29 November 2007

Mitt Romney

Dear Mitt,

I did not have the time to watch the whole debate but I caught a lil' snippet of you trying to sound intelligent and I regret to inform you that you failed.

If failure was a mountain you scaled it without losing breath. I retired army gen. asked you a question in relationship to the whole don't ask don't tell policy and you could not even stand with your previous declaration. You got lost INTENTIONALLY in the bush and Anderson brought you back to the topic and what did you say when he ased you if you still agreed with what you said in the past "I hope to see the day when homosexuals can serve openly in the military"

Last night you said and I paraphrase
1. This is a time of war and it is not feasible
2. At the time I made the statment it was a realistic dream
3. I will consult with the generals who will tell me if it is possible to have such an aspiration


You have to get the generals permission on what to HOPE for.
Mercy what next, do you have to ask them when you can piss.

I'm out

Laughingly waiting until your next faux pas


26 November 2007

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Bush Gore

I am highly about the 40 minutes the sitting president spent with his arch rival.
What was said in this time.
Gore was invited with other Nobel laureats for the usual meet and greet and picture taking thingamigiggy. But then they spent 40 minutes behind closed doors talking.

Yes talking
About their wives and children and religion and politics.
Yes politics.
One might even venture to say that they agree about a lot of issues. It is possible that they sat and talked and laughed about how the press viewed issues.
I could go on and on.
The whole standoffish handshake might be a ploy.
How would you feel if you found out that this whole 2000 Florida recount and 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was a ruse one wanted the presidency and the other wanted the fame and prestige.

What if?

20 November 2007

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Novak, gossiping hmmmmm

Robert Novak writes a piece
Barack Obama responds in person
Hillary's camp trivializes Obama emotions
Barck Obama gets his panties all twisted up (don't ask how i know what he wears underneath)
Hillary's camp responds with some more references to lack of experience
CNN offers minute to minute updates on the political jabs that are being thrown.

Here is my question
What is the scandalous info about Obama, if there is any?

Maybe that should actually be my question,
Is there any scandalous info about Obama or is Hillary just mad because he is 4 points ahead in the latest Iowa polls?

16 November 2007

4:51 PM - 1 comment

John Edwards

Dear John,

Enough with this Neo-con Bull shit, you keep on placing the blame on President Bush's door step. Telling us stuff we already know.

Yes Cheney is bad and greasing his friends palms
Yes Bush is a blind sheep following Cheney
Yes Neo-cons think we should evade Canada

Do you have anything new to tell us.
Just for your information, every time we play the Bush card you remind us of you and Kerry failed four years ago and deepened this mess.

So yeah


Furiously yours


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Chris Dodd

I have to give you props for the whole spanish litany that you broke out in

Very impressive.

I mean a lil' bit, it could be misconstrued by others.


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Where is Gravel

Dear Mikey,

I missed you last night, these kids needed schooling and you were no where to be found.

I miss you


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Chris Dodd

Dear Chris,

I have nothing to say to you, you made a couple of good points but nothing to lift you out of your current position. Nothing that sets you apart.

Try better next time.


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Joe Biden

Dear Joey,

I love you, you know that right but here is the truth. America cannot handle you, you are too smart and not a mommy like Obama or a wet dream like Hillary, you are for real. You are what a politician should really look like and act like, you tell the truth and damn the consequences.
Where should I start?

Let's start with NAFTA and our whole trade agreemene with China, when the others were just pussy footing around the issue you came out strong and said, "What are these guys talking about, we have leverage, hold the Chinese to the original agreement."

You went on to compare the Chinese products to beef in Delaware and how it was shut down because of a mad cow scare, they you told us to do the same with the Chinese.

When Kucinich threw the Patriot Act blow, you once again came out strong not spouting rhetoric but the truth. The patriot act, you said, "does not condone or give government the right to profile, that is the misuse of power."

Out of all the things you said last night, the one that resonated the most with me was the Iran Revolutionary Guard explanation. You killed it, seriously, talking about how we should not ratchet up the war but keep quiet. Explaining how the 100 dollar/barrel of oil is perpetuated by the fear and war mongering. You killed it and made a point against Hillary without even sounding antagonistic.

O and then you defended all the other senators when Kucinich was going on about who was right first. You said and I quote, "This shouldn't be about what happened in the past, it should be about what is your plan now"

I love you
I love you
I love you

on so many different levels.

I wish you could be president

This is becoming longer than a Post It so i'm just going to send it as a letter.

wistfully yours


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Hillary Clinton

Dear Hill.

You owned it, seriously, this was your night after making mistakes for the last couple of weeks you finally showed America your substance. When asked about whether you were playing the gender card, you approached it not as a cheerleader throwing a fit but as an corporate exec trying to avoid a hostile takeover.

You said "I'm not playing the gender card but the winning card people aren't attacking me because I'm a woman they are attacking me because I'm ahead.


You go girl.

Suprisingly astonished

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Bill Richardson


Get on the treadmill, or if you prefer an elliptical machine I can have Precor send one out ot you ASAP. Your tie was strangling you last night and the color of your tie didn't even work. The fat didn't look cute. I know that you are big boned and all that but in relationship to all the other candidates the only person who looks worse than you is McCain and he is a POW recovering from cancer.

So yeah

Go to Subway.

Your Personal Trainer

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Barack Obama

Dear Barack,

Enough with this hope horseshit that you keep on selling, the America public is not going to buy hope this time around. Yes, I know that what you are doing in laudable but come down to earth, please let us not dilly dally trading words about what we THINK we can do let us talk about want we can ACTUALLY do. When answering the question about Nuclear waste, you started out well by admitting that Illinois waste shouldn't be sent to other countries and then you started babbling about the possiblity of alternative energy.

You are beginning to remind mii of a young George W.

So yeah, get your head out of the clouds.

I mean Wolf B even called you out on it and then you took leave of your senses and reiterated the hope idealogue.


4:21 PM - 1 comment

Dennis K

Dear Denny,

Underestimated tho' you are one must admit that you landed a blow to the front runners with the Patriot Act quip.

When asked by Wolf B why you were the only one on the panel that voted against the Patriot Act, you simply said.

Because I was the only one who read it.


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Las Vegas Debate

I have to admit HIllary killed it.
Even tho' she still doesn't have my vote she OWNED the debate. First of all I think it is wrong that the Tier 1 candidates get all the camera time at debates, I mean we already get enough coverage of what Hillary, Obama, Guiliani and the others think of this issue. When Obama goes to take a leak, we hear about it on CNN so for once I would like to hear what Biden and Dodd and Huckabee think on issues.

So yeah back to the debate, Hill. killed it, they were some questions that she could have answered more delicately but when it came to calling out the Boys club she did it and backed it up with spunk.

So yeah let mii go and leave a couple of Post Its on the candidates doors.


15 November 2007

14 November 2007

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Hillary and sinking ships


Do I really have to break it to you?
Do I really have to tell you how it works in Washington?
One would expect that pillow talk with Bill would have schooled you on appropriate responses and sinking ships, but I guess he spent all that time with the interns instead.
Look, I hate to be the one to break it to you but licenses for illegal immigrants?
Obama is gaining, Edwards is hating and the conservative base is backing the least likely conservative candidate just because they believe he has the chance to beat you. Seriously girl the decks are being stacked against you. Leading in the polls does not translate to victory, the only place for you to go right now is down and it seems with this latest faux pas that you will do just that.

So the democratic gov. from your state comes to your desk with this license bill and you leave him hanging for 6 weeks. Are you serious, you should have just explained to him that this wasn't the right time. Need I be the one to remind you that two weeks ago the DREAM ACT bill just failed in the Senate and that the comprehensive immigration bill touted by Dems. and Rep. alike failed to garner 60 votes in the summer.

Everyone who is anyone in any state in this country knows that immigration is a hot chilli pepper.

Bad move girl

I wish I could go on explaining but Obama is up to some craziness and I need to go speak with his spokesman.



12 November 2007

Women under fire

Newsweek or was it Times dedicated a whole issue sometime in October to women and the things we have accomplished in recent years. Yes, we have come far but one most wonder at what cost.

I was replying to solomonD comment on one of my previous post a couple of minutes ago and realized that the fairer sex is under fire.

I mean we are still trying to live down the whole fruit and Eve incident that occured 6000+ years ago but now globally it seems that even tho' we have the balls to stand up for what we believe we are being placed under house arrest.

I know you might think I am blowing this out of proportion but lets take a quick journey around the globe.
Is now being strong armed by the military government to swallow her words and I guess in a way legitimize the present civil rights violating system. They call it pre-conditions. Let us not forget that she has been under house arrest for more than a decade.
Speaking of house arrest.


Is once again under house arrest. Seriously. Last week she was placed under house arrest after being in the country for less than a week and our friend and allay in the so called war on terror General Musharraf is preventing peaceful rallies. So what trumps what democracy or terrorism?

Speaking of subverting democracy

Last year she was commended for ensuring the realize of Phillipine hostages in Iraq
Last week some of her opponents began an campaign to circumvent the democratic process a bit and have her voted out. (Her term is supposed to end in 2010)

So today, I am giving props to all the women in any capacity who are trying to fight for freedom, equality and justice. Here's a toast to y'all. If this group happens to include Hillary then yeah, I guess i'm okay with it now.

28 October 2007

Roll Reversal

I'm away from the desert in the land of the living and surfing the news pages brings tears to my eyes. I'v been gone for soo long.

So here is something that might bring feelings of happiness or trepidation.

We are not alone.

