04 August 2009

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Dear Bill Clinton

Normally i am wary about seeing you in the limelight once again, your last foray was not so successful, the way you brought down your wife's campaign wasn't quite. So seeing you on CNN getting off a plane today immediately made mii pause but then again I remember the days in 1992 on the campaign trail, listening to you go against Gore for the nomination and I remember your dedication and passion.

So yeah enough of my brown nosing.
All i am saying is that thank you for taking up this humanitarian and diplomatic effort to release the two journalist held in North Korea.

Stay fit


He brought out his wife campaign?

I like him for some reasons, 1: he was a leader that was ready to apologise to the world on the Lewski case. OBJ would have even boast of cheating you know... if I can say so myself.

It's good that is doing more contributions now as well...