31 July 2007

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The New "US"

One more day
One more day until we meet again
One more day until our paths cross again

I have learned a lot during our seperation
I have learned how to live without your watchful attentive eyes
I have learned how to be happy without your words of honey and vinegar

I missed you
I missed your mood swings that allowed me to regulate my numbness
I missed your constant stream of seemingly important information that masked my fears

Will you rule over my time and my thoughts by suggesting vain glory?
Will you captivate my mind with 5 second sound bites and disturbing images?
Will you sashay your way back into my life taking control and manipulating my decisions?

I don't need your constant incessant chatter drowning out my voice.
I don't need your disturbing images turning my dreams into nightmares.
I don't need your numbers creating walls that seperate mii from humanity.

I know that I can't live without you
I know that I can't avoid you forever
I know that I can't succeed without your input

And so,
I must find a way to live with you
I must find a way to let the past die and move on
I must find a way to learn from our past relational mistakes

This is from mii to you
From: ADisillusioned News and Politics Junkie
To: You, the News Corporations (Fox, MSNBC, CNN, CSPAN, Yahoo News, Time)


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Sadly you are in a relationship with relentless lovers.

They are on the one hand worldly and attentive and on the other, brutal and unforgiving.

Seperation is not an option and divorce is impossible. Ours (for I too am in such a relationship)is a life of damage limitation.

hmm hmm hmm
very catchy but
I'm speechless

oh my, you must be living my life. I can identify with this!

Great writing as usual!