19 August 2007

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Sumo in Trouble

Japan is in an uproar because their of Sumo
I don't understand this
so maybe you can help mii

There is this Mongolian Sumo champ that has taken the sport by storm
Everyone loves him and he has become an over nite celebrity
Last week he told his trainers that he had injured himself in a recent match and couldn't practice and then later on that day there are photos taken of him playing soccer with a local league.

SO yeah everyone is mad and I can't understand why
could it be that they are angry because
a --- He lied
b --- He was playing soccer
c --- He is better at soccer than he is at Sumo
d --- He sucks at soccer and now they have it on tape that he isn't invincible.

I don't know why but they are furious


Sumo wrestling is more than a sport in Japa. It is a religion! The athletes, especially the good ones, can achieve god-like status over there.

So, if the wrestler says he can't wrestle because of an injury, you can be rest assured people are sad they can't see him. But to find out that he is well enough to play soccer (which is a HUGE sport over there as well), but not well enough to play the sport of the gods, well that just won't do!

The guy shouldn't have lied and his PR agent, if has one, should have prevented him from doing any strenuous activity, in public. He's in trouble, now....