We are not the only country were a former First Lady riding on the coat tails of her husband presidency seeks the position.

We are not the only country were lawyers turned senators think that they know what is best for the nation after a couple years in Congress.

We are not the only country were this first lady lawyer turned senator has over 40% of her party potential votes.

We are not alone
We have Argentina

27 October 2007

3:08 PM - 4 comments

Find your balls, PLEASE

Dear Brown, Bush, Harper, Koehler, Koizumi, Napolitano, Putin and Sarkozy:

To Whom It May Concern (being that you guys seldomly think on your own)

Where are your balls?
You did not get elected, STOP, let me rephrase, you did not manipulate your respective systems, democratic or otherwise, to slap erstwhile governemnts on the cheek. You are all wimps, sanctions don't really accomplish anything in the near future, so in a situation were lives are being lost, one would think that you would take a personal interest and not leave it up to your foreign policy speech writers.

I normally do not openly scold current leaders of nations but the 8 of you combined would not stand up against my 3 year old nephew in a spitting contest. Honestly, you do nothing.
You have nukes and bitch about those who want nukes because you are scared that they might actually have the guts to use it.
You have money and bitch about those who want money because you are frightened that they will stop looking up to you.
You have power and bitch about those who want power because you KNOW that given the chance they will actually be worthy of their paragraph in the history books.

I've been doing this whole political thing for about two seconds, okay let me be truthful, it has been 5 years but you have been breathing politics forever since law school or your years in the KGB, CIA or whatever 3 letter acroynm your country uses to justify torture. You know the stats, you know the history, do I need to be the one to tell you that there were fewer coup attempts in the era of sanctions than in the previous decades? Do I need to remind you of the genocide that took place in Rwanda, 4 months, that was all it took to kill over 700,000 people. It takes you two weeks to create a foreign policy statement that shoots an elephant with a BBgun.

I'm done.

Let me be poetic

Economic sanctions did not make Iraq fall
and just so you know, Iran is still standing tall.
Castro has outlasted the son of JFK
and all you can lay claim to is Gitmo Bay
Sanctions do not work

If you goal is to starve the average person
and let innocents get hanged for treason
If you want to fractionalize the future central government
by making thugs and warloads permanent
Keep on.

If fueling the propaganda machine
is your greatest wish and fondest dream
If the increase in rape victims gives you pleasure
and you revel in the blackmarket sale of a country's treasure
Keep on, keep, keeping on.

Sincerely and furiously planning to ...
Your dearest friend and greatest critic

PS: Brown and Bush stop rubbing your crotch and giving each other pats on the back, I arranged the names alphabetically, not according to perceived power.

26 October 2007

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Sanctions again and again and again

"If the purpose of sanctions is to bring about a better system for that country, devastating its society is a strange path to the new order." - Fareed Zakaria

I don't have the 24 hour new channels or the internet to find out what is going on. Of all the things I miss the most, House, Prison Break, CNN, Cell Phone reception, secured wireless network; not being able to find out what Bush has done ranks pretty high on my list.

Okay so today I'm reading my Newsweek magazine (i'm still on the Oct. 15 issue) and F. Zakaria is commenting on the latest wave of sanctions against the Burmese oops I mean Myanmar gov't and it occured to me that the G8 leaders are all pussies.

Seriously, I know that this is a word that can get me kicked off the hottest TV show but these men are all without balls, they have no backbone or spine or guts or balls or courage. Yes, that is the word I need courage. So, I'm going to have to write them a letter, Putin included, I mean normally this guy has it all. The stern face, the shady contacts that carry out contracts, the ability to inspire fear in the hearts and minds of everyone. He gets on a plane and Bush starts to sweat, Mercy! Bush doesn't even know where the plane is supposed to land but that doesn't stop him from bitting his finger nails. That new guy Brown, yeah, I have to applaud his goal to reduce combat troops in Iraq to the single digits but that is just for show, nonsense, this is actually a humanitarian crisis and they are all dwindling their thumbs.

So yeah,
I'm not in retirement just without steady and reliable internet service.

04 October 2007


On Blackwater's latest actions that resulted in the death of 11 Iraqi civilians
Evidently some innocent lives were lost- Pres. Bush

How much does a life cost?
What line seperates the cost?
Who decides the value of blood?
When will the partiality end?

I want to know.


27 September 2007

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Spouse from hell

I told you not to speak.
I told you to shut your freaking trap.
I told you to STOP.
I believe those were my words, STOP, but your football stadium sized ego wouldn't allow you to do just that. I really thought that you would heed my advice. There is so much I want to say but I know it will fall on deaf ears so I will not even waste the energy required to lift my fingers and formulate a response. A wise man once said that mirrors don't lie so I will leave you with this mirror of your own words.

"Iowa will make the difference," she said.
"If Barack doesn't win Iowa, it is just a dream.
If we win Iowa then we can move to the world as it should be.
And we need your help in making that happen."

Do these words seem smart to you?

Disgustly disapprovingly yours

26 September 2007

10:23 PM - 1 comment


Dear Chris

I don't like you mostly because you think you are as cute as Anderson Cooper and we both know that that is false. Yes you have white hair but please you have lines running all over your pudgy face. Then to compound the injury you say that Biden is resulting to draconian measures because he believes that we need to tax every dollar. So yeah, stop hating against my boy and then maybe I will forgive you.

Hatingly yours

10:09 PM - 1 comment

Biden: MSNBC

Dear Joey,

I love you and maybe that has made me prejudiced about this whole election thing that you got yourself into. You tell the truth and I really need to hear it. On the whole Social Security question you first reminded America that you were in the room when the deal was made back in the 80's and then you look straight at mii and say "You are either going to cut benefits or raise taxes." No one else on this panel will tell you that but the truth is Yes, we will have to tax every dollar in order to keep Social Security solvent.

Lovingly yours

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Kucinich: MSNBC

Dear Kucinich
Slow Down
You are not Micheal J. Fox.
Yes you are short but going back into the future is impossible.
When you make a proclamation it has to be for the future. You can not pledge that you will do something and begin it in the past. The whole having the troops out of Iraq by April 2007 is ridiculous. It is impossible to go into the past and get something done.

anti-Marvelly yours

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Gravel: MSNBC Debate

Dear Mikey,

I would like to congratulate Biden and Dodd for both voting against the bill presented by Lieberman. Hillary, I'm ashamed of you for voting for it and Obama didn't even show up. If you want to make a change: vote on it everyday for 40 days that is how you get the votes. It was beautiful everyone was looking at you for advice.
Mikey you had them eating out of your hand. Please even Tim Russert asked for your advice. Thank you Gravel for showing that this primary is not just about Hillary and Obama.

Fannishly yours

3:02 AM - No comments


10 o' clock Cali time, Monday morning. CNN. This is some of the words presented by Lee Bollinger the President of Columbia University when the Iranian President came to speak. This was part of his introduction. The italicized words are what they all wanted to say but had to stay Politically Correct.

LB: I doubt you possess the intellectual courage to answer these question. i know that you are smarter than I am but in an effort to boost my owe ego I have thrown this guantlet.

LB: These actions portray you as a cruel and petty dictator i hope that you are offended by what I am trying to say because then maybe the president will forgive mii and sign the picture we took together.

Five minutes later after he had given himself a pat on the back. IP gets a chance to speak
IP: It seems that the esteemed gentleman has yielded to the enormous pressure by the administration and the media. now that being said, this is what i think of you punk. BRING IT ON, you are your insipid government and nonsensical bill of rights.
IP: The vaccination of the audience with negative comments about a guest speaker and his ideas prior to his speech is discourteous.

2:57 AM - No comments

Illusions and Numbers

Please explain this to mii.
5 years ago you used the word 66 times when you addressed a bunch of people that I wouldn't trust with a BB gun.
This time you used it only 2 times. When they were just a threat and an unconquered or occupied country you referred to them 66 times. Now you can't seem to form the 2 syllables necessary to pronounce them.

I wonder
I'm wondering and hoping that it is not for the reason that I cannot print because of the whole infringment on my 1st amendment rights.

But yeah

I'm wondering ooooooooooo

21 September 2007

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Kids getting apartments


I am whoseying now
So a bunch of UNDER 17 year olds win a football match and they each get a 3 bedroom house in Abuja. I have nothing against the new president administration but given a bunch of 15 and 16 year old houses does not seem like an intelligible thing to do.


I am highly disappointed. We reward kids for their prowess at sport but i don't seen any cars or houses given to Naija kids that ace the SAT or O Level


I am whoseying loud and long

20 September 2007

Jena 6

aCan someone explain to me what is going on. I'm not quite sure I understand this story.

Maybe there is something that I am missing.

Six black kids beat up a white kid because three other white kids hung up nooses in the school yard. Now they are in jail and 30, 000 people are in Louisiana today because of what???

I do not get it.

Is it the fact that the kids that beat up the other kids are black?
Is it the fact that this is Louisiana?
Is it because of the racially motivated actions of some other kids?
Is it because Al Sharpton says this is a travesty and so we carry it like government work?
Is it because we are trying to drown out the media OJ Simpson is getting?
Is it because we just need a reason to gather and Thanksgiving is a ways off?
Is it the fact that the kids punishment was too tough?

I honestly don't get it. All i know is that my boy J calls mii and wants to know why Rev. Jesse Jackson thinks Obama is acting white in regards to the whole Jena 6 case. Please someone explain the ramifications of this situation to mii because I think we have more racially motivated hate crimes with totally innocent victims out there, this isn't like the 4 church girls in Alabama or the man in Jasper Texas. These boys DID beat up another kid.

