26 August 2009

11 August 2009

3:12 PM - 5 comments

Empty Threats

Your words are all empty,
empty threats,
empty words,

When neighbors slaughtered each other
You called it deplorable acts of genocide
When grown UN peacekeeping troops raped 10 year old girls
You called it sad and unfortunate
When a government sanctioned the systematically killing of a tribe
You called it monstrous and evil
When dictators covered their crimes in mass graves
You claimed plausible deniability
When philosophers turned scientists claimed one race to be inferior to another
You called it a theory, published books and built museums
When children feasted on dirt cakes in order to stay alive
You called it sad, unfortunate and spent 6 billion on your pets
So why would today be any different
When Burma sentenced Kyi to 18 more months of house arrest
Britain's Brown called it monstrous
France's Sarkozy said it was brutal and unjust
UN's Ban Ki-moon says the verdict is deplorable
and of course
the US drops words like contempt and unreasonable

Your words are all empty,
empty threats,
empty words,

how have the mighty fallen
fallen into the midst of the sea
how have the mighty fallen
reduced to words of mediocrity.

04 August 2009

6:19 PM - 3 comments

Dear Tim G.

What are you smoking
Why are u cursing people out

Watch it
You are cool
You are calm
You are suppose to be collected oooooooooooooooooo

so yeah
no more cursing

5:58 PM - No comments

Dear Congressman Sestak of Penny.

Congressman Sestak

I think i am falling in love with you, I must admit that i have a long history with Arlen but what you are saying about not using your past Clinton affiliations to curry favor is laudable. I like the way you look and the fact that you are not trying to ride into the senate on another person name or credit.

so yeah thanks for putting the P back in Politics

see you in Pittsburgh next week


5:01 PM - 1 comment

Dear Bill Clinton

Normally i am wary about seeing you in the limelight once again, your last foray was not so successful, the way you brought down your wife's campaign wasn't quite. So seeing you on CNN getting off a plane today immediately made mii pause but then again I remember the days in 1992 on the campaign trail, listening to you go against Gore for the nomination and I remember your dedication and passion.

So yeah enough of my brown nosing.
All i am saying is that thank you for taking up this humanitarian and diplomatic effort to release the two journalist held in North Korea.

Stay fit