04 February 2007

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Family Drama 1

Tell mii if this is wrong
I have a friend who was eating with her in-laws and this event took place.
It was a special holiday and the whole family went out to eat.
Okay here are the characters before I go any further. My friend is Bianca. Her fiancé is Brian, his older sister is Yasmine and his younger brother is Tim, his cousin who has lived with them for a while is Brittany.

Okay when it comes to time to Brittany orders a vegetable dish and Tim orders something with chicken. About 10 minutes later the waiter comes back and says that the chicken dish that Tim order won’t be ready in time and asked if he wanted to change his order. He said yes and changed it to the same vegetable dish that Brittany had. When it came to serve the food. The waiter put the vegetable dish infront of Brittany (being that she ordered it first) and then told Tim that they had run out of ingredients to make another dish. Out of no where Yasmine steps in and says that Tim should have the dish. Now you have to keep in mind that Yasmine is about 35, Tim is about 28 and Brittany is 22.