28 October 2007

Roll Reversal

I'm away from the desert in the land of the living and surfing the news pages brings tears to my eyes. I'v been gone for soo long.

So here is something that might bring feelings of happiness or trepidation.

We are not alone.

We are not the only country were a former First Lady riding on the coat tails of her husband presidency seeks the position.

We are not the only country were lawyers turned senators think that they know what is best for the nation after a couple years in Congress.

We are not the only country were this first lady lawyer turned senator has over 40% of her party potential votes.

We are not alone
We have Argentina


I saw that she won this morning. I think it is interesting that Latin American countries have elected female presidents and the U.S. is yet to do so.

Anyway, we shall see what happens ...

I was a bit upset.She came first, then the beauty queen before the finance minister.I agree, we have Argentina, Nigerians are not the only ones who vote with sentiments.

Is it sentimental voting? Most female leaders in the world have had male predecessors in their family - fathers, brothers or husbands...India, Pakistan, Argentina, Phillipines....

I take it you are not a huge fan of Hilary?

@ uzo
i have nothing against hillary I just believe that she and Obama are not the most qualified for the role esp. at a time like this.

I think we are chasing dreams and using feelings to gauge the candidates instead of qualification and reality

so yeah, grease to Hillary's elbows but she isn't what we need.
she is however what we what

@ solomonsydelle: Yeah i guess we can just watch, but then look at the heat that Bhutto and Macapagal Arroyo are getting recently
o and let's not forget Kyi in Myanmar.

@ stuck in my throat o: i concur