17 February 2010


My excuse for never helping the beggar at the intersection of I-45 and Scott is that I don't have cash.
My excuse for not getting my windshield wiped by the homeless at the intersection of West Bellfort  and HW-59 is that I don't have cash.

So here's the reaction
A bag of apples that sit in my car during these wintry cold months,
when a persons asks for money for food and I don't have cash,
I offer they apple, if they accept I roll down and give it to them.
Now one friend has told me that these people don't want food they just want money for drugs
and that I can get stoned with my apple but I don't know that,
so I offer what I have a prayer and today an apple.



please let us know what happens after the offering of the apples :)

At least you offer something...I don't!
and sometimes that makes me feel guilty...I should adopt your style!:-)