07 June 2007

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Democratic Debate from June

These are letters from the campaign trail. Most of the writers are on a first name basis with the candidates and so they refer to them by nick names. For those of us that are not familiar with the presidential candidates let me introduce you to the players.
Mike Gravel: MIKEY, Mike:- Former Alaskan Senator
Chris Dodd: Chris:- Senator from Connecticut
John Edwards: John, Johnny :- Former Senator from North Carolina
Hillary Clinton: Hill, Hillary, Girlfriend:- Senator from New York
Barack Obama: Barack, Rack mii boy, Rack attack:- Senator from Illinois
Joe Biden: Joe, Joey :-Senator from Delaware
Bill Richardson: Bill, Willy :- Governor from New Mexico

and I don't think anyone took the time to write Kucinich who is the congressman from Cleveland, Ohio

Happy trails