But I haven't been following the story.
So yeah enlighten mii.

07 September 2007

Spouse warning

Dear Mrs Obama,

I haven't written a letter in a long time but your recent actions have caused me return from this blissful hiatus.


In the words of the instant messaging community TMI.

You are not helping your husband by telling us that your children think that he stinks. Seriously, we love the fact that you have children who are not getting into clubs illegally or dating British guys but giving us CLASSIFIED family information is teetering on lunancy.

First of all, you are supposed to be complementing him but instead you are opposing him. I know you think you are humanizing him but you aren't. You are making this whole presidential campaign a farce, cracking jokes is okay if you are trying to endear him to the people in South Chicago but this is not a campaign in which he is the lil' kid and you are bringing jokes.


We want to take him seriously, but when his wife doesn't take him seriously and she has know him for over 5 years, what is the learning curve? Today you are giving us family secrets, tomorrow will you be in bed with Putin trading country secrets? All these questions are beginning to take precedence in our minds.

Watch yourself.

In an effort to seem like the accomplished independent women,
In an effort to convince us that you are as smart as Hillary,
In an effort to delude yourself into believing that you are an asset like Bill,
you have managed to make a fool of yourself.



03 September 2007

7:29 PM - 2 comments

11th Commandment Part 1

This is know I got attracted to the story

Yes, I used the word attracted b'cuz i don't follow stories that don't pull mii in. I don't listen to the news just to keep updated.
The first news I heard about the story was

Idahoan senator arrested in Minneapolis airport
this did not hold any appeal in and of itself and then
Senator from Idaho says he is not gay

how does this happen. I was thinking hmmm there is a story and then I went fishing
and now we are all updated because the Media will not permit us to not know

Senator Craig resigned yesterday
everyone is resigning or getting kicked out
and I think I am officially tired. So I am begging all the other Senators and officials STOP GETTING CAUGHT.
Seriously people, we are running out of replacements and how are we going to be able to confirm any of these people when we have no more replacements

so please


30 August 2007

2:28 PM - 1 comment

How have the mighty fallen

Gonzales is leaving

I am not sure how i am supposed to take this.

He has fallen to the disease that keeps on infecting everyone

it seems like working for this current administration either gets you fired, smears your reputation or worse put you on trial

i can't wait until Jan. 2009
i am wondering who will still be left standing then
who will have the opportunity to wear the pin
"I survived the G.W. plague"

sniffle sniffle
i miss Gonzales already

19 August 2007

1:10 PM - 1 comment

Sumo in Trouble

Japan is in an uproar because their of Sumo
I don't understand this
so maybe you can help mii

There is this Mongolian Sumo champ that has taken the sport by storm
Everyone loves him and he has become an over nite celebrity
Last week he told his trainers that he had injured himself in a recent match and couldn't practice and then later on that day there are photos taken of him playing soccer with a local league.

SO yeah everyone is mad and I can't understand why
could it be that they are angry because
a --- He lied
b --- He was playing soccer
c --- He is better at soccer than he is at Sumo
d --- He sucks at soccer and now they have it on tape that he isn't invincible.

I don't know why but they are furious

13 August 2007

4:53 PM - No comments

Rove baby

Ah why now
Why are you leaving us.
When I wrote you a couple of months back I didn't expect you to take my advice and actually jump ship.
I wish you did it before this second wave of questioning began.
I wish you did it before the loud mouth democrats starting calling for your head.
I wish you did it before Libby was found guilty.
I wish you did it before Libby sentence was commuted by the president.
Now you quit and it looks like you are scared. It looks like the noise of the opposition drove you to hide away. It looks like you are retreating from this battle. I know, I know that you are towing some line about how you are still a fan of the Prez. but you and I both know that that isn't really true.

I'm going to miss you.

I really am.
I'm going to miss wondering what you are cooking up in your tiny office.
I'm going to miss contemplating if the latest political gauffe was as a result of you being absent.
I'm going to miss not seeing you in public but hearing your ideas being presented.
I'm going to miss having a worthy adversary in an office full of pencil pushers.
I'm going to miss having your words miscontrued to create a bigger debacle than the one you were trying to disfuse.
I'm going to miss having the Democrats scream bloody murder and blame you for the cost of tea in China.

I really am going to miss you.


12 August 2007

4:48 PM - No comments

Tommy T

Dear Tommy T,

Here is the truth.
I won't really miss you
You really did not make that much of an impact
It is very laudable that you cut your losses this early
I appreciate the fact that you realized your limitations are a candidate
I appreciate the fact that you have not really changed the playing field
I appreciate the fact that you have left us still wondering about your capabilities
I appreciate the fact that you did not spend your short lived campaign slugging dirt
I appreciate the fact that you did not spend your short lived campaign spouting nonsense in an effort to garner attention
I appreciate the fact that you have left the race with a quiet dignity thereby allowing bone heads to follow

But most of all
I appreciate the fact that you were sooo uninspiring that your presence was never felt and therefore can never be missed

Good luck


10 August 2007

Bay, Pigs, Chocolate and Irony

It was around 7 last night when I realized that I hadn't watched the news all week and so I decided to get a seriously heaping of my fave I-LOVE-2-HATE TV Station, CNN. Okay so about 20 min. it this story came up.

Cuban officials are angry at the Department of Homeland Security and USCIS for not granting more visas to Cubans. America sometime in the past decided that granting 20,000 Cubans visa will help stem the tide of illegal immigration and reduce the weight of their sharks.
Right now they have only given about 2,000 visas and it seems impossible for them to process 18 thousand in the next 5 months.

The U.S. embassy in Cuba complains that they don't have the equipment needed to process the requests down there (90 miles south of the US) and Cuba says that they have allowed alot of containers to pass through with the material they need. They have a counter complaint, that the US is using the containers to bring in items such as Fax machines, expensive clothing and CHECK THIS OUT Chocolate. Cuba is made because of chocolate

After the Bay of Pigs Fiasco and Castro failing health, Cuba is ANGRY that the US is shipping in chocolate that they use to BRIBE dissidents of the government.

Of course the US denies such allegations.

This is what made the 7 o' clock news yesterday.

What chill, I have a question.

Why would Cuba want 20,000 of their own citizens to immigrate to the US?
Why would a communist nation which believes that their system of goverment is superior to that of the US want to lose their citizens?
Why would goverment officials be scared that defactors can be swayed by chocolate bars?

This doesn't make sense.

31 July 2007

12:45 AM - 4 comments

The New "US"

One more day
One more day until we meet again
One more day until our paths cross again

I have learned a lot during our seperation
I have learned how to live without your watchful attentive eyes
I have learned how to be happy without your words of honey and vinegar

I missed you
I missed your mood swings that allowed me to regulate my numbness
I missed your constant stream of seemingly important information that masked my fears

Will you rule over my time and my thoughts by suggesting vain glory?
Will you captivate my mind with 5 second sound bites and disturbing images?
Will you sashay your way back into my life taking control and manipulating my decisions?

I don't need your constant incessant chatter drowning out my voice.
I don't need your disturbing images turning my dreams into nightmares.
I don't need your numbers creating walls that seperate mii from humanity.

I know that I can't live without you
I know that I can't avoid you forever
I know that I can't succeed without your input

And so,
I must find a way to live with you
I must find a way to let the past die and move on
I must find a way to learn from our past relational mistakes

This is from mii to you
From: ADisillusioned News and Politics Junkie
To: You, the News Corporations (Fox, MSNBC, CNN, CSPAN, Yahoo News, Time)

24 July 2007

11:30 PM - 6 comments

J and TV

Today was extremely hard
My boy J calls and usually we start off on personal stuff
like his upcoming wedding or my lack of a life
and after about 20 min. of that we delve into our fave topic
POLITICS and Entertainment
I more of the politic guru so he comes to me to get the background story to whatever the cable news people are feeding the public.
So he tries to talk about Nancy Grace and Lindsay Lohan and I'm like "J I don't care"
and then he tries to go the whole well at least let mii tell you want she did
and once again I say I don't care

and then I threatened him

"Look, son, if you mention anything news related, sports included i will not pick up the phone for the next seven days. SERIOUSLY"

I think he got the message

and five minutes later he was off the phone because we couldn't talk about Rachel Ray, or Nancy Grace, or Paris or Lindsay or Obama or Hillary

I really don't miss the banter
I realize this

20 July 2007

11:35 PM - 3 comments

I miss you

Please how can I go on without you
For the last five years we have been together
I watch your every move
and yours words have become my daily mantra

I cannot live without you
or so it seems

what will I do without u


10 more days and I will see you again

I miss you
Do you miss mii????

19 July 2007

6:49 AM - 1 comment

Circuit City and BestBuy

Okay so here it is
I quit shopping over 3 weeks ago and it is killing mii
It seems that everywhere I go I see deals and all i want to do is spend money
but then I remember my oath

Circuit City, Amazon, Victoria Secret, Barnes and Nobles are my places
and now all of a sudden BestBuy is trying to get in the game by offering
lower prices than Circuit City.

This isn't good because one is 4 minutes drive from my home.
I went to the library and saw this book and now I can't get it out of my head
I'm not exactly sure how to not think of not shopping


18 July 2007

11:38 AM - No comments


I have been trying to get away from the news
It has been 18 days since I have watched CNN
but the news follows me wherever I go
I have three Time magazines that are tempting mii
in fact begging me to read them
and now out of the blue i started to get Newsweek
Mercy I never even signed up for it

I like no NEWS tho
I like being in my life concerned more with the everyday trappings of life
and not with those bozos in Washington

17 July 2007

11:43 AM - 1 comment


I'm talking to a friend on the phone and after he related his latest date I came away with one word
My friend is Sprung oooo
I mean why else would he go and watch a movie with this girl and then spend the next 2 hours after midnight outside the theater just holding her hand and talking
I said DUDE to say you are sprung is an underestimation so i'm in the market for a new word that defines why logical people do the most romantic things.

