09 March 2008

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Dream divisiveness

Can Bill Clinton STOP talking about the dream team

In order for their to be a dream team Hillary has to get rid of the chip on her shoulder and settle for VP. Now with all the mud that has been tossed by the Clintons it will be near impossible for her to do this.

So yeah. Enough.

I don't want to bring race into this but if Obama was down by 139 primary and caucus delegates every single leader in the Democratic Party will be calling him and telling him to take the VP spot, but being that it is the Clintons we will continue slinging mud and dividing the party so that the Republicans can stay in control for any 4 years.

I really don't care who wins the nomination or if McCain wins the general. All I care about right now is the legislative branch. Capitol Hill pass the bills so we need to keep and actually increase the majority in order to make change possible but instead here we are trying to decide which will look better in the history books, a female president who has been in politics for FOREVER, or a black man who smoked pot in high school



I think that the reason Hillary is still in the race is because her husband and her have major pull in the party. But you are right, if the roles were reversed, Obama would have been lambasted for dragging the competition on for so long and dividing the party.

Anyway, I am just tired of this drawn on fight. We all know that there is little way they can be on the same ticket, so someone needs to just bow out.