01 February 2007

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Technology DEVIL

Technology is the devil. Do you know that technology was first employed by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. After the fall when they realized that they were naked they decided to put together leaves and string them together to cover themselves.

Technology is a cover up. We use technology to mask our fears, inadequices and questions. Over th eyears it has become more glamourous but the route desire remains to same. Don't get mii wrong, i am not saying that all technology is bad but most of it can be used for evil.
Imagine Einstein in '44 during the Manhattan Project period, he actually thought that the whole atomic energy thing was good for the planet.
Now years after Hiroshima, Nagaski, Chernobyl, Iraq we know that it was just a Pandora box.
The World Wide Web now stars as the primary character in the Identity Fraud billion dollar empire.

I could go on but you get the point, right.
it is all a hoax

A hoax