07 May 2008


I am curious, what reasons, other than putting in her money, does Hillary have to stay in the race? My question is not to suggest that i want her to get out of the race, but I would simply like to know your thoughts on the issue...

1. So as to not prematurely scare the pro-Democrats in the 70% that is White America... she can keep making the case that the Republicans suck, without requiring the 70% to also wrap their heads around a nonWhite Prez nominee.
Iow -- delay the inevitable as long as possible.

2. The longer she stays, the longer Obama gets a free pass from Republican criticism: they hate her more and will focus on her as long as she's around. Functionally, she's blocking for the young man, bless her heart.

3. It's not really over until all of the delegates have voted, and she won't want to wake up on January 2 wondering "What if I'd stuck it out until the end after all?"

JMO... grain of salt. :)