28 May 2007

7:53 PM -


Dear Citizen,

I normally send letters to the candidates but it in this case they are innocent. America you are the culprit. You, alone, are responsible for this widening gap between the rich and the poor. You constantly chose to elect people who grew up with a silver spoon AND a golden fork in their surgically altered lips and then you whine when they don’t understand your needs and your problems.

Of all the 2008 presidential candidates only about five of them have a net worth of less than a million dollars. Do you understand what this means. Only one percent of Americans have a net worth of 1 million dollars or more and yet we choose from within this elitist rank to lead the rest of the 99%.

Do you want the numbers?
When Edwards talks about poverty and goes does to New Orleans to launch his presidential campaign and then we find out that he has a net worth of over 30 million dollars (NOT CENTS) and spends $200 on a haircut whose fault is it when he becomes president and fills the state, health, agriculture department with his cronies.

We have done this before. The last president was from their ilk, he filled these positions with people who have never been in touch with humanity. People like Micheal Brown are put in charge of FEMA, Harriet Miers, Alberto Gonzales, Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney and the list goes on. It is one thing if they lost touch with humanity but when you went to prep schools since the age of 5, lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and have never been to public school or taken public transportation or been to a public hospital can we really seriously expect you to miraculously feel our pain and understand our needs.

I used to wonder why but just looking at the amount of money that these people have explains it all. It really does.

It is like expecting Paris Hilton to understand bargain shopping on the streets of Calcutta.
It is like expecting Donald Trump to get a 12 dollar hair cut at the local barbershop.
It is like expecting Rosie O'donnel to understand the word silence.
It is like expecting African politicians to understand the world ethics.
It is like expecting Ahmadinejad to appreciate an XBox 360

Seriously people.

Still not convinced?
Rudy is tied with Edwards at 30 mil. Here what makes it so crazy, a couple of years ago, 6 to be precise he told the divorce court that he only had $7,000 assets under his control. So, either he managed to perform a miracle and become a multimillionaire in 6 years or he lied to the judge.Chris Dodd is at 1.5 mil, even Obama whose father was a goat herder has the luck of the Irish and sits on about a million bucks.

Here is the scary one.
Romney the current republican leader in this race is at 350 mil
Can you understand such a sum?
Can you really expect him to understand your life? Your pain, your fears?

Forget this, I'm tired. Look we created this mess. I'll save the solution for my next letter tot he masses.

O by the way the others, I didn't forget them, they filed for an extension. Obviously they have sooooooo much money they need more than a month to count it all.


We created this mess.
We did.

Realistically pissed