29 November 2007

Mitt Romney

Dear Mitt,

I did not have the time to watch the whole debate but I caught a lil' snippet of you trying to sound intelligent and I regret to inform you that you failed.

If failure was a mountain you scaled it without losing breath. I retired army gen. asked you a question in relationship to the whole don't ask don't tell policy and you could not even stand with your previous declaration. You got lost INTENTIONALLY in the bush and Anderson brought you back to the topic and what did you say when he ased you if you still agreed with what you said in the past "I hope to see the day when homosexuals can serve openly in the military"

Last night you said and I paraphrase
1. This is a time of war and it is not feasible
2. At the time I made the statment it was a realistic dream
3. I will consult with the generals who will tell me if it is possible to have such an aspiration


You have to get the generals permission on what to HOPE for.
Mercy what next, do you have to ask them when you can piss.

I'm out

Laughingly waiting until your next faux pas


26 November 2007

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Bush Gore

I am highly about the 40 minutes the sitting president spent with his arch rival.
What was said in this time.
Gore was invited with other Nobel laureats for the usual meet and greet and picture taking thingamigiggy. But then they spent 40 minutes behind closed doors talking.

Yes talking
About their wives and children and religion and politics.
Yes politics.
One might even venture to say that they agree about a lot of issues. It is possible that they sat and talked and laughed about how the press viewed issues.
I could go on and on.
The whole standoffish handshake might be a ploy.
How would you feel if you found out that this whole 2000 Florida recount and 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was a ruse one wanted the presidency and the other wanted the fame and prestige.

What if?

20 November 2007

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Novak, gossiping hmmmmm

Robert Novak writes a piece
Barack Obama responds in person
Hillary's camp trivializes Obama emotions
Barck Obama gets his panties all twisted up (don't ask how i know what he wears underneath)
Hillary's camp responds with some more references to lack of experience
CNN offers minute to minute updates on the political jabs that are being thrown.

Here is my question
What is the scandalous info about Obama, if there is any?

Maybe that should actually be my question,
Is there any scandalous info about Obama or is Hillary just mad because he is 4 points ahead in the latest Iowa polls?

16 November 2007

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John Edwards

Dear John,

Enough with this Neo-con Bull shit, you keep on placing the blame on President Bush's door step. Telling us stuff we already know.

Yes Cheney is bad and greasing his friends palms
Yes Bush is a blind sheep following Cheney
Yes Neo-cons think we should evade Canada

Do you have anything new to tell us.
Just for your information, every time we play the Bush card you remind us of you and Kerry failed four years ago and deepened this mess.

So yeah


Furiously yours


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Chris Dodd

I have to give you props for the whole spanish litany that you broke out in

Very impressive.

I mean a lil' bit, it could be misconstrued by others.


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Where is Gravel

Dear Mikey,

I missed you last night, these kids needed schooling and you were no where to be found.

I miss you


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Chris Dodd

Dear Chris,

I have nothing to say to you, you made a couple of good points but nothing to lift you out of your current position. Nothing that sets you apart.

Try better next time.


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Joe Biden

Dear Joey,

I love you, you know that right but here is the truth. America cannot handle you, you are too smart and not a mommy like Obama or a wet dream like Hillary, you are for real. You are what a politician should really look like and act like, you tell the truth and damn the consequences.
Where should I start?

Let's start with NAFTA and our whole trade agreemene with China, when the others were just pussy footing around the issue you came out strong and said, "What are these guys talking about, we have leverage, hold the Chinese to the original agreement."

You went on to compare the Chinese products to beef in Delaware and how it was shut down because of a mad cow scare, they you told us to do the same with the Chinese.

When Kucinich threw the Patriot Act blow, you once again came out strong not spouting rhetoric but the truth. The patriot act, you said, "does not condone or give government the right to profile, that is the misuse of power."

Out of all the things you said last night, the one that resonated the most with me was the Iran Revolutionary Guard explanation. You killed it, seriously, talking about how we should not ratchet up the war but keep quiet. Explaining how the 100 dollar/barrel of oil is perpetuated by the fear and war mongering. You killed it and made a point against Hillary without even sounding antagonistic.

O and then you defended all the other senators when Kucinich was going on about who was right first. You said and I quote, "This shouldn't be about what happened in the past, it should be about what is your plan now"

I love you
I love you
I love you

on so many different levels.

I wish you could be president

This is becoming longer than a Post It so i'm just going to send it as a letter.

wistfully yours


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Hillary Clinton

Dear Hill.

You owned it, seriously, this was your night after making mistakes for the last couple of weeks you finally showed America your substance. When asked about whether you were playing the gender card, you approached it not as a cheerleader throwing a fit but as an corporate exec trying to avoid a hostile takeover.

