30 June 2007

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Dear Mikey
How would you use Pres. Bill C in your administration? I would use him as an ambassador but with supervision he would do okay. Once again putting them in there place and letting it be known that you are in charge. MII LIKEY


29 June 2007

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Dear Mikey,
Can you follow me home, you are the Judge Judy of the pack and I must say that you are very effective. As president, you say that you won’t do anything to lower the price of gasoline, You tell us to grow up. Finally, someone that does try and buy us. It is weird because most political pundits say that Republicans serve as the Father filling us with a sense of duty and pride and holding us accountable (this was prior to the current administration’s debacles) and Democrats as Mothers, catering to our needs, with universal health care plans, Medicare and Medicaid. I love you, you are more of a single parent. You managed to balance both the father and mother roles. BIG UPS


28 June 2007

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Dear Hillary,
He is your husband, hopefully you are USING him more regularly than interns are but you just repeated what Obama said about using Bill in your administration but not as beautifully, it is obvious that you are not comfortable with this question. What were you planning to do? Lock him in the closet?

Lustfully yours,

27 June 2007

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Dear Barack,
I got to give it to you boy, you are deep. When asked the question about how Pres. Bill Clinton would serve in your administration, you first cited his strengths , his capacity to build alliances and contrasted it with the current administration weaknesses and then in the tail end of your answer you said his vision will be enacted. You did not say how you would use him personally. Hmmmmm

Critically yours

26 June 2007

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Instruct them PLEASE

Dear Mikey,
Gravel you and I both know that you can’t win but I really appreciate you spending your time educating these bumbling critters who might win. When asked by Wolf if a person who voted for the war should be allowed to become president? You replied with an emphatic NO. You didn’t dilly dally like Obama and say it is not a disqualifier. It doesn’t mean that they are bad people, it just means they don’t have moral judgment. OUCH. Two thumbs up!!!

Starstruckingly yours,

25 June 2007

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Dear Bill,

You first gave credit to your namesake extolling his virtues and then told us what role you served in his administration AS IF WE DID NOT KNOW THAT ALREADY!!!.. Then you got specific and said that you would use him as a peace envoy to the Middle East. Laudable but you spent too much time on the past history and not enough on the future. We still can’t see you in the oval office, so you should spend as much time as possible trying to get us to stretch our imaginations.

Critically yours,


23 June 2007

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John grow up

Dear John,

Okay hopefully this is the last time I will have to write you. Stop, stop, stop, “He was right, I should give him credit.” Stop spending sooo much time congratulating others. Hmmm. Actually being that I don’t think you will make a good president keep it up. I like how you spend a quarter of your time applauding Dodd and Obama.

Critically yours,

22 June 2007

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Hillary no more FEELINGS

Dear Hillary,

I like how you brought it back to question of the national guard but you evaded your own question. Word to the wise, do not bite off more than you can chew especially when it comes to rebuttals. Oh, and girl one more thing, enough about what you FEEL. You are beginning to sound like a chick, mercy. (oh I forgot you were female.) Biden is telling the truth, Obama is being inclusive and diplomatic, Gravel is the teacher, Edwards has his head in the clouds, I need you to NOT play the damsel in distress. “I FEEL that I was well informed” BUT you did not read the national intelligence brief? Come on. Stop feeling.


20 June 2007

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Go Joey, Go Joey

Dear Joey,

I love you. I know I have said it before but you shut Kucinich down, I don’t understand why you are 2nd tier, I mean you are so more assertive than Edwards, is it money cuz I would help stump. That bit about the whole 50 vs. 67 votes I love it. You are my boy because you throw in the numbers at the right time. The truth of the matter is, the only one who has embolden the enemy is George Bush. We are funding the troops there until we can get 67 votes. Hillary tried but you nailed it, even though you are funding the war you made it clear that the war cannot be stopped until we have a majority in congress.

Thank you.


18 June 2007

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Dear Mikey,

Gravel baby just like in the first debate in South Carolina, you are schooling them. Mercy, they are listening like your pupils. I love you, I mean a couple of minutes later, Kucinich tries to steal your thunder and says that this is a teachable moment, that the democrats help fund the war. Doesn’t Congressman K know that by repeated what another person JUST said does not make him seem smart. I mean it is like saying the soup is warm and two seconds later you say the soup is warm.