So please help me find a word that encapsulates this whole feeling
but then again maybe the word doesn't exist

15 July 2007

11:41 AM - 1 comment

Praises and Lamentations

I DO NOT want to Lament this week
I want to finish this week on the same spiritual high that i started
Now for mii that will be a feat but i think this time it largely depends on a couple of things.
My sisters all have stuff that need to be resolved this week
Two of them have interviews and I am praying and hoping for the best
This HAS to be a good week
So yeah NO Lamentations

12 July 2007

6:54 PM - No comments


I'm sitting here waitng for something to happen and i realize as I wait that i have a problem

i just chill
sit and do absolutely nothing
and when things don't go my way
i get all worked u

if u don't want to do something
say so
if u don't want to go somewhere
say so

o my ride is here


09 July 2007

11:28 PM - No comments

Change of Name

I got disillusioned. I think the straw that broke the camel's back was Trent Lott sending a cabbage to Micheal Cherthoff during the whole immigration debate. It just rubbed mii wrong and then thinks just got worse, Obama's Punjab memo, Paris's to jail or not to jail stunt, Gore's pricey Live Earth thing. So yeah, I'm done.

I think
It has something to do with the fantasy of democracy being presented or maybe
It has something to do with the parade called the Supreme Court, or maybe
It has to do with the elected leaders that act like they are high on pot, i'm thinking
It has to do with greedy pimps raping my continent in the name of development

I'm convinced
It has something to do with commuting jail sentences,
Broken promises and borders,
30 second ads that cost millions,
Imaginery weapons of mass destruction,
mercy the list goes on

I started this blog to celebrate the democractic process but I can't celebrate something that is a facade and so farwell to happy letters to contenders
Farwell to advice to second tier runners
Farwell to jokes about the elite
Farwell to ironic recollections of wars
Farwell to ridiculous definitions of words to subvert actions

Farwell to democracy
and so I have to change this from Dilemma 2008 to d Lamentations

07 July 2007

7:07 AM - 1 comment


So yeah today is
the 7th day of the week
the 7th day of the month
the 7th month of the year
the 7th year of the decade
the 7th year of the century
the 7th year of the millenium

one more
I need one more for it to be PERFECTLY seven

I should manipulate the numbers to read

06 July 2007

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I think that is why we are sooo tight.
Because we spend sooo much time just chilling
2 am to 10 am in the morning. As if the moon didn't disappear or the sun didn't come up
10 pm to 5 am in the morning. As if sleep was a myth and time a legend.

I wonder
Maybe that is what we all need
Unhurried chunks of time


1:26 AM - No comments

Unhurried Chunks of Time

I read in this book by John Ortberg that the reason why we have sooo much problem trying to build community is becase we are trying to build a 1st century community using 21st century principles.

1st century community was like the amish church. Everyone was connected not because they emailed each other regularly or gossiped but because they met regularly. Mercy a verse in Acts said that they met everyday in each others houses.
21st century principle is the Ipod, Text messaging, Cell phone way. We are always in a hurry but in order to form relationship you need to slow down and just chill with a person. No clocks nothing. Just chill


05 July 2007

1:24 AM - No comments

Normal things

Five days into the whole no CNN and i am coming to one conclusion
It ISN'T soo bad
I don't have to spend countless hours purging myself of all the rage brought on my Paris news
I have absolutely no clue about what is NOT going to be passed or vetoed on capitol hill

I get to spend time just chilling and talking to people instead of watching tv
and that was a very valid excuse for a while

wish mii luck i still have like 25 more days to go


03 July 2007

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Kids say the craziest things

We are all in the car and my niece says "Mommy, where do babies come from? Do you fat people have babies because they eat tooo much?" and then she looks at her brother who is lil' bit chubby

I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry
I mean it was funny but girl is only 7 years old.
I was like wow.
Her mom did give a lil' explanation that NO babies are not as a result of overeating


02 July 2007

1:22 AM - No comments


I'm not happy with CNN and so I am boycotting
I've been boycotting for the last 3 days
I think I might just go a whole month with no political drama in my life
I don't know if i can survive with it but I will try.
Seriously, the whole political field is polluted and i'm fed up.
So yeah good luck to my fast from my fave. TV station
I don't know if I can do this

01 July 2007

1:15 AM - 1 comment
Okay so yeah i woke up and felt absolutely tired
I think it has to do with the whole running on the treadmill for over an hour

Don't overdo the running
I think it also has something to do with the fact that i slept on beautiful sheets.
I love my bed.
if I had to chose between my bed and my laptop
I would cry
sniffle sniffle

1:09 AM - No comments

Hillary crazy girl

Dear Hillary,
I can’t believe that you called out Dick. It was suave and got a couple of laughs but to take a stab at Condi in the same breathe? MERCY. I don’t know if you are trying to prove that you have balls or if you are just plumb loco. Hmmm, only time will tell.

Dreaming of you

30 June 2007

1:05 AM - No comments


Dear Mikey
How would you use Pres. Bill C in your administration? I would use him as an ambassador but with supervision he would do okay. Once again putting them in there place and letting it be known that you are in charge. MII LIKEY


29 June 2007

1:08 AM - No comments


Dear Mikey,
Can you follow me home, you are the Judge Judy of the pack and I must say that you are very effective. As president, you say that you won’t do anything to lower the price of gasoline, You tell us to grow up. Finally, someone that does try and buy us. It is weird because most political pundits say that Republicans serve as the Father filling us with a sense of duty and pride and holding us accountable (this was prior to the current administration’s debacles) and Democrats as Mothers, catering to our needs, with universal health care plans, Medicare and Medicaid. I love you, you are more of a single parent. You managed to balance both the father and mother roles. BIG UPS


28 June 2007

1:07 AM - 1 comment


Dear Hillary,
He is your husband, hopefully you are USING him more regularly than interns are but you just repeated what Obama said about using Bill in your administration but not as beautifully, it is obvious that you are not comfortable with this question. What were you planning to do? Lock him in the closet?

Lustfully yours,

27 June 2007

1:06 AM - No comments


Dear Barack,
I got to give it to you boy, you are deep. When asked the question about how Pres. Bill Clinton would serve in your administration, you first cited his strengths , his capacity to build alliances and contrasted it with the current administration weaknesses and then in the tail end of your answer you said his vision will be enacted. You did not say how you would use him personally. Hmmmmm

Critically yours

26 June 2007

1:03 AM - No comments

Instruct them PLEASE

Dear Mikey,
Gravel you and I both know that you can’t win but I really appreciate you spending your time educating these bumbling critters who might win. When asked by Wolf if a person who voted for the war should be allowed to become president? You replied with an emphatic NO. You didn’t dilly dally like Obama and say it is not a disqualifier. It doesn’t mean that they are bad people, it just means they don’t have moral judgment. OUCH. Two thumbs up!!!

Starstruckingly yours,

25 June 2007

1:05 AM - No comments


Dear Bill,

You first gave credit to your namesake extolling his virtues and then told us what role you served in his administration AS IF WE DID NOT KNOW THAT ALREADY!!!.. Then you got specific and said that you would use him as a peace envoy to the Middle East. Laudable but you spent too much time on the past history and not enough on the future. We still can’t see you in the oval office, so you should spend as much time as possible trying to get us to stretch our imaginations.

Critically yours,


23 June 2007

1:02 AM - No comments

John grow up

Dear John,

Okay hopefully this is the last time I will have to write you. Stop, stop, stop, “He was right, I should give him credit.” Stop spending sooo much time congratulating others. Hmmm. Actually being that I don’t think you will make a good president keep it up. I like how you spend a quarter of your time applauding Dodd and Obama.

Critically yours,

22 June 2007

1:01 AM - No comments

Hillary no more FEELINGS

Dear Hillary,

I like how you brought it back to question of the national guard but you evaded your own question. Word to the wise, do not bite off more than you can chew especially when it comes to rebuttals. Oh, and girl one more thing, enough about what you FEEL. You are beginning to sound like a chick, mercy. (oh I forgot you were female.) Biden is telling the truth, Obama is being inclusive and diplomatic, Gravel is the teacher, Edwards has his head in the clouds, I need you to NOT play the damsel in distress. “I FEEL that I was well informed” BUT you did not read the national intelligence brief? Come on. Stop feeling.


20 June 2007

12:59 AM - No comments

Go Joey, Go Joey

Dear Joey,

I love you. I know I have said it before but you shut Kucinich down, I don’t understand why you are 2nd tier, I mean you are so more assertive than Edwards, is it money cuz I would help stump. That bit about the whole 50 vs. 67 votes I love it. You are my boy because you throw in the numbers at the right time. The truth of the matter is, the only one who has embolden the enemy is George Bush. We are funding the troops there until we can get 67 votes. Hillary tried but you nailed it, even though you are funding the war you made it clear that the war cannot be stopped until we have a majority in congress.

Thank you.


18 June 2007

12:59 AM - No comments


Dear Mikey,

Gravel baby just like in the first debate in South Carolina, you are schooling them. Mercy, they are listening like your pupils. I love you, I mean a couple of minutes later, Kucinich tries to steal your thunder and says that this is a teachable moment, that the democrats help fund the war. Doesn’t Congressman K know that by repeated what another person JUST said does not make him seem smart. I mean it is like saying the soup is warm and two seconds later you say the soup is warm.


