09 March 2008

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Okay so I have spent tooo much time on CNN playing the delegate game and here are the results.

  1. In order for the democratic candidates to reach 2025 they will either need a rematch in Michigan and Florida or help from the Superdelegates.
  2. Assumption OBAMA: wins Wyoming, West Virginia, South Dakota, Mississippi and North Carolina by at least 20% and that
  3. Assumption HILLARY: takes Penny, Kentucky, Puerto Rico by 20%
  4. Assumption: Indiana, Oregon, Guam, Montana are won by either by negligible differences (<5%>
  5. Hillary will need 287 Superdelegates in order to clinch the nomination
  6. Obama will need 211 Superdelegates in order to clinch the nomination.
  7. Not really sure what Florida and the Michigan votes will do to the math.
  8. Now if Hillary gets 287 that means Obama only gets an addition 70 super delegates out of the 357 left in the field NOT POSSIBLE
  9. So what does this mean, there is no way that Hillary gets the nomination based on delegates without help from the disqualified states (FL & MI).