17 June 2007

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Dear Wolf,

I know that you are just the moderator but even I could have done a better job. This is not the Situation Room anymore. How can you ask a question about the genocide in Darfur and compare it to a future genocide in Iraq R U SERIOUS. You are belittling one situation and hypothesizing an improbable situation to which most of the candidates can give the President Bush response. “I don’t operate on hypotheticals, Wolf”

Critically yours,

16 June 2007

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UNUNIQUE Christopher

Dear Chris,
You need to stop reiterating information we already know about your position. If we wanted to view your voting record all we would need to do is check it online. You will not distinguish by telling us what we already know. That might work in your back water state but this it the big leagues, you have to go all out. You are second tier, do I need to tell you the disadvantages. Mercy!


15 June 2007

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GIRL what u thinking?

Dear Hillary,

You said “I was thoroughly briefed,” but u didn’t read the document. So one is left to assume that in order to be briefed you do not need to read the document. I could take it one step further and say that in order to be president you do not need to read ANY document. Doesn’t this seem a bit reminiscent of the current administration. Not good Hillary, not good.


14 June 2007

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Jonny my boy LISTEN oooooooooo

Dear John,
I need you to start listening to the FULL question. When someone (Wolf) asks if you think the differences are minor between you and these democratic candidates. You should not come back and say that they are differences. HELLO, he already recognized that difference exist, the question is how major are they. Mercy, one would think that a seasoned lawyer, like yourself would understand the questioning protocol.
Bad, very bad, no wonder your numbers are dropping.

Disapprovingly yours,

13 June 2007

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Dear Barack,
I love how you threw in the 4.5 years late on the issues back in John’s face. You are a leader, your rebuttal answer to Edwards leadership vs. legislation bit was good, some would say that you have Bill’s charisma, I would say that you surpass him. You mentioned all the names you mentioned Dodd, Biden, Hillary and John. You showed a diplomatic and inclusive side that is needed not only on the hill but on the global stage. Your ability to work well with others is noticeable not only by your actions the last two years but also by your words during the debate.
I’m a fan, keep it up.

Emotionally yours,

12 June 2007

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Johnny my boy

Dear Johnny,

That was low. Leadership vs. legislation. I am not sure that this was a good move. I think they know who I am talking to. That is soo 1st grade. Not naming names, that is sooo President Bush, seriously you end up coming across as some one who doesn’t have the balls to confront people on the issues but hides behinds suggestive comments. You are cute, I know that, America know that, but we are not looking for a person with a cute face who hides behinds comments, some would say that we already have that and look at what it has done for us.

Disapprovingly yours,

11 June 2007

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Dear Joe,
“These are my friend and my colleagues.” You set the tone of the evening. Instead of absolutes you challenged them to express their views as opinions. Now it is up to America to decide who’s opinion they find more palatable. I like how you threw in the part about the 2500 v shaped humvees. DETAILS YES.

Always yours,

10 June 2007

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Dear Joe,

I love you Biden. When asked the question about why your voted recently to fund the Iraq war when the others (Obama, Hillary, Dodd and Kucinich) voted against, you did not play the haters game and condemn their vote. A lesser man, like say, Kucinich, would have used this opportunity to come out hard and strong against them just to get their words in the papers but you took the high road and instead reiterated why you voted for the bill. You focused on your convictions and how each American life is important to you. I especially like the part in which you said they are some things worth losing elections over. I am in total agreement.
Keep up the good work.



08 June 2007

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Dear Edwards,

How are you doing? Stop bumper sticking everything. Your answers need to show depth. You should like a bumper sticker. STOP IT. Fire the people who are writing you oneliners because they sound like ONELINERS. Okay now I have to admit that you did look a lil’ cute in your get up. You looked presidential, almost. I think the hair which costs a bundle makes you look more like Ken and not the leader of the free world.

Good luck


07 June 2007

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Democratic Debate from June

These are letters from the campaign trail. Most of the writers are on a first name basis with the candidates and so they refer to them by nick names. For those of us that are not familiar with the presidential candidates let me introduce you to the players.
Mike Gravel: MIKEY, Mike:- Former Alaskan Senator
Chris Dodd: Chris:- Senator from Connecticut
John Edwards: John, Johnny :- Former Senator from North Carolina
Hillary Clinton: Hill, Hillary, Girlfriend:- Senator from New York
Barack Obama: Barack, Rack mii boy, Rack attack:- Senator from Illinois
Joe Biden: Joe, Joey :-Senator from Delaware
Bill Richardson: Bill, Willy :- Governor from New Mexico

and I don't think anyone took the time to write Kucinich who is the congressman from Cleveland, Ohio

Happy trails