28 July 2009

4:23 AM - 4 comments

Telegrams to whom it may concern

Dear Sarah P.
I miss you already

Dear Prez. Obama
U are human not computer stop multi-tasking, beer+gates+cop=NOISE

Dear McCain,
i haven't heard from you in a while

Dear Rahm E,
this is a foolhardy strategy, the health speech was LAME call mii ASAP

Dear Sanford,

Dear Governator,
dang, you really are in over your head

Dear Sen. Sessions,
THEY DON"T NEED YOUR VOTE, so stop talking

Dear Gibbs,
your job is tough cuz your boss talks too much
keep up the good work

Dear Kyi,
I hope it all goes well this friday

Dear Zelaya,
make up your mind, in or out this is not a game of sea/shore



nice talk, you must like politics
a part of me does.

I wish they could all read this.

@ Tisha yeah you are first. a part of mii loves politics the other part abhors it lol

@ Vera if only they will listen to mii

@ LusciousRon: yep if only they all subscribed to this blog we could actually make some progress.