24 July 2007

11:30 PM - 6 comments

J and TV

Today was extremely hard
My boy J calls and usually we start off on personal stuff
like his upcoming wedding or my lack of a life
and after about 20 min. of that we delve into our fave topic
POLITICS and Entertainment
I more of the politic guru so he comes to me to get the background story to whatever the cable news people are feeding the public.
So he tries to talk about Nancy Grace and Lindsay Lohan and I'm like "J I don't care"
and then he tries to go the whole well at least let mii tell you want she did
and once again I say I don't care

and then I threatened him

"Look, son, if you mention anything news related, sports included i will not pick up the phone for the next seven days. SERIOUSLY"

I think he got the message

and five minutes later he was off the phone because we couldn't talk about Rachel Ray, or Nancy Grace, or Paris or Lindsay or Obama or Hillary

I really don't miss the banter
I realize this


don't loose it babes.

Life, politics etc, etc is not for the chicken hearted and something in me tells me you are a survivor.

Come ride with me, We shall Overcome.


what else is there to talk about?
you can't kill the dude
but i can't blame you, who really want to talk about Lindsay Lohan
and her in and out of rehab and her freckled a$$

all is to be said is they(some celebrities)don't deserve all that money

thanks for coming thru

ah- aaah
why r u stressing J?
drink water men. cool down

@ Vixen: nice ko nice ni

@ Diary of a g: LOL i still have no clue what she did this time

@ Catwalq: water? hmmm that might ignite my fury

@ overwhelmed: yeah I know I have issues