17 June 2007

12:57 AM - No comments


Dear Wolf,

I know that you are just the moderator but even I could have done a better job. This is not the Situation Room anymore. How can you ask a question about the genocide in Darfur and compare it to a future genocide in Iraq R U SERIOUS. You are belittling one situation and hypothesizing an improbable situation to which most of the candidates can give the President Bush response. “I don’t operate on hypotheticals, Wolf”

Critically yours,

16 June 2007

12:57 AM - No comments

UNUNIQUE Christopher

Dear Chris,
You need to stop reiterating information we already know about your position. If we wanted to view your voting record all we would need to do is check it online. You will not distinguish by telling us what we already know. That might work in your back water state but this it the big leagues, you have to go all out. You are second tier, do I need to tell you the disadvantages. Mercy!


15 June 2007

1:00 AM - No comments

GIRL what u thinking?

Dear Hillary,

You said “I was thoroughly briefed,” but u didn’t read the document. So one is left to assume that in order to be briefed you do not need to read the document. I could take it one step further and say that in order to be president you do not need to read ANY document. Doesn’t this seem a bit reminiscent of the current administration. Not good Hillary, not good.


14 June 2007

12:56 AM - No comments

Jonny my boy LISTEN oooooooooo

Dear John,
I need you to start listening to the FULL question. When someone (Wolf) asks if you think the differences are minor between you and these democratic candidates. You should not come back and say that they are differences. HELLO, he already recognized that difference exist, the question is how major are they. Mercy, one would think that a seasoned lawyer, like yourself would understand the questioning protocol.
Bad, very bad, no wonder your numbers are dropping.

Disapprovingly yours,

13 June 2007

12:55 AM - No comments


Dear Barack,
I love how you threw in the 4.5 years late on the issues back in John’s face. You are a leader, your rebuttal answer to Edwards leadership vs. legislation bit was good, some would say that you have Bill’s charisma, I would say that you surpass him. You mentioned all the names you mentioned Dodd, Biden, Hillary and John. You showed a diplomatic and inclusive side that is needed not only on the hill but on the global stage. Your ability to work well with others is noticeable not only by your actions the last two years but also by your words during the debate.
I’m a fan, keep it up.

Emotionally yours,

12 June 2007

12:53 AM - No comments

Johnny my boy

Dear Johnny,

That was low. Leadership vs. legislation. I am not sure that this was a good move. I think they know who I am talking to. That is soo 1st grade. Not naming names, that is sooo President Bush, seriously you end up coming across as some one who doesn’t have the balls to confront people on the issues but hides behinds suggestive comments. You are cute, I know that, America know that, but we are not looking for a person with a cute face who hides behinds comments, some would say that we already have that and look at what it has done for us.

Disapprovingly yours,

11 June 2007

12:52 AM - No comments


Dear Joe,
“These are my friend and my colleagues.” You set the tone of the evening. Instead of absolutes you challenged them to express their views as opinions. Now it is up to America to decide who’s opinion they find more palatable. I like how you threw in the part about the 2500 v shaped humvees. DETAILS YES.

Always yours,

10 June 2007

12:51 AM - No comments


Dear Joe,

I love you Biden. When asked the question about why your voted recently to fund the Iraq war when the others (Obama, Hillary, Dodd and Kucinich) voted against, you did not play the haters game and condemn their vote. A lesser man, like say, Kucinich, would have used this opportunity to come out hard and strong against them just to get their words in the papers but you took the high road and instead reiterated why you voted for the bill. You focused on your convictions and how each American life is important to you. I especially like the part in which you said they are some things worth losing elections over. I am in total agreement.
Keep up the good work.



08 June 2007

12:50 AM - No comments


Dear Edwards,

How are you doing? Stop bumper sticking everything. Your answers need to show depth. You should like a bumper sticker. STOP IT. Fire the people who are writing you oneliners because they sound like ONELINERS. Okay now I have to admit that you did look a lil’ cute in your get up. You looked presidential, almost. I think the hair which costs a bundle makes you look more like Ken and not the leader of the free world.

Good luck


07 June 2007

12:43 AM - No comments

Democratic Debate from June

These are letters from the campaign trail. Most of the writers are on a first name basis with the candidates and so they refer to them by nick names. For those of us that are not familiar with the presidential candidates let me introduce you to the players.
Mike Gravel: MIKEY, Mike:- Former Alaskan Senator
Chris Dodd: Chris:- Senator from Connecticut
John Edwards: John, Johnny :- Former Senator from North Carolina
Hillary Clinton: Hill, Hillary, Girlfriend:- Senator from New York
Barack Obama: Barack, Rack mii boy, Rack attack:- Senator from Illinois
Joe Biden: Joe, Joey :-Senator from Delaware
Bill Richardson: Bill, Willy :- Governor from New Mexico

and I don't think anyone took the time to write Kucinich who is the congressman from Cleveland, Ohio

Happy trails


28 May 2007

7:53 PM -


Dear Citizen,

I normally send letters to the candidates but it in this case they are innocent. America you are the culprit. You, alone, are responsible for this widening gap between the rich and the poor. You constantly chose to elect people who grew up with a silver spoon AND a golden fork in their surgically altered lips and then you whine when they don’t understand your needs and your problems.

Of all the 2008 presidential candidates only about five of them have a net worth of less than a million dollars. Do you understand what this means. Only one percent of Americans have a net worth of 1 million dollars or more and yet we choose from within this elitist rank to lead the rest of the 99%.

Do you want the numbers?
When Edwards talks about poverty and goes does to New Orleans to launch his presidential campaign and then we find out that he has a net worth of over 30 million dollars (NOT CENTS) and spends $200 on a haircut whose fault is it when he becomes president and fills the state, health, agriculture department with his cronies.

We have done this before. The last president was from their ilk, he filled these positions with people who have never been in touch with humanity. People like Micheal Brown are put in charge of FEMA, Harriet Miers, Alberto Gonzales, Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney and the list goes on. It is one thing if they lost touch with humanity but when you went to prep schools since the age of 5, lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and have never been to public school or taken public transportation or been to a public hospital can we really seriously expect you to miraculously feel our pain and understand our needs.

I used to wonder why but just looking at the amount of money that these people have explains it all. It really does.

It is like expecting Paris Hilton to understand bargain shopping on the streets of Calcutta.
It is like expecting Donald Trump to get a 12 dollar hair cut at the local barbershop.
It is like expecting Rosie O'donnel to understand the word silence.
It is like expecting African politicians to understand the world ethics.
It is like expecting Ahmadinejad to appreciate an XBox 360

Seriously people.

Still not convinced?
Rudy is tied with Edwards at 30 mil. Here what makes it so crazy, a couple of years ago, 6 to be precise he told the divorce court that he only had $7,000 assets under his control. So, either he managed to perform a miracle and become a multimillionaire in 6 years or he lied to the judge.Chris Dodd is at 1.5 mil, even Obama whose father was a goat herder has the luck of the Irish and sits on about a million bucks.

Here is the scary one.
Romney the current republican leader in this race is at 350 mil
Can you understand such a sum?
Can you really expect him to understand your life? Your pain, your fears?

Forget this, I'm tired. Look we created this mess. I'll save the solution for my next letter tot he masses.

O by the way the others, I didn't forget them, they filed for an extension. Obviously they have sooooooo much money they need more than a month to count it all.


We created this mess.
We did.

Realistically pissed

18 May 2007

7:27 PM - 1 comment

Mitt Romney's Immigration Ad


I am not picking on you. You have received two letters from me in the past two weeks and might be getting the idea that I spend my time nit picking your campaign strategy. Far from it, we have been friends since law school and so I feel that I would be remiss if I failed to caution some of your rash decisions.

There comes a point in the campaign when silence is a better reply. Everyone knows where you stand on immigration. There are three republicans who are polling at above 10 percent, McCain is from Arizona and was one of the crafters of the original immigration bill from last year, Guiliani is from New York, the melting point of the U.S., everyone knows were they stand when it comes to these issues. We have heard you in both debates speak about how immigration reform is actually amnesty.

Say it once, people hear you.
Say it twice, they take notice.
Say it three times and they start thinking what is wrong with him.

You run the risk of sounding foolish by creating an ad against a bill that has yet to be discussed on the floor of the House or the Senate. It is like you are trying to use fear before it is warranted. You have created a 60 second reply to a question that you refused to answer at a town hall meeting. I know you have the funds but remember the presidential election is still over seventeen months away.

Crying wolf in the middle of the day is foolish.
Crying wolf in the middle of the day, in the middle of the Atlantic is stupid.
Crying wolf in the middle of the day, in the middle of the Atlantic when sharks surround a ship is plumb loco and nonsensical.

I speak as a friend.


17 May 2007

11:31 PM -

Wolfowitz Resigns

Dear Paul,

I know that this is a trying time for you. I have tried to stay out of this out of respect for Rachel but I can hold my silence no more. Don’t worry this letter is not going to cut you down to size; I believe that the opposition has already taken care of that. This letter is also not going to shine the microscope on your mistakes because the media has done an adequate job of that. Some might even say that they were more concerned about your lover than they were about African debt. So no, this letter neither berates nor admonishes you. Instead this is a letter of reflection. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Remember when we started thinking of invading Iraq. I remember in the days prior to September 11 how we thought of ways to ensnare Saddam only to have Osama confidently knock on our front door and punch us in the face. I remember as Deputy Secretary of Defense how you convinced Pres. Bush and the American people that the war in Iraq would be just. Many referred to you then as one of the framers of the Iraq war but in recent days they have all forgotten and kicked you to the curb.

