26 September 2007

10:09 PM - 1 comment

Biden: MSNBC

Dear Joey,

I love you and maybe that has made me prejudiced about this whole election thing that you got yourself into. You tell the truth and I really need to hear it. On the whole Social Security question you first reminded America that you were in the room when the deal was made back in the 80's and then you look straight at mii and say "You are either going to cut benefits or raise taxes." No one else on this panel will tell you that but the truth is Yes, we will have to tax every dollar in order to keep Social Security solvent.

Lovingly yours


Glad to see that some people are cutting through the chaff that is the 'front runners'. Biden has actually been a staunch supporter of Nija and its development in the past and of all the 'rat racers', I know where he stands on Nija and African issues.

Oh well.... I am loving these personal letters...