20 July 2007

11:35 PM - 3 comments

I miss you

Please how can I go on without you
For the last five years we have been together
I watch your every move
and yours words have become my daily mantra

I cannot live without you
or so it seems

what will I do without u


10 more days and I will see you again

I miss you
Do you miss mii????


lmao..when i dey think say i dey read some romantic kini kon kini kon.. na cnn you dey lament.. you are truly weird... lol..

lollll...and I thought it was abt ur other half...sniffles!

sorry my bad
i was addicted to CNN
and then he broke my heart
so yeah this was my whole venting session
i think i am done now and can see him in public without freaking out