03 September 2007

7:29 PM - 2 comments

11th Commandment Part 1

This is know I got attracted to the story

Yes, I used the word attracted b'cuz i don't follow stories that don't pull mii in. I don't listen to the news just to keep updated.
The first news I heard about the story was

Idahoan senator arrested in Minneapolis airport
this did not hold any appeal in and of itself and then
Senator from Idaho says he is not gay

how does this happen. I was thinking hmmm there is a story and then I went fishing
and now we are all updated because the Media will not permit us to not know

Senator Craig resigned yesterday
everyone is resigning or getting kicked out
and I think I am officially tired. So I am begging all the other Senators and officials STOP GETTING CAUGHT.
Seriously people, we are running out of replacements and how are we going to be able to confirm any of these people when we have no more replacements

so please



Itz not that easy.
If everyone could really avoid getting caught, then nobody will get into trouble.
But itz the sudden unexpected invasion that makes the 11th commandment hard to fulfill.

lol@ stop getting caught...

I followed that story and just couldnt understand what in the heavens or is it hell motivated a father and grandfather (many times over might i add) to do that?

I was hoping he wouldnt resign, i guess the pressure became too much.