24 January 2008

2:08 PM - 2 comments

ANOTHER Letter to Bill Clinton

Dear Billy,

I'll skip the niceties. Are you okay? By okay I mean sane, have you been spending too much with the sitting president that your brain cells have mysteriously disappeared. Or maybe we can attribute this recent lapse in judgment to your years of inactivity or age. Honestly, I don't care what or who we want to blame for this error.


I just need you to shut up before you cost the Democratic Party the election. Saying things like Blacks will vote for Obama and women will vote for Hillary is really, how can I put this, ummmm, DUMB. I wish there was another word I could use, seriously but your actions and words of late can be summed up with that four letter word.

Okay where should I start.
  1. Once upon a time there was a quarterback named Tom Brady who needed to downplay his teams ability so that people can watch the 2008 SuperBowl and so he cries Injury. Now this might sound familiar to you and that is because that is what the Patriots are doing, what does this have to do with you? Let's see if New Hampshire the polls made it seem like your girl was a billion points behind so that WEAK point victory became a STUNNING UPSET. Here is the problem Billy, you can only do this ONCE.
  2. You cannot cry wolf twice and in this situation, you are crying lamb. Yes, I know I have to explain everything to you so here it is, addled-minded-former-Prez-that i-used-to-look-up-to, 51% of the U.S is Female and only 13-15% is Black so technically Hillary should win.
  3. Most people that hear your statements don't know about the demographics of the South Carolina Democratic Party but fortunately for you I do. So I get that what you are trying to say is that Obama will carry the 50% of the Democratic Party in South Carolina that is black. I get it, but does america.
  4. Another problem with this is that you are forgetting that Black Women exist. There are actually contrary to popular opinion women who are black so how do they vote, Gender or Color.
  5. Stupidness I am done trying to educate you.
  6. You are reducing this whole thing to gender and race and Chris Matthews is apologizing for reducing Hillary to a stain on the Oval Office Carpet but you are buttressing his point.

Mercy I am sooo furious that I have to stop.

But let mii just say that whatever the outcome you have managed to trivialize the struggle and the party.


Lolllll...poor Billy.

"You cannot cry wolf twice and in this situation, u're crying lamb..." Loll, kafo u're hilarious!

If he infact made that statement, then u're right...who will black women vote for, gender or race? Nice one.

But the way u bashed my guy sha...lol. "Stupidness" Kai!