09 February 2010

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Your voice: One purse

There is more happening here than 10 American missionaries in jail. I guess I came to remind myself of that. No one deserves to die in silence, and no one's struggle to live should go unnoticed as well. ---Anderson Cooper

I want my voice to join his, people in this much pain shouldn't have to suffer in silence.have to struggle so. We are three days away from the one month anniversary of the earthquake and while our TV screens no longer remind us of their tragedy, their pain remains.

While some of us have gotten tired, others are finding innovative ways to give. Mudiwa: Haiti  (pictures shown)is a creation of a friend, who is using her unique talent of making purses to raise money for the Haitian people.

Mudiwa: Haiti - 'hope in a sea of tears'
      - medium black clutch with assymetrical ruffle ('tears') detail dotted with colorful gems('hope').

Mudiwa Designs is a company with a fashionable cause; normally proceeds from these one of a kind purses go towards projects in Zimbabwe . However, the call of Haiti is too loud to ignore. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this purse will be donated to ADRA to assist in the Haiti relief efforts. Bid today!

More about:
Mudiwa Designswww.mudiwadesigns.com

  so let your voice be heard
BID today!!!



please don't let their cries go unheard