11 May 2007

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George Tenet's Book

Dear George,

I’ll make this short. I’m angry you do not get to receive the congressional honor of BS and then the next moment start pointing fingers.

No, not the next moment, you were too much of a sissy to stand up for what is right. Like seriously, as Director of the CIA, I expected more form you. You were a doormat for Rice and Rummy and now you think that by writing a tell-all book that you can rectify those mistakes.

You screwed up.
You gave the nation bad intelligence. You helped create this disaster so please get off your stupid horse and smell the roses. Right now no one really cares if it was you or Rice or Rummy or Wolfowitz. All we want to know right now is how to get out of this mess. Telling us how it began will not really solve the issue.

Here is what really really infuriates me. The book is not about the American people. No. It is not about laying blame at the feet of the guilty. No. it is not about rectify past wrongs. No. It is not about the thousands of dead American soldiers. No. It is not even about the ten of thousands damaged Iraqi lives. No. It is about money.

I’m out.

I hope that I don’t see you at the conference this weekend because I might just cause a scene. Why don’t I just put it this way. Do not come to the conference.

Once a member of your team