21 March 2009

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Dear President Obama part 2

Okay so I decided to listen to the interview that got you in trouble about this whole Special Olympics, Shriver, Palin thing and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

I was surprised because you spoke in English and America's youth listened, now out of the whole 25 minute interview you had a 1 minute faux pas that messed things up but right now I'm listening to you give Bush a pass on his stupidity by hiring that guy that looks like an X-Men for the czar of the bailout money and you addressed them in words they could understand. So yeah i am pleasantly surprised and glad that you did that. But you have to play this game very smart because in trying to identify with the common man you run the risk of losing what makes the office so revered.

We are at minute 20 and you haven't said anything stupid yet.

Ah now i hear it around minute 21,
hmmm i c
no biggie, give an official apology and move forward.

I like the interview tho, classy but still NO MORE INTERVIEWS to Jay Leno and the rest of the Entertainment crew YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT


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Dear Palin



Okay I know that the party we both love for some reason sees you are a savior but America doesn't, so what you have a Down Syndrome kid, WHO FREAKING CARES.

Look each time someone says something about special olympics are you really going to release a statement. We, when i say we, i mean the American people are tired of you. For real, when was the last time we heard from McCain but you are this constant thorn in our side that refuses to be pulled out.


I know you are addicted to attention but you are not helping your bid for presidency in 2012, hmmmm now that i think about it, keep at it. Keep making yourself a nuisance, keep talking, keep allowing your kids to have sex and create babies with men then won't marry, keep updating us about your husband's games that he plays at as a job, please continue because the more you do this junk the less america wants to see you in any position so then you might just get fired from being governor and then we won't have to deal with you oh and then it could get alot worse because you could be indicted on charges for taking advantage of your office and then to sweeten the pot hollywood could do a movie on you, the lady in red and then by 2012 the sound of your voice will make grown men PUKE.

Yes so please
don't shut up
keep on talking


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Dear President Obama

Wow, that the first time I have written those words. This is my first official letter to the 44th President of the United States of America.

Dear President Obama,

Those words have a nice ring to it but this post is anything but genial. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? I know how you got elected, you know how you got elected, I read the book and watched the TV show all seven episodes but this is where reality and fiction have to part ways. You are NOT a celebrity, you are the PRESIDENT of a country. You are not allowed to appear of late night shows like Jay Leno's or the other guy on CBS. It is degrading the office you currently hold. Yes I know you are hip, and young and have got to keep your blackberry but let's get real and leave the dreams at the door.

There is a thing called over exposure and there is a thing called over exposure, mercy, bot types of over exposure you have surpassed. So scale THE FLIPMODE down, for real, dude, I know that our years at Harvard, writing together for the Review have cemented our relationship but I do not support your current tactics.

There is alot we need to discuss so the next time Rahm lets you off the leash, let mii know and can you please stop doing the secretary jobs for them there is a reason we have secretary of state, agriculture, commerce, finance, defense.

There is a reason.

So yeah read the constitution again to help you calm down and put your ego in check and then give mii a call so we can sort this latest mess out cuz your PR sucks right now and that's the nicest way i can put it.


17 March 2009

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Republican Bastards

I'm sorry
I guess I should not call them Republican Bastards
and call them Treasury Bastards
and now Obama and Geitner are saying we will try and get the money. the moment you took office you should have investigated every dollar that Bush signed off on. not wait until reports cam out.

please can someone indict Prez. Bush and Cheney for hiring these greedy people
I'm thinking a hanging or a lynching would be sufficient for all these CEOs i mean kids get more years for smoking pot than these capitalistic sociopaths. Yes they are sociopaths i mean how else can you explain accepting a bonus in of 3 million in a recession from people who are losing their homes to keep your company afloat.

so yeah
to every republican and democrat bastard by greed and not by birth the people and not the government are going to come after u

oh can i pause at this time and give 2 thumbs up to Cuomo in New York for actually doing something and not just talking about possibly doing something

and if any republican tries to step and say this mess was Obama let's keep in mind that this video is from 2008 when our lovely God fearing alcoholic prez was in charge

okay so yeah to the rest of my party
please let us get our act together
cuz i'm too seconds away from ditching the Republicans and becoming a libertarian or something of that sort

final thought
could someone please tell Rush, Meagan McCain, and Cheney to SHUT UP just for a couple of days please

i love this other one

what do you mean you heard about it this morning
you are in charge

11 March 2009

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Dear Campbell Brown:

I am ashamed of you, people died yesterday from a shooting, today from another shooting and did i mention on Sunday some pastor around Chicago also died and all you can talk about is Chris Brown and Nickledeon,

Please find something sensible to do with your time or shut up

Bye Campbell

09 March 2009

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Dear USA

Before you start hurling more accusations at Iran and North Korea let mii please remind you that your lily white hands are stained with blood. Of course, I don't consider Iran or North Korea to be beacons of tolerance and prosperity but they have never pretended to be sane. Their leaders pride themselves on their insanity, you on the other hand walk around with your head held high while in bed with Saudi, you boast of your alliance to this oil giant who has some of the worst women abuse records in the region.


so yeah. as they give a 75 year old woman 40 lashes for meeting with a man she breastfed as a child, a man who she considers her child and you shake hands with sheik this and prez that remember that you are no different from the rest of the world.

fumingly regretting the state of affairs

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Dear Morgan T

Dear Morgan T,

My heart goes out to you at this time. I will not claim to understand the emotional upheaval that has been caused by this car accident. The loss of your wife of over 30 years is a seperation I can not understand but I greatly empathize with you. May God continue to be with you and you forged ahead without your partner. Mercy, may God strengthen you as you try to help revive a beautiful land of promise. I know you said it was just an accident but the cynical mind who knows how politics works in Africa refuses to believe that. Let your heart heal, i know you are getting on a plane to return to Zim to go and focus on the nation but let your heart heal, Morgan, please. As you honor Susan's memory and as you and your children celebrate the life of virtue she lived remember that there are those who are continually praying for your success where others have failed. May you unite the country, torn apart by rabid bastards clothed in power.


PS. I still pray that Bob falls dead on top of a Lithuanian hooker