26 September 2007

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10 o' clock Cali time, Monday morning. CNN. This is some of the words presented by Lee Bollinger the President of Columbia University when the Iranian President came to speak. This was part of his introduction. The italicized words are what they all wanted to say but had to stay Politically Correct.

LB: I doubt you possess the intellectual courage to answer these question. i know that you are smarter than I am but in an effort to boost my owe ego I have thrown this guantlet.

LB: These actions portray you as a cruel and petty dictator i hope that you are offended by what I am trying to say because then maybe the president will forgive mii and sign the picture we took together.

Five minutes later after he had given himself a pat on the back. IP gets a chance to speak
IP: It seems that the esteemed gentleman has yielded to the enormous pressure by the administration and the media. now that being said, this is what i think of you punk. BRING IT ON, you are your insipid government and nonsensical bill of rights.
IP: The vaccination of the audience with negative comments about a guest speaker and his ideas prior to his speech is discourteous.