting 20,000 Cubans visa will help stem the tide of illegal immigration and reduce the weight of their sharks.
Right now they have only given about 2,000 visas and it seems impossible for them to process 18 thousand in the next 5 months.

The U.S. embassy in Cuba complains that they don't have the equipment needed to process the requests down there (90 miles south of the US) and Cuba says that they have allowed alot of containers to pass through with the material they need. They have a counter complaint, that the US is using the containers to bring in items such as Fax machines, expensive clothing and CHECK THIS OUT Chocolate. Cuba is made because of chocolate

After the Bay of Pigs Fiasco and Castro failing health, Cuba is ANGRY that the US is shipping in chocolate that they use to BRIBE dissidents of the government.

Of course the US denies such allegations.

This is what made the 7 o' clock news yesterday.

What chill, I have a question.

Why would Cuba want 20,000 of their own citizens to immigrate to the US?
Why would a communist nation which believes that their system of goverment is superior to that of the US want to lose their citizens?
Why would goverment officials be scared that defactors can be swayed by chocolate bars?

This doesn't make sense.