17 May 2007

11:31 PM -

Wolfowitz Resigns

Dear Paul,

I know that this is a trying time for you. I have tried to stay out of this out of respect for Rachel but I can hold my silence no more. Don’t worry this letter is not going to cut you down to size; I believe that the opposition has already taken care of that. This letter is also not going to shine the microscope on your mistakes because the media has done an adequate job of that. Some might even say that they were more concerned about your lover than they were about African debt. So no, this letter neither berates nor admonishes you. Instead this is a letter of reflection. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Remember when we started thinking of invading Iraq. I remember in the days prior to September 11 how we thought of ways to ensnare Saddam only to have Osama confidently knock on our front door and punch us in the face. I remember as Deputy Secretary of Defense how you convinced Pres. Bush and the American people that the war in Iraq would be just. Many referred to you then as one of the framers of the Iraq war but in recent days they have all forgotten and kicked you to the curb.

Remember our undergrad. years at Cornell in the math department. Life was grand, the stuff we got into, all those proofs that we mysteriously solved. WOW, how time flies. The march with Martin Luther King Jr. in ’63 changed us a lot and we started going divergent paths.

I miss those innocent days, when we not defined by what we said, when we could say one thing and do another. We could talk about corruption and be corrupt; we could philosophize about the merits of capitalism and be socialist in our dealing with others. Maybe you thought those days still existed, is that it? Is that why you did something so stupid as to give Shaha a raise. I mean we always talked about nepotism and cronyism in Africa. You narrowly missed the bullet on the Iraq fiasco and now this.

I lied, I thought I could reminiscence without highlighting your flaws but honestly there are too many of them recently. I mean the whole thing with the CPA in Iraq, I could lay the current insurgent attacks at your feet but I won’t. Instead I will stop this letter and hope that my son can keep your daughter sane during the upcoming onslaught from the media.

Nostalgically yours,