Remember our undergrad. years at Cornell in the math department. Life was grand, the stuff we got into, all those proofs that we mysteriously solved. WOW, how time flies. The march with Martin Luther King Jr. in ’63 changed us a lot and we started going divergent paths.

I miss those innocent days, when we not defined by what we said, when we could say one thing and do another. We could talk about corruption and be corrupt; we could philosophize about the merits of capitalism and be socialist in our dealing with others. Maybe you thought those days still existed, is that it? Is that why you did something so stupid as to give Shaha a raise. I mean we always talked about nepotism and cronyism in Africa. You narrowly missed the bullet on the Iraq fiasco and now this.

I lied, I thought I could reminiscence without highlighting your flaws but honestly there are too many of them recently. I mean the whole thing with the CPA in Iraq, I could lay the current insurgent attacks at your feet but I won’t. Instead I will stop this letter and hope that my son can keep your daughter sane during the upcoming onslaught from the media.

Nostalgically yours,


13 May 2007

6:47 PM - 2 comments

MItt Romney Words

Dear Mitt,

How is the weather up there in Masschusetts? How is Ann doing? I would ask you how you are doing but all I really have to do is look at the latest poll numbers. You are leading both McCain and Guiliani when it comes to raising funds. The Republican base loves your platform on the issues that matter to them. You look the part and it now seems that you have the backing of the Righteous Right. What more could a guy ask for?


A guy could ask for a little bit for common sense. You see not only are the leading the pack when it comes to funds you are also ahead when it comes to gaffes. Did you know that? Well if you have temporary amnesia let me take the time to remind you of some of your recent mistakes. Let me start with the insane idea of bumper stickers.

First not France and Hillary = France. SERIOUSLY. You think that by picking on France you can force citizens to forget the Iraq war, gas prices, immigration reform, social and moral issues.

Telling a fox news host that you like a science fiction book titled “Battlefield Earth” is not exactly a strategy for the books. Were you trying to engender yourself with trekkies or the youth of our nations? Everyone who is into sci-fi knows that this is a terrible book. So not only did you mange to alienate the conservatives you also announced to the world your horrible taste in reading. I could talk about how Presidents are supposed to be presidential but I think you get the point.

In the hunt. On April 3 you said "I purchased a gun when I was a young man. I've been a hunter pretty much all my life."and then on April 5th you said "I'm not a big-game hunter. I've made that very clear. I've always been a rodent and rabbit hunter. Small varmints, if you will. I began when I was 15 or so and I have hunted those kinds of varmints since then. More than two times." I mean this not only made people think that you suffered from amnesia and had a case of the flip floppies (John Kerry) it also gave journalists something to research. Do you really want people looking at your voting record when it comes to the Second Amendment.

I’ll stop now. I could go on and mention Good Hitler references and Free Cuba quotes but hopefully you get the idea.

Stop talking; Solomon says in the book of Proverbs that even a fool is thought to be wise when he is quiet. So please for the sake of the Righteous Right sanity keep those thoughts to yourself.

Persnicketyly yours


11 May 2007

6:46 PM - No comments

George Tenet's Book

Dear George,

I’ll make this short. I’m angry you do not get to receive the congressional honor of BS and then the next moment start pointing fingers.

No, not the next moment, you were too much of a sissy to stand up for what is right. Like seriously, as Director of the CIA, I expected more form you. You were a doormat for Rice and Rummy and now you think that by writing a tell-all book that you can rectify those mistakes.

You screwed up.
You gave the nation bad intelligence. You helped create this disaster so please get off your stupid horse and smell the roses. Right now no one really cares if it was you or Rice or Rummy or Wolfowitz. All we want to know right now is how to get out of this mess. Telling us how it began will not really solve the issue.

Here is what really really infuriates me. The book is not about the American people. No. It is not about laying blame at the feet of the guilty. No. it is not about rectify past wrongs. No. It is not about the thousands of dead American soldiers. No. It is not even about the ten of thousands damaged Iraqi lives. No. It is about money.

I’m out.

I hope that I don’t see you at the conference this weekend because I might just cause a scene. Why don’t I just put it this way. Do not come to the conference.

Once a member of your team


10 May 2007

1:17 AM - No comments

I'm Sprung

His message said I miss you and i got all gaga

Mii, who prides herself on being level headed has spent over 2 hours trying to find a way to stay in Indy. I hate snow, but for some reason unbeknownst to my wonderful brain, my brain (the other half i seldom use) is going to give up a snowless existence.


Issues girl,
breathe in , breathe out
2 months forward

28 April 2007

4:27 AM - 1 comment

Obama gaining

Dear Obama I am impressed, 25 million dollars! This is almost unbelievable. If I weren’t looking at a spreadsheet of the distribution curve I wouldn’t believe what those quacks on CNN are reporting. I am writing this letter to rejoice with you, you might be becoming terrified of all the censure that is evident in my correspondence with you but I am so glad at this point that I would re-read your 2nd book again.

How are your daughters, I hope all is well with them.

Even though you are still polling behind Hillary and she raised more money in the f1st quarter you must not forget that she has remained stagnant. Her numbers have not really changed in the last couple of months. You have actually gained and stolen some of her supporters. When it comes to the financial side of things you have more donors, her donors gave more per person but you have a broader base.

I am always proud of you and look forward to your inauguration speech.


18 April 2007

12:38 PM - 2 comments

John Edwards Haircut

Dear John,

How are you? How is Elizabeth doing? She is constantly in my prayers; I hope that it is not too stressful for her. She is a fighter and I admire her spirit. Susan sends her greetings, she has been raising money for the Leukemia Society for the past couple of weeks, and I rarely see her myself.

When you decided to announce your candidacy in Louisiana, I thought it was a bad idea and now I am even more convinced of my opinion. First of all, you were the senator from North Carolina; you neither grew up nor went to school in New Orleans so I couldn’t understand why you started your campaign there. You told me that you thought it would highlight the flaws of the current administration and make people wonder how things might have been different if you were president. This did not work because of the incompetent staff that you have. Leaking the information of your candidacy announcement the day before stole your thunder but you preserved.

Secondly campaigning on the poverty platform can never work for a person of your standing. I told you then and I have not changed my mind. Acting as if you understood the plight of the average Katrina victim was presumptuous and ill-advised. Now we have news that you spend $225 for a hair cut. JOHN WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

We have similar tastes, you and I, during our law school days at Chapel Hill, we ate at the same burger joint, washed our clothes at Larry’s Laundry, but $225 on a hair cut is preposterous. Now you will have people thinking that you are more concerned with your looks than your message. When Clinton ran for presidency we never asked how much he spent on shoe-shining or on whitening his teeth but you allowed this to happen.

Yes you did, you opened the door for the jackals to pounce on you by trying to act like you were no different from the average American. It is one thing to pay for it from your private account but to have the campaign fund your beauty pageant is ridiculous. I am not giving you advice on how to get out of this, you dug this hole, so find a way to climb out of it yourself. I pray for Elizabeth's sake that you can do so gracefully.

We are still playing golf next Sunday, right?



15 April 2007

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Dear Candidates,

It has been a while since I have addressed all of you. Most of the time I just correspond with those who seek my expert advice or those whom I have a personal relationship with. Should I say that it is sad, that we have lost a couple of viable candidates early on? The truth of the matter is that they will not be missed. I mean what exactly did Vilsack think he had to offer that was unique?

I have just found out from a reliable source that you are considering lowering the moral standard that the American public currently holds you to. I say the American public, because the world at large is not fooled by your empty promises, petty squabbles, and trivial aspirations. Far from it, they crave action and not rhetoric, they crave action because they need it to survive. We, in Washington, know that regardless of the nitwit that is power the average American will still have 3 square meals a day. We have that luxury, the rest of the world doesn’t.

Anyways, it has come to my attention that most of you are thinking about airing political ads during the Super Bowl. I am not surprised that campaign strategist like McKinnon are spouting this nonsense. Why in the world would any of you listen to such counsel. I know that y’all are paranoid about the major primaries being moved up earlier in the year, but do not act out of fear.

I am not going to launch into a lecture about why it is a bad idea. Instead I will end this letter with a couple of questions. Do you really want to compete with Budweiser for ad time. Do you really want your name to be mentioned in the same sentence as Prince or Janet Jackson? Do you really want the FCC to screen each word and then fine you when the network makes a mistake? Do you really want to waste valuable funds on an audience which has overindulged in chips and imbibed too much alcohol? Do you really want to turn this race into one about funds? Do you really want to waste your time trying to come up with 30 second clips that define you? Do you really want to reduce your entire message to a gimmick?

I know the way that most of you will act, but still I hope that you prove me wrong.

Have a nice weekend



06 April 2007

4:26 AM - 1 comment

National Rifle Association Lie

Dear Mitt

You can’t do this.
Some say that you are the hope of the republican party. To some extent, it is true that you are the one who most shares our values but I do not like you. You are our only hope, of overturning Roe v. Wade, all we need is one more judge to die and you will be able to appoint a pro-life judge who will assist John and Scalia in changing that horrendous law. It is sad because your latest blunder shows us that the best we have to offer isn’t weapons grade.

