09 July 2007

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Change of Name

I got disillusioned. I think the straw that broke the camel's back was Trent Lott sending a cabbage to Micheal Cherthoff during the whole immigration debate. It just rubbed mii wrong and then thinks just got worse, Obama's Punjab memo, Paris's to jail or not to jail stunt, Gore's pricey Live Earth thing. So yeah, I'm done.

I think
It has something to do with the fantasy of democracy being presented or maybe
It has something to do with the parade called the Supreme Court, or maybe
It has to do with the elected leaders that act like they are high on pot, i'm thinking
It has to do with greedy pimps raping my continent in the name of development

I'm convinced
It has something to do with commuting jail sentences,
Broken promises and borders,
30 second ads that cost millions,
Imaginery weapons of mass destruction,
mercy the list goes on

I started this blog to celebrate the democractic process but I can't celebrate something that is a facade and so farwell to happy letters to contenders
Farwell to advice to second tier runners
Farwell to jokes about the elite
Farwell to ironic recollections of wars
Farwell to ridiculous definitions of words to subvert actions

Farwell to democracy
and so I have to change this from Dilemma 2008 to d Lamentations