28 April 2009

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To All Those It Involves

Dear Arlen,
I applaud your actions and your decisions, I am very sure that move was not an easy decision and you will have to prove to your constituents that you did not betray them but I really am encouraged by your ability to think outside the box and go on principle and not on party politics.

Dear Micheal Steele,
I try and avoid any correspondence with you because your IQ is so far down on the totem pole that you are a disgrace to my former party. After over close to thirty years of serving in the Senate you think that you can gain a few points by besmirching the character of Senator Specter. Please grow a brain or pray for one, this is a time to shut up not to throw a few stones at a departing collegue what is it about the republican party that you have to make it seem like a personal affront. I don't call the Dems publicily eviserating Liebermann.

Dear Obama,
Not a bad ending to your 100 days, don't dwell too much on this Specter thing i need you to focus on fixing the terror CIA mess. Stop this terror nonsense thing oooh. You are now putting everyone record at jeopardy including those who are in the front lines fighting

Dear Feinstein,
Watch what you say and recall, do not say what you recall cuz it might come back to bit you

Dear Cheney
Shut up or go hunting either way i dont care

Dear GW Bush
Thank you for keeping a low profile, you remind mii of the man i voted for 8 years ago, I know you did what you thought was the best for your country and will not spend time trying to derail another president just for kicks. Thank you

Dear O. Snowe,
You are one of two moderate Republicans left are you going to desert my former party also.


23 April 2009

22 April 2009

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Dear Ron Paul

Stop smoking pot, i didn't like you when you tried to garner our party's nomination and I still can't stand your whiny comments now.


are you freaking kidding mii???

So if when Bush and his cronies decided to go war with Iraq and New York or Cali decided to secede from the Union would you have stilled called it american?

I understand that y'all must fight for as lil' limelight as you can get but STILL saying that succession is american because of how the us was created is as credible as saying that modern day slavery in the US is american because slaves built the White House.

disgustingly contemplating the 43 cents it will cost to post this note

21 April 2009

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Dear John McCain

I know you are trying to stay on top of the game and in front of the pack, i know the news of the war brewing within your own party has not made your life easy and your daughter's inability to shut up must cause you grief. I know and you know that tomorrow Simcox is annoucing his bid to take your senate seat and i am very sure that you are trying your hardest to keep relevant.

Your support of illegal immigration, or should i say your support for amnesty has made your life pretty hard but do you really think that you will endear yourself to centrists and republicans be asking the Prez to apologize for a study done by Homeland Security.

I know you and Napolitano didn't really get along in the past but i really don't know if turing veterans against your commander in chief is the way to go. I know what the report said and so did you so why are you trying so hard to make a mountain out of a molehill

My advice:
Pace yourself
Choose your battles wisely
and at least for the next two months

always loyally yours

20 April 2009

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Dear Republican Congressmen/women, governors, senators and party leaders

I tried to avoid writing this letter, I tried to have hope but reality forces me to break my silence.

I am trying to find a way to say this as nice as possible but I don't think that will be possible because it will prove ineffective. I really have tried to be patient with you but it seems like each day you stoop to new lows as you try and salvage what is left of MY party.

Yes, that is right, this party does not belong to you, it belongs to the people but over the last 20 years you have decided to make it about you and your egos and your daddy issues and have in the process KILLED MY PARTY.

Yes, you killed my party, first of all you invited the special interests will their billions and sold our votes to the highest bidder. Then to deal with all the personal sins in your life and to try and appease God (because of your greed), you allowed the religious NUTS to come in and condemn the rest of the world. Do you really think that we did not realize that while you were all mad at the Blowjob Prez you were all quietly getting divorced and increasing your personal wealth, and then to add insult to injury you decided to go a lil' lower beneath the belt and use the fear card. OH MY WORD, i never thought i would see the day that the party which gave us Abe would cower and use fear to enslave their citizens and steal their rights.

Now i have to admit that you didn't do it on your own, we gave you the power by acting like dumb sheep who had no problem being led to the slaughter by you ambitious, greedy people. You are still playing the fear card but now you are lacing it with deciet and trying to rewrite history. This new tea bag junk that you have going on, this whole Palinaztion of the republican party and the reemergence of Newt to the national stage would almost be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

I guess what gets mii the most is that i used to be a member, a follower of your ideals and beliefs but now that i see your real motives, i'm retiring. Normally i would offer advice on how to fix this mess and draw on all my years of experience but the demise of the republican party does not worry or concern me anymore.

so please continue to let limbaugh, palin, mcCain's daughter and newt define the party. please continue to have your pansy network FOX air partisan news, continue to listen and admire that texan bastard cheney talk junk. please continue to go to capitol hill and do nothing.

please continue in your stupidity

regretfully no longer yours