18 May 2007

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Mitt Romney's Immigration Ad


I am not picking on you. You have received two letters from me in the past two weeks and might be getting the idea that I spend my time nit picking your campaign strategy. Far from it, we have been friends since law school and so I feel that I would be remiss if I failed to caution some of your rash decisions.

There comes a point in the campaign when silence is a better reply. Everyone knows where you stand on immigration. There are three republicans who are polling at above 10 percent, McCain is from Arizona and was one of the crafters of the original immigration bill from last year, Guiliani is from New York, the melting point of the U.S., everyone knows were they stand when it comes to these issues. We have heard you in both debates speak about how immigration reform is actually amnesty.

Say it once, people hear you.
Say it twice, they take notice.
Say it three times and they start thinking what is wrong with him.

You run the risk of sounding foolish by creating an ad against a bill that has yet to be discussed on the floor of the House or the Senate. It is like you are trying to use fear before it is warranted. You have created a 60 second reply to a question that you refused to answer at a town hall meeting. I know you have the funds but remember the presidential election is still over seventeen months away.

Crying wolf in the middle of the day is foolish.
Crying wolf in the middle of the day, in the middle of the Atlantic is stupid.
Crying wolf in the middle of the day, in the middle of the Atlantic when sharks surround a ship is plumb loco and nonsensical.

I speak as a friend.



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