I know that the NRA is a plays an important role. I mean some stats says that 80 million American own rifles but did you really have to go out on NATIONAL TV and embellish your hunting record. You have a lot going for you right now, people look up to you because of your conservative beliefs. You raised the most money last quarter among our candidates and now you do this. How could you lie, did you really think that a small lie wouldn’t be found. I am very very disappointed in you. How can you talk about gay rights and abortion when you are also breaking one of the ten commandments.

I really don’t have time to explain to you what happens to people that embellish their record. Alberto needs me to help him prepare for his hearings on the Hill, so good luck.



04 April 2007

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Reaction to Dana Bash interview with Guiliani

Dear Rudy,

I need to apologize for my silence. I have been preoccupied with some personal issues that have prevented me from contacting you. You requested, a while back, that you wanted me to advise you on how to handle the conservative base especially in the south when it comes to abortion. You don’t need my help, Rudy. I just watched your interview with CNN’s Dana Bash and I couldn’t have coached you any better.

Highlighting your personal views and then immediately stating what the constitution, at this point in time, has to say about abortion was flawless. I gave John McCain similar advice four years ago and he blew it. You were able to sound sincere and convincing. It would be a mistake to have changed your stance on abortion. I know the YouTube video has been causing a lot of heat, especially with the Evangelical crowd, but you cannot begin to water down your stance.

I must ask you to proceed with caution when it comes to using words like ‘legal’ and ‘illegal.’ You said in your interview that you are concerned not with personal opinions but what is legal and illegal and that it is your job to uphold the constitution of the United States. Have you thought for one second that this could loose you the Hispanic vote that our party craves like water in a desert. If you say that you want to uphold the law as it is then you will not support the president, McCain or Kennedy with their immigration reform bill. This might lose you New York if it ends up being you versus Hillary.

Think about this.

Before I forget, the way you avoided criticizing Gen. Pace was laudable, keep this up and we WILL be win the nomination.

Yours realistically,


01 April 2007

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Tommy Thompson official entry into the Race

Tommy T,

Please tell me that this is not your idea of an April’s fool joke. How’s Sue? I hope that all is well with the kids. Is Jason finally settled?

I’m happy you decided to run. Finally someone who actually has some sort of experience, I mean all these new kids have the name recognition and the money but when it comes to service they are as fresh as tomorrow’s snow. I mean look at the last two presidents, each of them were wet behind the ears and have managed to destroy the legacy of Jefferson and Washington. Why do these idealistic types think that having a dream is all it takes? What happened to winning because of your outstanding record and service? Everyone is running after Romney, Obama and Hillary, novices.

What took you so long? Your experience in the health and human services is desperately needed. I was there when you decide to retire at the end of the first term of Junior Bush’s presidency. I was of the mindset that you were setting the ground works for a major campaign. I mean last Christmas we talked about it and I really thought you were going to start the New Year with an announcement but you waited. I hope that your cautious attitude does not cost you the nomination. What is the plan? You are currently polling in the single digits in Iowa and I am just wondering how you plan to get ahead of Guiliani, Romney and McCain.

If you need anything, I am here, we have weathered so many battles back in the day and I will always be here to lend a helping hand. I might even donate a kidney if you need one.

Susan is calling me, I have to go.

Nostalgically yours


29 March 2007

11:08 PM - 1 comment

Brownback and Social Security

Sen. Brownback,

How are you doing? How is the family? It is common knowledge that you do not like me, so I will skip all the hallow niceties and get to the heart of the matter.

You can’t win the nomination. If you were unique enough, like Hillary or Obama people might remember you. If you were charismatic enough, like Bill, your words will inspire the masses and they will champion whatever cause you present them with. If you were dumb, like …, its better I leave out the name, we could find someone to mold you into the perfect candidate. But you are none of these things, so you will NOT win the nomination.

Now it is always possible that we discover a skeleton in Romney perfect family story, or Rudy gets bit by a tsetse fly and sleeps through the primaries or McCain decides to tie his election to the cause in Iraq and loses the support of the 70% of Americans that are against the war. It is also possible that aliens invade and we become their slaves in a machinery dictatorship, anything is possible.

That being said, just because you can’t win the nomination doesn’t mean that you have to give up. Make a name for yourself, no one knew you before this, I mean a senator from Kansas, the only thing we know about Kansas is Dorothy and her magic shoes. Take on the inconsequential issues; don’t come out hard on the big issues like social security. DON’T DO THAT, because if you do it will be hard to pick you for the VP spot. I mean how will Romney or Rudy explain that they don’t want to privatize social security but you do and you are on the ticket with them. Hmmm… not good.

Look I know you aren’t going to listen to my advice, so I’ll stop now but let me tell you something, the last person to ignore my advice was Alberto Gonzales, need I say more.



26 March 2007

4:47 PM - 3 comments

Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dear Hillary,

Let me use this opportunity to congratulate you on your endorsement by former Iowa Gov. Vilsack. I hope this gives you a much needed boost during the Iowa caucus next year. I am really curious to find out how you managed to pull this off. I am very sure you can't document it, so next time I speak to you in person I'll bring it up.

We need to talk. I really thought that you would rise above the common mistakes of the masses and give us a campaign worthy of mention, but you have fallen short of my expectations. Remember when Bill ran for office the first time, how he from a third tier state rose to prominence. It wasn't because of money, it wasn't because of promises. It was his personality.

You have the money which is a bonus but now you have started making promises. Promises that the voters will hold you to. Saying that you will take on the health care industry and provide universal health care is a mistake. Especially given the fact that your husband had a failing health care plan. Not only do you propel the voters to start comparing the two Clintons, you also open the door for them to ask you about the how.

How are you going to have a major overhaul in the health care industry?
How are you going to make sure that those below the poverty line and taken care of when it comes to health?
I can just see Obama using this against you when the debates start in a couple of months.

You and I both know that there is no way to do this without raising taxes. We also know that it will require us to get in bed with a couple of giant corporations that we would rather not speak to, much less scratch their back.

You can't take this back, Hilly, so I suggest you come up with a plausible plan before the debates start.

Take it easy and don't forget to drink alot of water



21 March 2007

1:49 PM - 2 comments

A Letter to Karl Rove

Dear Karl Rove,

It's been a while since I have spoken to you and I must admit that primarily it is my fault. There is so much going on in the world. So much news to cover. Have you heard about the latest battle with Iran. I mean one would think that their president would take the high road and act a little bit repentant but nooo he seems to have balls of steel. Regardless of what the UN throws him he always finds a way to make them look like the bad guys in front of the middle eastern countries.

This whole election thing has been on my mind lately, I have been hoping that you will support a candidate and lend your expertise to one of these floundering men but you have remained inconspciously in the background. So the question that is on my mind is why. Why do you remain silent during such a crucial time. The winner of this election will help redefine US foreign and domestic policy. The winner won't even have to really do any work because your current protege has mananged to make such a mess of things. The deficit is at a high, unemployments rates are keeping steady, the housing market pretty much sucks right now. The Dow Jones Industrial is now dependent on Chinese market. It is sad. O and let us not forget the whole world hates us, their leaders might suck up to us, hi Tony B, but the average citizen thinks we are evil.

Now I know it is not your fault. I mean there is only so much that you can do, I mean you are after all only one man. If you were a brain surgeon maybe you could replace his brain with yours but then you would be brainless. You have come a long way with him, I remember the first time he gave the state of the union address, mercy, I almost wanted to cry. I mean you gave him the words, the fact that he can't read isn't your fault. It is your problem and hopefully before the next 600 days pass you will be able to do something about that.

Enough with the trip down memory lane. The Democrats are out to get you and I would hate to think that you will take this lying down. I mean they tried with the whole Valerie Plame thing but they didn't get you. Now they are trying to use the whole Alberto Gonzales snaffu to get you.
You cannot take this lying down. I mean you are one of the greatest political minds that the Republican party has. You are a king. Gingrich is smart but recently he has managed to put a fly in his own perfume. So it is up to you to save the party, the Evangelicals can't do it alone, they have the votes but you know the system like Dick C knows a rifle.

Look I gotta rap this up and get back on the campaign trail, So here is my piece of advice and you know how stingy I am with words of wisdom, so consider a gift from a friend. Stop hiding behind the trash. Every time your name is mentioned it is tied to the Titanic, which is sinking fast. Choose a candidate without a reputation and build it up. Make it so that every time that your name is mentioned it is not in reference to the current state of affairs. Forget the past and focus on the future. The republicans have forgotten how good you are because of the current POTUS but when you choose a candidate they will realize they need you to take back Capitol Hill. The moment they do, they will start to protect you and fight your battles. Especially the current one.

I got a letter from Alberto that I need to reply so heed my advice, wise one and we will soon rejoice.



19 March 2007

2:16 PM - 2 comments

Letter to Alberto Gonzales

Dear Alberto,

Stop crying.
Stop whining.
Stop wringing your hands.
Breathe in, breathe out.

Are you calm now? Because this letter is not going to soothe your nerves. This is a letter that addresses your blunders. I told you that this will happen. I told you that trusting this guy will only lead to problems. You thought you were chosen because of your qualifications but I told you that he was only trying to appoint the first Latino Attorney General.

I mean look at Harriet Miers, where is she now?
Look at Micheal Brown from FEMA where is he now?
You were chosen to make him look good, that's it. Do you really think that he is going to help you now. Look, I know it was Karl who convinced you that this was the best course of action. He told you that firing those attorneys served the interest of the president and since you serve at the pleasure of the president you decided to fire them.

