20 September 2007

Jena 6

aCan someone explain to me what is going on. I'm not quite sure I understand this story.

Maybe there is something that I am missing.

Six black kids beat up a white kid because three other white kids hung up nooses in the school yard. Now they are in jail and 30, 000 people are in Louisiana today because of what???

I do not get it.

Is it the fact that the kids that beat up the other kids are black?
Is it the fact that this is Louisiana?
Is it because of the racially motivated actions of some other kids?
Is it because Al Sharpton says this is a travesty and so we carry it like government work?
Is it because we are trying to drown out the media OJ Simpson is getting?
Is it because we just need a reason to gather and Thanksgiving is a ways off?
Is it the fact that the kids punishment was too tough?

I honestly don't get it. All i know is that my boy J calls mii and wants to know why Rev. Jesse Jackson thinks Obama is acting white in regards to the whole Jena 6 case. Please someone explain the ramifications of this situation to mii because I think we have more racially motivated hate crimes with totally innocent victims out there, this isn't like the 4 church girls in Alabama or the man in Jasper Texas. These boys DID beat up another kid.

But I haven't been following the story.
So yeah enlighten mii.


I'm surprised Kafo.
You haven't been following the story, but it's out there.
To understand it, all you need to do is read the many blogs or press articles about it.

Your list has left out a few stages of the issue like the fact that:
~ white students beat up a black student
~ and 3 students where chraged with aggravated assault and gun charges for disarming a white man who threatened them with the gun
~and the fact that nooses in school colours were hung under a tree because a black student requested permission to sit under it (the tree is called the 'white tree'
~add to that the fact that the District attorney in Jena came down to the school and threatened each black kids who protested the hanging of the noose.. saying.. he held their lives in his hands and he could end it with a stroke of his pen.

These boys did beat up another kid. Yep.
And they deserve the same treatment that the white boys who beat up the black kid were getting.
Not to be chrged with attempted murder and threatened with a combined sentence of up to 80 years in Jail.

Baring in mind that the attack was not unprovoked. Baring in mind also that it seems black students in Jena were damned if they did and damned if they don't.
They did their civil duty by organising a non violent protest and were threatened by a district attorney no less.

What is there not to get. I'm not in your country and I found out this information.
The information is there, it's available.... you don't need to look to far to get it.

u did more in 30 seconds than CNN did in 30 minutes

i am a bit lazy when it comes to obtaining news i just read Yahoo or watch CNN

this adds a lot more than network news portrays

ahhh Kafo..
Blogs were carrying this way before CNN did a tiny segment on it.
It's a good idea to widen your online news network a little bit. to get tidbits from different sections of the news community.

Blogs were carrying this for months and I really mean months before CNN even bother showing or sniffing at it.
Even the BBC all the way across the pond covered it before CNN got a shake at it.

If there's anything to take from this, it's that we need certain counterbalances to the news we take as gospel.

Neither CNN nor Yahoo are credible news sources.. Yahoo only repastes clips from Reuters and Press Association anyway.

Investigate and invest in your news sources then have a rival just to balance things out.
It really is worth it.