06 January 2009

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512:5 and other random numbers n' ratios

how much is a life worth?
reduces to

for each dead Isreali in the last 10 days of violence one hundred and two Palestinians has died.
102 lives for 1.

is this justifiable?

wait snap i must add that only 200 of the dead Palestinians are civilians and that only one of the dead Isreali is civilian so that changes the ratio to

can i also slip in and add that this latest stat. of 200 dead does not include the 3 kids ages ranging between 2 and 7 that were killed earlier today?

I turn on CNN and see the pundits going back and forth and hear them talk about just cause and a just war and collateral damage and I am reminded that this isn't original.
Please as if their need to restore what did the defence minister call it? ah, Tranquility and Peace to Isreal is original, one could say that they learned from the best.

Hmmm what is our latest track record.

716,760: 3000
reduces to

for each dead American killed on September 11,
239 other citizens of this planet have been killed and this number includes Iraqis, Americans, British, Afghans and the others.

how do you define collateral damage?
what is a justifiable cause in terms of war?
can war ever be justified?

okay lets say that American troops signed up for this and take all the troops including Afghan and Iraqi out of the mix that reduces the number by 8,587+556+399+30,000+4,209+315
which is 44,066

so take the total deaths and subtract the military casualities
716,760-44,066= 672, 694

so let's calculate the ratio of dead American civilians to dead Iraqi and Afghan civilians
reduces to

so I ask the question again
does 224 non American civilians atone for each dead American, or should we prolong this battle a couple of more years?

what does it say about a nation that has such a high regard for their citizens that they would sacrifice over 200 lives to protect their right to agrue about Prop 8?

what does it say about the citizenry of a nation so desensitized to the pain, who are more concerned about gay marriage, and unborn children, death roll inmates and the economy, the Super Bowl and the Colts wildcard game that we forget to pause and pray for these people?

what does it say about mii?

what does it say about an international community that cries over 500 dead and dying in Gaza when right now while the world is agruing and lamenting and protesting about the situation in the Middle East women and children are getting raped and killed in Sudan. I mean 300,000+ dead black people isn't as sad and horrific as 500 dead Palestinians and so we only place economic sanctions on the Sudanese government.

I could talk about the children dying in Zimbabwe from the Cholera pandemic or the situation in the Congo, I could make you recall the genocide of 1994, or should i be PC and call it acts of genocide of 1994 and the international communities response to that but I'll spare you the recollection and leave you instead with this.

in this world ruled by men all lives are not equal

so here it is
your hierarchy of how much your life is worth

American Life
White American
White American

Non-white American

Isreali Life
European Life

Other EU Countries
Asian and the Eastern European Block
Americans excluding the USA

Arab and Persian

White Africans
Africans with Oil
Africans with Diamonds and Gold
African countries with neither oil nor diamonds

i'm too ticked off right now to give you the dollar amounts of each life
but based on the death toll of the last ten years and the international response I will come up with the figures later

death toll numbers