You said "I'm not playing the gender card but the winning card people aren't attacking me because I'm a woman they are attacking me because I'm ahead.


You go girl.

Suprisingly astonished

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Bill Richardson


Get on the treadmill, or if you prefer an elliptical machine I can have Precor send one out ot you ASAP. Your tie was strangling you last night and the color of your tie didn't even work. The fat didn't look cute. I know that you are big boned and all that but in relationship to all the other candidates the only person who looks worse than you is McCain and he is a POW recovering from cancer.

So yeah

Go to Subway.

Your Personal Trainer

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Barack Obama

Dear Barack,

Enough with this hope horseshit that you keep on selling, the America public is not going to buy hope this time around. Yes, I know that what you are doing in laudable but come down to earth, please let us not dilly dally trading words about what we THINK we can do let us talk about want we can ACTUALLY do. When answering the question about Nuclear waste, you started out well by admitting that Illinois waste shouldn't be sent to other countries and then you started babbling about the possiblity of alternative energy.

You are beginning to remind mii of a young George W.

So yeah, get your head out of the clouds.

I mean Wolf B even called you out on it and then you took leave of your senses and reiterated the hope idealogue.


4:21 PM - 1 comment

Dennis K

Dear Denny,

Underestimated tho' you are one must admit that you landed a blow to the front runners with the Patriot Act quip.

When asked by Wolf B why you were the only one on the panel that voted against the Patriot Act, you simply said.

Because I was the only one who read it.


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Las Vegas Debate

I have to admit HIllary killed it.
Even tho' she still doesn't have my vote she OWNED the debate. First of all I think it is wrong that the Tier 1 candidates get all the camera time at debates, I mean we already get enough coverage of what Hillary, Obama, Guiliani and the others think of this issue. When Obama goes to take a leak, we hear about it on CNN so for once I would like to hear what Biden and Dodd and Huckabee think on issues.

So yeah back to the debate, Hill. killed it, they were some questions that she could have answered more delicately but when it came to calling out the Boys club she did it and backed it up with spunk.

So yeah let mii go and leave a couple of Post Its on the candidates doors.


15 November 2007

14 November 2007

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Hillary and sinking ships


Do I really have to break it to you?
Do I really have to tell you how it works in Washington?
One would expect that pillow talk with Bill would have schooled you on appropriate responses and sinking ships, but I guess he spent all that time with the interns instead.
Look, I hate to be the one to break it to you but licenses for illegal immigrants?
Obama is gaining, Edwards is hating and the conservative base is backing the least likely conservative candidate just because they believe he has the chance to beat you. Seriously girl the decks are being stacked against you. Leading in the polls does not translate to victory, the only place for you to go right now is down and it seems with this latest faux pas that you will do just that.

So the democratic gov. from your state comes to your desk with this license bill and you leave him hanging for 6 weeks. Are you serious, you should have just explained to him that this wasn't the right time. Need I be the one to remind you that two weeks ago the DREAM ACT bill just failed in the Senate and that the comprehensive immigration bill touted by Dems. and Rep. alike failed to garner 60 votes in the summer.

Everyone who is anyone in any state in this country knows that immigration is a hot chilli pepper.

Bad move girl

I wish I could go on explaining but Obama is up to some craziness and I need to go speak with his spokesman.



12 November 2007

Women under fire

Newsweek or was it Times dedicated a whole issue sometime in October to women and the things we have accomplished in recent years. Yes, we have come far but one most wonder at what cost.

I was replying to solomonD comment on one of my previous post a couple of minutes ago and realized that the fairer sex is under fire.

I mean we are still trying to live down the whole fruit and Eve incident that occured 6000+ years ago but now globally it seems that even tho' we have the balls to stand up for what we believe we are being placed under house arrest.

I know you might think I am blowing this out of proportion but lets take a quick journey around the globe.
Is now being strong armed by the military government to swallow her words and I guess in a way legitimize the present civil rights violating system. They call it pre-conditions. Let us not forget that she has been under house arrest for more than a decade.
Speaking of house arrest.


Is once again under house arrest. Seriously. Last week she was placed under house arrest after being in the country for less than a week and our friend and allay in the so called war on terror General Musharraf is preventing peaceful rallies. So what trumps what democracy or terrorism?

Speaking of subverting democracy

Last year she was commended for ensuring the realize of Phillipine hostages in Iraq
Last week some of her opponents began an campaign to circumvent the democratic process a bit and have her voted out. (Her term is supposed to end in 2010)

So today, I am giving props to all the women in any capacity who are trying to fight for freedom, equality and justice. Here's a toast to y'all. If this group happens to include Hillary then yeah, I guess i'm okay with it now.