28 October 2007

Roll Reversal

I'm away from the desert in the land of the living and surfing the news pages brings tears to my eyes. I'v been gone for soo long.

So here is something that might bring feelings of happiness or trepidation.

We are not alone.

We are not the only country were a former First Lady riding on the coat tails of her husband presidency seeks the position.

We are not the only country were lawyers turned senators think that they know what is best for the nation after a couple years in Congress.

We are not the only country were this first lady lawyer turned senator has over 40% of her party potential votes.

We are not alone
We have Argentina

27 October 2007

3:08 PM - 4 comments

Find your balls, PLEASE

Dear Brown, Bush, Harper, Koehler, Koizumi, Napolitano, Putin and Sarkozy:

To Whom It May Concern (being that you guys seldomly think on your own)

Where are your balls?
You did not get elected, STOP, let me rephrase, you did not manipulate your respective systems, democratic or otherwise, to slap erstwhile governemnts on the cheek. You are all wimps, sanctions don't really accomplish anything in the near future, so in a situation were lives are being lost, one would think that you would take a personal interest and not leave it up to your foreign policy speech writers.

I normally do not openly scold current leaders of nations but the 8 of you combined would not stand up against my 3 year old nephew in a spitting contest. Honestly, you do nothing.
You have nukes and bitch about those who want nukes because you are scared that they might actually have the guts to use it.
You have money and bitch about those who want money because you are frightened that they will stop looking up to you.
You have power and bitch about those who want power because you KNOW that given the chance they will actually be worthy of their paragraph in the history books.

I've been doing this whole political thing for about two seconds, okay let me be truthful, it has been 5 years but you have been breathing politics forever since law school or your years in the KGB, CIA or whatever 3 letter acroynm your country uses to justify torture. You know the stats, you know the history, do I need to be the one to tell you that there were fewer coup attempts in the era of sanctions than in the previous decades? Do I need to remind you of the genocide that took place in Rwanda, 4 months, that was all it took to kill over 700,000 people. It takes you two weeks to create a foreign policy statement that shoots an elephant with a BBgun.

I'm done.

Let me be poetic

Economic sanctions did not make Iraq fall
and just so you know, Iran is still standing tall.
Castro has outlasted the son of JFK
and all you can lay claim to is Gitmo Bay
Sanctions do not work

If you goal is to starve the average person
and let innocents get hanged for treason
If you want to fractionalize the future central government
by making thugs and warloads permanent
Keep on.

If fueling the propaganda machine
is your greatest wish and fondest dream
If the increase in rape victims gives you pleasure
and you revel in the blackmarket sale of a country's treasure
Keep on, keep, keeping on.

Sincerely and furiously planning to ...
Your dearest friend and greatest critic

PS: Brown and Bush stop rubbing your crotch and giving each other pats on the back, I arranged the names alphabetically, not according to perceived power.

26 October 2007

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Sanctions again and again and again

"If the purpose of sanctions is to bring about a better system for that country, devastating its society is a strange path to the new order." - Fareed Zakaria

I don't have the 24 hour new channels or the internet to find out what is going on. Of all the things I miss the most, House, Prison Break, CNN, Cell Phone reception, secured wireless network; not being able to find out what Bush has done ranks pretty high on my list.

Okay so today I'm reading my Newsweek magazine (i'm still on the Oct. 15 issue) and F. Zakaria is commenting on the latest wave of sanctions against the Burmese oops I mean Myanmar gov't and it occured to me that the G8 leaders are all pussies.

Seriously, I know that this is a word that can get me kicked off the hottest TV show but these men are all without balls, they have no backbone or spine or guts or balls or courage. Yes, that is the word I need courage. So, I'm going to have to write them a letter, Putin included, I mean normally this guy has it all. The stern face, the shady contacts that carry out contracts, the ability to inspire fear in the hearts and minds of everyone. He gets on a plane and Bush starts to sweat, Mercy! Bush doesn't even know where the plane is supposed to land but that doesn't stop him from bitting his finger nails. That new guy Brown, yeah, I have to applaud his goal to reduce combat troops in Iraq to the single digits but that is just for show, nonsense, this is actually a humanitarian crisis and they are all dwindling their thumbs.

So yeah,
I'm not in retirement just without steady and reliable internet service.

04 October 2007


On Blackwater's latest actions that resulted in the death of 11 Iraqi civilians
Evidently some innocent lives were lost- Pres. Bush

How much does a life cost?
What line seperates the cost?
Who decides the value of blood?
When will the partiality end?

I want to know.