10 August 2007

Bay, Pigs, Chocolate and Irony

It was around 7 last night when I realized that I hadn't watched the news all week and so I decided to get a seriously heaping of my fave I-LOVE-2-HATE TV Station, CNN. Okay so about 20 min. it this story came up.

Cuban officials are angry at the Department of Homeland Security and USCIS for not granting more visas to Cubans. America sometime in the past decided that granting 20,000 Cubans visa will help stem the tide of illegal immigration and reduce the weight of their sharks.
Right now they have only given about 2,000 visas and it seems impossible for them to process 18 thousand in the next 5 months.

The U.S. embassy in Cuba complains that they don't have the equipment needed to process the requests down there (90 miles south of the US) and Cuba says that they have allowed alot of containers to pass through with the material they need. They have a counter complaint, that the US is using the containers to bring in items such as Fax machines, expensive clothing and CHECK THIS OUT Chocolate. Cuba is made because of chocolate

After the Bay of Pigs Fiasco and Castro failing health, Cuba is ANGRY that the US is shipping in chocolate that they use to BRIBE dissidents of the government.

Of course the US denies such allegations.

This is what made the 7 o' clock news yesterday.

What chill, I have a question.

Why would Cuba want 20,000 of their own citizens to immigrate to the US?
Why would a communist nation which believes that their system of goverment is superior to that of the US want to lose their citizens?
Why would goverment officials be scared that defactors can be swayed by chocolate bars?

This doesn't make sense.