11 May 2009

7:13 PM - No comments

Dear Dick,

I have repeatedly asked you to refrain from talking in public places but for some reason you have chosen to ignore my request. The wise book of the good book says that even a fool is thought to be wise when they shut up and it is for this reason that i advised you to keep quiet so that your reputation might be salvaged.

What do you think it says about you to say you choose Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell? I refuse to engage in the fallout to your words and its effect on our party

You insist to resist my advise and so I must take a harsher course of action in order to get thru to you. You know of what and who I speak, he will be contacting you in the next couple of minutes and don't try to hit the ignore button or he will make the 19 hour trip and will be there in person.