19 January 2008

Chris Matthews

Dear Chris,

I like how you pontificated the diss by saying LET MII BE BRUTAL.

So let mii start by saying LET MII BE NOT BRUTAL


Rest easy, some of the people who see my letter head immediately begin to tremble because they believe this is the calm before the storm, but actually you are much better shape than Gonzales or Mike Brown.

So breathe.

By now we all know what you said and the heat that has followed is justifiable. Did you really think that you can make a comment, not just any comment but a SEXIST comment about the front runner in the Democratic Party without recieving any negative feedback.

Hmmm let's take a quick role call of those who DON'T have it out for you
Hmmm I'm thinking
President Bush
Dick Cheney
Karl Rove
and basically any tightwad chavunistic male in the Republican Party

Sorry, I wish I could add the Ann Coulter's but most of the shy women of the Republic Guard are secretly rooting for Hillary.

So yeah
Not good.
Very not good.

We appreciate the apology but why did it take you sooo long to apologize
Tell me.

You don't get to say what everyone is thinking

Yes we all know to some certain degree that the only reason why Hillary has any clout is because of the female sympathy vote.
we know
but we don't go around bringing it up on National TV
For real
It's like all the other stuff we know but don't say
like Santa Claus is not real
and Prince is gay

Yeah, we know but we don't say.


lol! I had no idea about the purple one...