06 March 2007

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Musical Advice

Presidential Obituary
The Presidential Campaign has been in full swing for a couple of months. A particular train realized early on he just could not keep up with the later model of cars and so even though we haven’t officially started the race we have to say good bye to the distinguished Ex-Governor of Iowa.
Vilsack you will be missed. sniffle sniffle

To those of you dumb enough to think you can really change a mind that has already been made up, here is some musical advice that might fuel your engine.

  • Cleaning out your closet: If you have any skeletons in your closest now would be the best time to tell the public ahem: Clinton (Gay?, Affair?, Gay Affair?), Romney (Polygamist?). Take a page from Obama's playbook and let the world know that you used to be a crack dealer but that is now all in the past. It worked well for the sitting president hopefully it will work for you.
  • No more Drama: By this I mean family drama. I really would not vote for a candidate whose kids hates him/her. (I really miss the days when u could say Him and not have to include the backslash Her. Sad now I have to type 5 extra characters :( ). So please mend the fences and increase your child's trust fund. Cough Cough Guiliani
  • The sun will come out tomorrow: NO! STOP daydreaming and operating as if we live in an ideal democracy.
    In an ideal democracy the will of the people is law but in a flawed democracy such as ours, the people with the loudest voice determine the law and the people with the loudest voice are the people with the deepest pockets. Richardson this goes out to you. Stop ,please stop believing that money isn’t everything in politics.
    In an ideal democracy the individual with the most experience is given the position of influence and power, Arabian Horses Chairmen are not put in charge FEMA and Governors from failing states are not put in charge of the country. So Dodd get over yourself and stop whining. For real, Chris you have potential for greatness, just get your head out of the clouds.

To all those you manage to stay under the radar this past week, I am not sure if I should congratulate you or caution you. So I'll just say Good Luck 'cuz what else can a person wish you.



Hahaha, kafo na wa for you o! Sounds like you are really enjoying these races, even though they are 638 days away!

You where supposed to go to bed a while a go
i wonder

lol... kafo the tatafo... LOL... ye my back...

sooooooooooooooo funny! I was rolling with laughter! LMAO @ "Gay? Affiar? Gay Affair?"

You are so wrong!