27 September 2007

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Spouse from hell

I told you not to speak.
I told you to shut your freaking trap.
I told you to STOP.
I believe those were my words, STOP, but your football stadium sized ego wouldn't allow you to do just that. I really thought that you would heed my advice. There is so much I want to say but I know it will fall on deaf ears so I will not even waste the energy required to lift my fingers and formulate a response. A wise man once said that mirrors don't lie so I will leave you with this mirror of your own words.

"Iowa will make the difference," she said.
"If Barack doesn't win Iowa, it is just a dream.
If we win Iowa then we can move to the world as it should be.
And we need your help in making that happen."

Do these words seem smart to you?

Disgustly disapprovingly yours

26 September 2007

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Dear Chris

I don't like you mostly because you think you are as cute as Anderson Cooper and we both know that that is false. Yes you have white hair but please you have lines running all over your pudgy face. Then to compound the injury you say that Biden is resulting to draconian measures because he believes that we need to tax every dollar. So yeah, stop hating against my boy and then maybe I will forgive you.

Hatingly yours

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Biden: MSNBC

Dear Joey,

I love you and maybe that has made me prejudiced about this whole election thing that you got yourself into. You tell the truth and I really need to hear it. On the whole Social Security question you first reminded America that you were in the room when the deal was made back in the 80's and then you look straight at mii and say "You are either going to cut benefits or raise taxes." No one else on this panel will tell you that but the truth is Yes, we will have to tax every dollar in order to keep Social Security solvent.

Lovingly yours

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Kucinich: MSNBC

Dear Kucinich
Slow Down
You are not Micheal J. Fox.
Yes you are short but going back into the future is impossible.
When you make a proclamation it has to be for the future. You can not pledge that you will do something and begin it in the past. The whole having the troops out of Iraq by April 2007 is ridiculous. It is impossible to go into the past and get something done.

anti-Marvelly yours

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Gravel: MSNBC Debate

Dear Mikey,

I would like to congratulate Biden and Dodd for both voting against the bill presented by Lieberman. Hillary, I'm ashamed of you for voting for it and Obama didn't even show up. If you want to make a change: vote on it everyday for 40 days that is how you get the votes. It was beautiful everyone was looking at you for advice.
Mikey you had them eating out of your hand. Please even Tim Russert asked for your advice. Thank you Gravel for showing that this primary is not just about Hillary and Obama.

Fannishly yours

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10 o' clock Cali time, Monday morning. CNN. This is some of the words presented by Lee Bollinger the President of Columbia University when the Iranian President came to speak. This was part of his introduction. The italicized words are what they all wanted to say but had to stay Politically Correct.

LB: I doubt you possess the intellectual courage to answer these question. i know that you are smarter than I am but in an effort to boost my owe ego I have thrown this guantlet.

LB: These actions portray you as a cruel and petty dictator i hope that you are offended by what I am trying to say because then maybe the president will forgive mii and sign the picture we took together.

Five minutes later after he had given himself a pat on the back. IP gets a chance to speak
IP: It seems that the esteemed gentleman has yielded to the enormous pressure by the administration and the media. now that being said, this is what i think of you punk. BRING IT ON, you are your insipid government and nonsensical bill of rights.
IP: The vaccination of the audience with negative comments about a guest speaker and his ideas prior to his speech is discourteous.

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Illusions and Numbers

Please explain this to mii.
5 years ago you used the word 66 times when you addressed a bunch of people that I wouldn't trust with a BB gun.
This time you used it only 2 times. When they were just a threat and an unconquered or occupied country you referred to them 66 times. Now you can't seem to form the 2 syllables necessary to pronounce them.

I wonder
I'm wondering and hoping that it is not for the reason that I cannot print because of the whole infringment on my 1st amendment rights.

But yeah

I'm wondering ooooooooooo

21 September 2007

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Kids getting apartments


I am whoseying now
So a bunch of UNDER 17 year olds win a football match and they each get a 3 bedroom house in Abuja. I have nothing against the new president administration but given a bunch of 15 and 16 year old houses does not seem like an intelligible thing to do.


I am highly disappointed. We reward kids for their prowess at sport but i don't seen any cars or houses given to Naija kids that ace the SAT or O Level


I am whoseying loud and long

20 September 2007

Jena 6

aCan someone explain to me what is going on. I'm not quite sure I understand this story.

Maybe there is something that I am missing.

Six black kids beat up a white kid because three other white kids hung up nooses in the school yard. Now they are in jail and 30, 000 people are in Louisiana today because of what???

I do not get it.

Is it the fact that the kids that beat up the other kids are black?
Is it the fact that this is Louisiana?
Is it because of the racially motivated actions of some other kids?
Is it because Al Sharpton says this is a travesty and so we carry it like government work?
Is it because we are trying to drown out the media OJ Simpson is getting?
Is it because we just need a reason to gather and Thanksgiving is a ways off?
Is it the fact that the kids punishment was too tough?

I honestly don't get it. All i know is that my boy J calls mii and wants to know why Rev. Jesse Jackson thinks Obama is acting white in regards to the whole Jena 6 case. Please someone explain the ramifications of this situation to mii because I think we have more racially motivated hate crimes with totally innocent victims out there, this isn't like the 4 church girls in Alabama or the man in Jasper Texas. These boys DID beat up another kid.

But I haven't been following the story.
So yeah enlighten mii.

07 September 2007

Spouse warning

Dear Mrs Obama,

I haven't written a letter in a long time but your recent actions have caused me return from this blissful hiatus.


In the words of the instant messaging community TMI.

You are not helping your husband by telling us that your children think that he stinks. Seriously, we love the fact that you have children who are not getting into clubs illegally or dating British guys but giving us CLASSIFIED family information is teetering on lunancy.

First of all, you are supposed to be complementing him but instead you are opposing him. I know you think you are humanizing him but you aren't. You are making this whole presidential campaign a farce, cracking jokes is okay if you are trying to endear him to the people in South Chicago but this is not a campaign in which he is the lil' kid and you are bringing jokes.


We want to take him seriously, but when his wife doesn't take him seriously and she has know him for over 5 years, what is the learning curve? Today you are giving us family secrets, tomorrow will you be in bed with Putin trading country secrets? All these questions are beginning to take precedence in our minds.

Watch yourself.

In an effort to seem like the accomplished independent women,
In an effort to convince us that you are as smart as Hillary,
In an effort to delude yourself into believing that you are an asset like Bill,
you have managed to make a fool of yourself.



03 September 2007

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11th Commandment Part 1

This is know I got attracted to the story

Yes, I used the word attracted b'cuz i don't follow stories that don't pull mii in. I don't listen to the news just to keep updated.
The first news I heard about the story was

Idahoan senator arrested in Minneapolis airport
this did not hold any appeal in and of itself and then
Senator from Idaho says he is not gay

how does this happen. I was thinking hmmm there is a story and then I went fishing
and now we are all updated because the Media will not permit us to not know

Senator Craig resigned yesterday
everyone is resigning or getting kicked out
and I think I am officially tired. So I am begging all the other Senators and officials STOP GETTING CAUGHT.
Seriously people, we are running out of replacements and how are we going to be able to confirm any of these people when we have no more replacements

so please