13 February 2007

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So this blog is supposed to be all about the election
but this whole war in Iraq thing is occupying my thoughts
so I haven't yet put anything down.
But I will be back in on March 4 will full election yannings
30 days before the debates beginning
might leave a letter or two for people like Romney and Obama
but yeah
March is the month

12 February 2007

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Family Drama 2

Family Part 2
So Brittany gives HER food to her cousin and everyone else on the table just does nothing. Now of course my girl Bianca is thinking WHAT. I mean why should Brittany have to give up her food just so her cousin can eat something.

Her boy Brian agrees with her and voices his opinion at dinner but nobody pays him any mind and they all just go on eating.

To say that my girl is pissed is an understatement, she calls mii and is crying and venting cuz she loves her boy but his family is another story.

PERSONAL ADVICE: Stay away from dysfunctional families.


08 February 2007

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Reflection on Touch
Some of us just need to touch, but since we can’t we crash into each other. That is the basic theme of the movie Crash. Each time I watch it I am assailed with all these thoughts in my head about touch. We all know that hugs, kisses, handshakes, pats on the back are good but what about slaps? What about pinches?
Are they good?
The people in the movie kept on crashing into each other but wouldn’t have been has effective to just have slapped the individual?

I thinking.

07 February 2007

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TOYOTA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a crush on a car. Everytime I see this car, I have to resist the urge to touch it and caress it. I know it is crazy but the new Toyota Camry is beautiful. Some people have told mii that the Lexus is an upgrade to the Camry but I love mii some Camry.
So to any other Camry lovers honk when you seem some lady with crazy hair hollering at you on the highway.



04 February 2007

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Family Drama 1

Tell mii if this is wrong
I have a friend who was eating with her in-laws and this event took place.
It was a special holiday and the whole family went out to eat.
Okay here are the characters before I go any further. My friend is Bianca. Her fiancé is Brian, his older sister is Yasmine and his younger brother is Tim, his cousin who has lived with them for a while is Brittany.

Okay when it comes to time to Brittany orders a vegetable dish and Tim orders something with chicken. About 10 minutes later the waiter comes back and says that the chicken dish that Tim order won’t be ready in time and asked if he wanted to change his order. He said yes and changed it to the same vegetable dish that Brittany had. When it came to serve the food. The waiter put the vegetable dish infront of Brittany (being that she ordered it first) and then told Tim that they had run out of ingredients to make another dish. Out of no where Yasmine steps in and says that Tim should have the dish. Now you have to keep in mind that Yasmine is about 35, Tim is about 28 and Brittany is 22.

01 February 2007

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Technology DEVIL

Technology is the devil. Do you know that technology was first employed by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. After the fall when they realized that they were naked they decided to put together leaves and string them together to cover themselves.

Technology is a cover up. We use technology to mask our fears, inadequices and questions. Over th eyears it has become more glamourous but the route desire remains to same. Don't get mii wrong, i am not saying that all technology is bad but most of it can be used for evil.
Imagine Einstein in '44 during the Manhattan Project period, he actually thought that the whole atomic energy thing was good for the planet.
Now years after Hiroshima, Nagaski, Chernobyl, Iraq we know that it was just a Pandora box.
The World Wide Web now stars as the primary character in the Identity Fraud billion dollar empire.

I could go on but you get the point, right.
it is all a hoax

A hoax