30 April 2008

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i am trying to decide what ticks mii off the most and i can't
so here is the list not in any particular order
this is a lament
so bear with mii

  1. Rev. Wright representing black churches: i wish i could sympatheize but your display over the course of the weekend left a bitter taste in my mouth, after hearing that you served in Vietnam when Clinton, Bush and Cheney took deferrals for edcuation i was proud of you but now after hearing you turn this whole thing into a race issue and dragging the WHOLE BLACK church congregation into it, honestly i think the REVEREND attached to your name should be removed because there was nothing that you said that reverenced God you made a spectacle and if you are the only Jesus people see they would become atheist.
  2. Hillary pandering with the gas tax: honestly i wish that the average american was smart or at least HALF as smart as i am then they can see thru this ploy. Look if you want to win, win, stop almost winning, u need to sweep Indiana not just with a few votes like you did in Penny. stop giving yourself a pat on the back cuz u and I both know that you only got 10 more delegates than Obama did from that spectacle, you need to sweep Indiana, North Carolina and Kentucky and please do it soon
  3. McCain trying to be holier than thou: clean campaign my ass
  4. Bill Clinton in Indiana; why is He in my state
  5. Chelsea saying her mother is more prepared than her father was: honestly i can't believe that you are that old, the way they (your parents) treat you i thought you were in your early twenties, mercy grow up already
  6. Recession: i am beginning to feel it, and yes thank you Warren Buffett for using your 62 billion dollar mouth to tell us that it will last longer than we expect
  7. Obama's ties to Wright: okay so you don't have to vet your pastor before you join the church but two weeks ago you screwed up in San Fran and lost Penny now this Wright thing might cost you Indiana and let us NOT even start talking about the ads running in North Carolina.
  8. CNN: i am getting tired of you yes we are married but your incessant chatter about stuff that i really don't want to hear is starting to drive mii insane.
  9. Austrian incest revelation: speechless
  10. Texas polygamy compound: i really don't get this, i can't understand it at all and i don't know where Warren Jeffers gets his doctrine from, another disgrace to Christians
  11. The Pope in New York: no you don't get to be special, we are sin and you are not God's rep on earth so please can everyone get over you.
  12. Dumb women who cling to domineering men
  13. Laws that prevent you from succeeding: i wish i can explain but that will require mii divulging classified info. so let us just say that yeah, permits suck
  14. Jobs that pay next to nothing
  15. The lifestyle of the rich and famous: can we please stop talking about their excesses with the rest of us are trying to figure out whether or not we should fill the tank
  16. Karl Rove in Newsweek: for real i think i am going to have to cancel my subscription how does he get to say a few words in my magazine i thought i had said my goodbyes, i thought we had parted and now for mii to have to see him constantly, his smiling face, his superior i-have-advice-so-listen smirk AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

14 April 2008

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Obama gauffe

I knew you were going to slip up
Do i need to tell you that the next primary is in the East NOT THE WEST

Anyway thanks for giving homegirl an edge this is just what she needs
You couldn't keep your ivy league priggy mouth shut for 9 more days

I am not too happy with you now


I am whoseying

04 April 2008

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Dear MAC

You really can't expect us to believe that you have 20 people on your list of possible VP running mates.


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Dear Al,

Stop spending money travelling the world in jets and then lecturing us on global warming. Seriously i drive a Toyota Corrola and get 28miles per gallon i wonder how many miles you get on that monstrousity.


An irate fan

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Supporter Attack

Dear Hillary

I think i need to explain the basic concepts of life to you all over again. I love you and so i will lay it down for you all over again.

Obama supporters are democrats so attacking them is attacking your base. DO YOU THINK YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THAT.

If by some magical wave of my wand you recieve the nomination you will HAVE to appeal to this same group of individuals that let mii us laymen's terms you are DISSING

Your fairy godmother