First mistake, you listened to Karl. I know Karl, we are friends, and he is one of the smartest men in the business. That being said, you have to realize that Karl is only concerned about what benefits the president. He is so loyal to the president that he sacrificed Libby just so that the president didn't look bad for the Plame leak. He wasn't thinking of your job when he told you to fire the attorneys, he was thinking of the president's legacy.

The second and most damaging mistake is that you left a paper trail. Didn't you learn anything from law school? Evidence and Resonable Doubt trump Truth and Justice any day of the week. So why in the world did you leave evidence?

I could go on and on with the bashing but I think you get the point. You screwed up BIG and now we look bad. We can't weep over spilt milk. I am thinking of how to get us out of this mess. Yes, I said us, I figure I should have been a bit more aggressive in discouraging you back then. If you want to get out of this unscathed you must follow all the steps I outline in my next letter. Up until then, keep the faith and put on a strong front.



11 March 2007

6:27 PM - 2 comments

My letter to the Former Speaker of the House

Dear Mr. Gingrich,

How was your weekend? I hope you are feeling fine, mercy, I hope you are feeling better than fine because you have just created a maelstrom that will continue to churn until the Dilemmation is over. Did you really think that telling the world that you were involved in an extra-marital affair the same time that Clinton was being impeached for the Monica Lewinsky would win you sympathy? You might have read my last post about revealing skeletons in your closet early on in the race but this is different.

I know, I know at this point you are trying to figure why I am changing my stance on skeletons. I am not. This is not a skeleton. A skeleton is dead, has no life and really makes no lasting impression on the audience. People might be a bit scared or angry when a skeleton first appears but what you have is a monster. I am really sorry, this beast is not dead, and will continue to follow you where ever you go. Sad. Sad, and I really really thought you were going to be the one to unite the party.

I really do applaud what you did in the '94 elections. You were the mastermind behind the revolution that swept the Republicans into the majority that they kept for 12 years. It was beautiful, you put the democrats in their place and brought integrity and values back to capitol hill. I wish that you return will be viewed in the same light but I can't really see how we can turn your debauchery and alleged ethic violations into something positive.

So James Dobson says we should forgive you and try and kill this monster. Not only will that make us liars it would also make un murderers. I REFUSE to kill a monster that I did not create. I also REFUSE to be haunted by a monster that I did not create. Instead of killing or dealing with this monster; I will banish the creator of the monster and being that monsters always follow their creators I will in turn get rid of the monster. And the beautiful thing about it is that I will not have to lift a finger to get rid of you.

Newt what exactly were you thinking when you decided to marry the object of your affection. You realize that this is your third marriage. One divorce is considered okay for a republican but two, I’m getting scared. I mean your cronies are so quick to put the finger at Guiliani but you are in a totally different league entirely. You have committed the Ted-Haggard crime. Not only are you a hypocrite but now you are caught with your pants down. I do have to give you props for getting ahead of the media and releasing the information yourself but this does not change the fact that you have been divorces twice and are now married to a congressional aide. I mean you could not even convince your wife of 19 years to forgive you and stay with you. Sad Newt, very sad.

I will like to take this opportunity to thank you making my weekend. I heard of your confession in church on Sabbath and it brightened my day. I hope you decide to run so I will see more of you on the campaign trail.

O piece of advice. If you decide to run, you need to tell us now and stop waiting for the polls. We are not dumb, gradually releasing information and then waiting to see how we react before you declare is low even for a wife-cheating, hypocritical, coward.

Have a nice week
I know I will

Yours realistically


06 March 2007

9:12 PM - 5 comments

Musical Advice

Presidential Obituary
The Presidential Campaign has been in full swing for a couple of months. A particular train realized early on he just could not keep up with the later model of cars and so even though we haven’t officially started the race we have to say good bye to the distinguished Ex-Governor of Iowa.
Vilsack you will be missed. sniffle sniffle

To those of you dumb enough to think you can really change a mind that has already been made up, here is some musical advice that might fuel your engine.

  • Cleaning out your closet: If you have any skeletons in your closest now would be the best time to tell the public ahem: Clinton (Gay?, Affair?, Gay Affair?), Romney (Polygamist?). Take a page from Obama's playbook and let the world know that you used to be a crack dealer but that is now all in the past. It worked well for the sitting president hopefully it will work for you.
  • No more Drama: By this I mean family drama. I really would not vote for a candidate whose kids hates him/her. (I really miss the days when u could say Him and not have to include the backslash Her. Sad now I have to type 5 extra characters :( ). So please mend the fences and increase your child's trust fund. Cough Cough Guiliani
  • The sun will come out tomorrow: NO! STOP daydreaming and operating as if we live in an ideal democracy.
    In an ideal democracy the will of the people is law but in a flawed democracy such as ours, the people with the loudest voice determine the law and the people with the loudest voice are the people with the deepest pockets. Richardson this goes out to you. Stop ,please stop believing that money isn’t everything in politics.
    In an ideal democracy the individual with the most experience is given the position of influence and power, Arabian Horses Chairmen are not put in charge FEMA and Governors from failing states are not put in charge of the country. So Dodd get over yourself and stop whining. For real, Chris you have potential for greatness, just get your head out of the clouds.

To all those you manage to stay under the radar this past week, I am not sure if I should congratulate you or caution you. So I'll just say Good Luck 'cuz what else can a person wish you.


13 February 2007

4:36 PM - 2 comments


So this blog is supposed to be all about the election
but this whole war in Iraq thing is occupying my thoughts
so I haven't yet put anything down.
But I will be back in on March 4 will full election yannings
30 days before the debates beginning
might leave a letter or two for people like Romney and Obama
but yeah
March is the month

12 February 2007

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Family Drama 2

Family Part 2
So Brittany gives HER food to her cousin and everyone else on the table just does nothing. Now of course my girl Bianca is thinking WHAT. I mean why should Brittany have to give up her food just so her cousin can eat something.

Her boy Brian agrees with her and voices his opinion at dinner but nobody pays him any mind and they all just go on eating.

To say that my girl is pissed is an understatement, she calls mii and is crying and venting cuz she loves her boy but his family is another story.

PERSONAL ADVICE: Stay away from dysfunctional families.


08 February 2007

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Reflection on Touch
Some of us just need to touch, but since we can’t we crash into each other. That is the basic theme of the movie Crash. Each time I watch it I am assailed with all these thoughts in my head about touch. We all know that hugs, kisses, handshakes, pats on the back are good but what about slaps? What about pinches?
Are they good?
The people in the movie kept on crashing into each other but wouldn’t have been has effective to just have slapped the individual?

I thinking.

07 February 2007

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TOYOTA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a crush on a car. Everytime I see this car, I have to resist the urge to touch it and caress it. I know it is crazy but the new Toyota Camry is beautiful. Some people have told mii that the Lexus is an upgrade to the Camry but I love mii some Camry.
So to any other Camry lovers honk when you seem some lady with crazy hair hollering at you on the highway.



04 February 2007

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Family Drama 1

Tell mii if this is wrong
I have a friend who was eating with her in-laws and this event took place.
It was a special holiday and the whole family went out to eat.
Okay here are the characters before I go any further. My friend is Bianca. Her fiancé is Brian, his older sister is Yasmine and his younger brother is Tim, his cousin who has lived with them for a while is Brittany.

Okay when it comes to time to Brittany orders a vegetable dish and Tim orders something with chicken. About 10 minutes later the waiter comes back and says that the chicken dish that Tim order won’t be ready in time and asked if he wanted to change his order. He said yes and changed it to the same vegetable dish that Brittany had. When it came to serve the food. The waiter put the vegetable dish infront of Brittany (being that she ordered it first) and then told Tim that they had run out of ingredients to make another dish. Out of no where Yasmine steps in and says that Tim should have the dish. Now you have to keep in mind that Yasmine is about 35, Tim is about 28 and Brittany is 22.

01 February 2007

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Technology DEVIL

Technology is the devil. Do you know that technology was first employed by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. After the fall when they realized that they were naked they decided to put together leaves and string them together to cover themselves.

Technology is a cover up. We use technology to mask our fears, inadequices and questions. Over th eyears it has become more glamourous but the route desire remains to same. Don't get mii wrong, i am not saying that all technology is bad but most of it can be used for evil.
Imagine Einstein in '44 during the Manhattan Project period, he actually thought that the whole atomic energy thing was good for the planet.
Now years after Hiroshima, Nagaski, Chernobyl, Iraq we know that it was just a Pandora box.
The World Wide Web now stars as the primary character in the Identity Fraud billion dollar empire.

I could go on but you get the point, right.
it is all a hoax

A hoax

29 January 2007

Isn't it Ironic?

Okay so technically this blog is supposed to be about the elections
But today I was browsing the most reliable news source, THE WEB, and came across this thing that totally blows my mind.

I'm getting the vibe that Bush isn't really feeling Iran and that he might actually think of striking that country. Now we all know that Iran and the US and not really friends so when i came across this next article i realized that our leaders are really martians from another planet who sole intent is to destory civilization


So here it is
My analysis

We don't like Iran
Iran doesn't like us

We want to get rid of Iran's current government
Iran wants to scare us by developing a nuclear program

We want Iran to leave Iraq to us and mind their own business
Iran wants to blow up Israel

So what we then decide to do is

We sell our surplus F-14 parts to Iran so they can build fighter jets
Iran buys our parts and build their own jets

We go to fight against Iran
They shoot us, using our own fighter jets part


27 January 2007

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Big Daddy Weave

Underrated group, seriously

i am litening to their latest project and screaming WHAT

why is everyone in the christian music industry obssessed with Mercy Me and their song I Can Only Imagine?


I really hate it when only mainstream and award winners get recognition