28 April 2009

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To All Those It Involves

Dear Arlen,
I applaud your actions and your decisions, I am very sure that move was not an easy decision and you will have to prove to your constituents that you did not betray them but I really am encouraged by your ability to think outside the box and go on principle and not on party politics.

Dear Micheal Steele,
I try and avoid any correspondence with you because your IQ is so far down on the totem pole that you are a disgrace to my former party. After over close to thirty years of serving in the Senate you think that you can gain a few points by besmirching the character of Senator Specter. Please grow a brain or pray for one, this is a time to shut up not to throw a few stones at a departing collegue what is it about the republican party that you have to make it seem like a personal affront. I don't call the Dems publicily eviserating Liebermann.

Dear Obama,
Not a bad ending to your 100 days, don't dwell too much on this Specter thing i need you to focus on fixing the terror CIA mess. Stop this terror nonsense thing oooh. You are now putting everyone record at jeopardy including those who are in the front lines fighting

Dear Feinstein,
Watch what you say and recall, do not say what you recall cuz it might come back to bit you

Dear Cheney
Shut up or go hunting either way i dont care

Dear GW Bush
Thank you for keeping a low profile, you remind mii of the man i voted for 8 years ago, I know you did what you thought was the best for your country and will not spend time trying to derail another president just for kicks. Thank you

Dear O. Snowe,
You are one of two moderate Republicans left are you going to desert my former party also.



You are hillarious.. Did this blog just become open????

@ Danny: this blog nah this is my alter ego has been around for a while, last year i posted almost every other day but now with the new administration there are few people to give advise to